Prepper Writing Contest

The Prepper Journal’s Writing Contest is open to you!

Have you ever wanted to write a prepping or survival article and share it with millions of people each year around the world? If so, have you ever considered the potential of getting paid for your article at the same time? Well here is your chance for both. The Prepper Journal is hosting a quarterly writing contest where readers can submit their own original articles for a chance at prizes. All articles that aren’t published will be entered in the next Round of The Prepper Quarterly Writing Contest!

The Prizes

The prizes are pretty simple. Rather than offer a lot of discounts to places you may never even want to shop, I am going with Amazon gift cards. Each winner will be able to get whatever they want at, a prize where one side DOES fit all. There will be three (3) winners chosen at the end of each contest round from all the entries submitted during the contest term.

  • First Prize – $300 Amazon gift card.
  • Second Prize – $150 Amazon gift card.
  • Third Prize – $50 Amazon gift card.

Scroll down to bottom of page for previous winners.


  • The first rule of the Prepper Journal’s Writing Contest is to tell everyone about the Prepper Journal’s Writing Contest.
  • Submissions must be 1,000 words or longer
  • Submissions must be your own, original work and must not have been posted anywhere else prior to entering the Prepper Journal Writing Contest
  • You may submit multiple articles for the period of the contest
  • Submissions can be on any subject as long as it falls into the prepper or survivalist genre. I reserve the right to only post submissions I think are a good fit for this site. Submitting an article does not guarantee we will post it on the site
  • Submissions should be non-fiction. I love a good zombie story as much as the next person, but this isn’t the place to test out your first novel. I’d love to read it when you do publish it though, maybe even write a review
  • Photos that you have taken yourself can accompany the submission. If you supply images, you must either own them via copyright or have proper licensing of them, and indicate the licensing information. If not, we will provide the images. Any photos submitted may or may not accompany the article when/if it is published.
  • The Prepper Journal reserves the right to edit any submission
  • All submissions become the property of The Prepper Journal
  • At the conclusion of the contest, winners will be notified via email and posted on this page (see below)
  • Any submissions that are not published during the time-frame of the contest may be published in the next contest term.

How to Enter the Prepper Writing Contest

Just enter your information in the form below to send us your submission. Your entire article should be entered into the “Article Content” field below. Your name will be used as the author of your article. If you want to use an alias, please enter that in the alias field. Email will be used to contact you if you won, so make sure it is a valid address as the prizes will come direct from Amazon.

If you would like to send us your information in another format, please contact us.

    Past Writing Contest Winners