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Prepping 101 - OPSEC - The Prepper Journal

Prepping 101 – OPSEC


What is OPSEC? OPSEC is short for Operations Security or Operational Security and encompasses identifying critical information to determine if your actions can be observed by adversaries. To boil that…

Bugging Out vs. Hunkering Down - The Prepper Journal

Bugging Out vs. Hunkering Down


A frequent topic in Preparedness and Survival circles is the subject of Bugging Out and more specifically the question of whether you plan to Bug Out or will you Hunker…

What Is the Best Bunker Design? - The Prepper Journal

What Is the Best Bunker Design?


Editor’s Note: This article was generously contributed by Clarence Mason and in it he compares and contrasts two different survival bunker designs. Each have their advantages, but if you are…

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Self Defense
Could this be the best gun for home defense?

Shotguns for Survival – Part 1


A shotgun is effective for hunting and there is not much which would be better at defending yourself from man or beast at close range.