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How to Start Prepping - The Prepper Journal

How to Start Prepping


If you have been wondering about the safety of your family but didn’t know where to start, this article will help you with how to start prepping. I believe that…

Modern Minuteman – Wilderness Skills - The Prepper Journal

Modern Minuteman – Wilderness Skills


Editor’s Note: As we prepare to celebrate our Republics 243rd birthday what could be more appropriate than a third installment of R. Ann Parris’s Minuteman series? From the most localized…

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Self Defense
Should You Shoot to Wound? - The Prepper Journal

Should You Shoot to Wound?


This article was contributed by David Nash of Shepherd School I talk a lot about lethal force, and one concept…

Going "Green" Instead of Being A "Prepper" - The Prepper Journal

Going “Green” Instead of Being A “Prepper”


I can tell you we’re not all that bad. You may find that it is wiser to couch your actions by going green instead of broadcasting you are a prepper. And sometimes, preppers and greenies are already kind of walking in lock-step. We just don’t always realize it.