Prepper Resources

The Prepper Journal’s Huge list of Prepping Websites and Blogs. The following websites provide a ton of information on various subjects to help the prepper or survivalist minded person. There are other great sites in our community and these all have earned my respect. Additionally, there are a lot of prepper resources listed below. If you have ideas for anything else, please let me know.

Survival and Preparedness Blogs – US


Survival and Preparedness Books

Survival Manuals – Introduction to concepts

Homesteading / Self Sufficient Skills

Natural Remedies / First Aid / Guides

Tactical Methods / Strategies / Security

Fiction – Philosophy – Foreshadowing

Survival Gear and Equipment

YouTube Channels


Survival and Prepper News, Directory’s and Aggregators 

Additional Prepper Resources

If you have a site you want to suggest for inclusion on this list, please contact us. I will be updating this page with resources you can download in the very near future.