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What Are You Afraid Of? - The Prepper Journal

What Are You Afraid Of?


Editor’s Note: I originally posted this article on the Prepper Journal back on January 25, 2013 but I thought it brought up some concepts that are still relevant today. Additionally,…

Firearms Training for Survival - The Prepper Journal

Firearms Training for Survival


It is considered axiomatic that “a gun (or three) is a key factor in a survival situation”.  And there is some basis to this concept.  When under attack by people…

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Ten Plants for Edible Landscapes - The Prepper Journal

Ten Plants for Edible Landscapes


Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Phillip Meeks. Phillip submitted another article titled,…

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Tree Fruits from Seed - The Prepper Journal

Tree Fruits from Seed


When we turn to sustainability, a lot of preppers consider tree fruits for part of our long-term food supply. They…