Cupcakes and Conservatives


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An unusual phenomenon is occurring on College Campuses these days. It seems that students are offended by just about everything. Microaggressions, is the term used to identify a ludicrous branch of political correctness that defines certain everyday words or behaviors as offensive, bigoted or racist. Commonly used words and phrases are causing so much stress and anxiety, that students now need “safe spaces”, to escape. In addition to hurtful words and phrases, certain Halloween Costumes have been banned, and posters are only permitted in so-called “free speech” areas. Tampons are being placed in men’s restrooms, which would be considered odd, if not for the fact that some students don’t seem to know which bathroom to use. Counseling has been made available for those who can’t deal with the election of Donald Trump.

If you see a college-age student wearing a safety-pin (on his shirt, not holding his diaper up), you should know that he or she is doing that to show support for people who may be frightened. Be advised that the safety-pin wearing person won’t do anything to help you, other than to run with you to a safe space. They’re very good at running away from threats, real or perceived.

Safe spaces are designed to give students who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. Rooms are sometimes equipped with coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and videos of frolicking puppies. Yes, I’m talking about college, not kindergarten. This avoidance of anything unpleasant by college students suggests a level of unpreparedness when dealing with difficult conditions. If harsh words and unpleasant situations are too much to deal with today, those precious snowflakes certainly won’t be prepared for the realities of life after the SHTF.

The problem exists because many liberal professors on campus view conservatives as inferior, and not worthy of respect. For the most part, college students are impressionable, and easily duped. College students are sheltered from reality. They are without children, and carefree. They don’t pay taxes, and don’t know what if feels like to earn $100k per year, only to have $50k of that taken away from them. College students are away from their parents for the first time, living on their own and making their own decisions. They see their conservative parents working productively in order to cover college expenses, but at the same time are exposed to liberal professors who promote themselves as intellectually superior. They don’t seem to see the irony; while liberal professors tend to have no skills, other than teaching, they view productive and multi-talented conservatives as inferior to them.

It’s understandable, I guess, that college students tend to be more open-minded than their old-fashioned, conservative parents. It’s actually a good sign. It suggests that young liberals can turn on a dime, and adjust to life after an apocalyptic event.

Because you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of those delicate butterflies. You may ask, “what does this pussification of young adults have to do with me?” It’s simple; in a post-apocalyptic world you’ll have to live among them. They’ll be the ones who’ll come to you begging, when they realize they have no survival skills. So what do you do, give them pictures of frolicking puppies and send them on their way? You’re not going to have time to coddle, or retrain them. You’ll be too busy focusing on your own survival.

Having been thoroughly indoctrinated in liberal ideology, some of the precious snowflakes will not respond well to retraining, especially training from someone they regard as inferior to themselves. They’ll be confused at first. Why is it, they’ll wonder, that this clearly inferior person is living comfortably, while I’m suffering? They need to learn early on that they can’t survive if they cling to their current mindset. They are in desperate need of a paradigm shift. When things are crumbling around them, your voice of reason will do more good than you can imagine. It may take a little time to sink in, but eventually they’ll learn that they can’t survive, expecting others to be responsible for their well-being. Perhaps the best you can do is give them survival literature, and hope they’ll transform by themselves. You might have an opportunity to teach them about bartering. If they come to you expecting a handout, ask them to provide a service, such as working in your garden, in exchange.

For those who remain hostile to views not aligned with the political left, make it clear that you won’t tolerate liberal behavior, and that you have no tolerance for Prima donnas. You’re a survivor, and you don’t have time for that. And, you certainly won’t tolerate efforts to redistribute what little wealth you may have. This will be a time for tough-love. Excessive generosity not only diminishes your survival potential, it is counterproductive as far as the precious snowflakes are concerned. The only exception, that is to say the only reason to give generously, is to help the disabled, the sick, the very young, and the very old. Our Christian values demand that we do that.

To survive, all able-bodied people need to pull their own weight. Liberal cupcakes can be a valuable asset, due to their knowledge, if they can adjust. Among them will be medics, engineers, scientists, agriculturalists, etc. However, it’s not enough just to provide services. They can’t just run off to a safe space, every time someone speaks harshly to them. It’s not enough just to grow, process, and store food. It has to be protected. Those providing services after a catastrophic event must be reliable. The only “safe space” should be the womb. Ironically, even that is not a safe space today. Thanks again, liberals.

The problem exists because many liberal professors on campus view conservatives as inferior, and not worthy of respect.

There will be plenty of time to reintroduce liberal principles once society has stabilized. In a post-apocalyptic world, there will be those who’ll do exceptionally well. Perhaps some will amass a great deal of wealth off of the backs of the poor. In time, due to a sense of guilt, liberals will once again emerge. To deal with the guilt, they’ll promote government handouts. They’ve never had a problem giving away someone else’s money. That’s what liberals do. Liberalism will be less absurd in a post-apocalyptic world. It must be. It will be a time to show more compassion to the victims, and less to the criminals. In a pre-apocalyptic world, a theft might be covered by insurance, or used as a tax write-off. In a post-apocalyptic world, a theft may impact your survival.


Our police, military, and firefighters risk their lives for us every day. Expecting snowflakes to pull their own weight is not asking too much. Survivors in a post-apocalyptic world will be those who can work with others, invent, build, grow, and fix things. Many of those who cannot do those things will die off, but all should be given the opportunity to adjust. Don’t despise those who don’t seem to have any skills, encourage them. They just need to be reprogrammed, that’s all. Don’t be upset because some don’t know which bathroom to use. Retrain them. Let them know that gender is based on reality, not on how they feel on any given day. In other words, it’s time to reintroduce common sense into their lives. Watch out for those who don’t adjust, and those who believe they’re entitled to what you’ve worked for. Those begging for food or supplies need to learn that they must give, in order to receive. Expect that. Lead by example. If you offer something in exchange for labor, keep your word. Be humble. If you’re fortunate enough to live a long productive life, eventually you’ll need someone to take care of you. Be kind, be fair, and be ethical. Today’s precious snowflake may be tomorrow’s post-apocalyptic doctor, who’ll save your life.

I know that not every college student, or professor, is a liberal. I know that some liberals are not as extreme, or as incompetent, as I’ve portrayed them in this article. Still, for many, it’s time to grow up.


  1. Wow, this is a bunch of ignorant nonsense. You’ve taken the most extreme, condescending, ludicrous view of Liberalism and tried to portray it as what Liberalism is. Anyone could do the same with Conservatism and describe Conservatives as a bunch of uneducated, ignorant, racist, sexist, science-hating KKK members. But that wouldn’t be anything close to fair or accurate either. Maybe try learning something about the world and why very intelligent, hardworking, patriotic people have valid opinions that fall on both sides. Then you might actually be able to help this country instead of being one of the people helping to tear it apart.

    • Have to agree. I’m liberal. I believe in having a safe place, it’s my home. I considered wearing a safety pin but it’s easier to pull out my concealed handgun to defend someone who is being threatened if others don’t think I would do it. I don’t give away other people’s money, I give away my money. I work full time and I contribute to helping those who need a hand up, not a hand out. Having a heart and using it doesn’t make you weak, make you aware. Being heartless is shameful.

      • Michelle, please don’t take offense, but based on what you’re saying, I don’t believe you would be considered a “modern liberal”. Possible more a “classic liberal” or a libertarian.

        • Even though I’m pro-choice and think Brown Lives Matter? LOL I think the term liberal has become “dirty” so people try to disassociate by calling themselves libertarian or classic liberals.

          Either way it doesn’t matter, the above post has nothing to do with prepping. Someone used it as an opportunity to bash people they don’t like. This is part of the problem, not the solution.

          • Michelle; I guess you didn’t read the entire article, especially the conclusion. This is about dealing with a segment of the population who might seem to be a liability, but could actually be an asset, post SHTF. I asked that people be kind, fair, and ethical, when dealing with them. Would you rather just pretend that these people don’t exist? Would that better serve them, and the rest of humanity? You may not like the way I described SOME educators, and SOME students, but they do exist. How would you deal with them, given a TEOTWAWKI situation?

            • I did read the whole article. Maybe if your last paragraph had been the first you wouldn’t sound that way. Maybe if you didn’t cite Breitbart or didn’t imply that microaggression was the result of people being too sensitive, if you had a clue that people have ALWAYS had election anxiety (it just wasn’t in the “news”) and that what they call safe spaces now are the same as what my generation call stress relievers (my college set up bounce houses and brought in dogs to play with during finals).

              Maybe you read too much Breitbart to realize these kids are a lot more capable than you think. That while they may take advantage of therapy and safe spaces in today’s world, they do know it could turn on a dime (hence the election anxiety). 😉

              • Why not just answer my questions, Michelle? Too tough for you? Feeling stressed right now? Feeling triggered? I’m sure that many students and professors are very capable, but this is about a segment who are not, their effect on society, and how to deal with them, post-SHTF. Sad that you don’t get that. Since you don’t want to answer my questions, I guess we’re done here.

              • “Would you rather just pretend that these people don’t exist?”
                I think you are stretching. I am the parent of 7 millennials. I know their friends. What you describe doesn’t exist in my world. I think you live off the media. I think you don’t know any of these people and trust your “news” sources.

                “You may not like the way I described SOME educators, and SOME students, but they do exist. How would you deal with them, given a TEOTWAWKI situation?”
                You only stated SOME at the end of the article which made the vibe on the entire thing all encompassing.

                “Too tough for you? Feeling stressed right now? Feeling triggered?”
                I’m not the one wearing my tin foil hat too tight. I’m a realistic. I don’t prejudge people based on an article or something I saw on TV. The world I live in is grey, not black and white. I know that it’s easier in the black and white world but that’s not reality.

              • I think you give far too much credit to young, impressionable, leftists. You stated that your college had “Stress relievers, i.e. bounce houses and rent a dogs for students facing finals.” THAT alone is laughable. Election Anxiety? Hell. No wonder they call it “Prozak nation.” Anxiety is having your hand on your pistol grip when faced with a nutcase with a butcher knife…in his home. Anxiety is being the loan Police officer when stopping a car loaded with 4 obvious delinquents. You want..a “Solution?” Brown lives Matter? ALL lives matter. YOU are part of the problem. My solution? Defeat the Left and banish them to reality. Roof some houses in August, in The South. Dug a new drainage ditch…with hand shovels. You’ll forget your current “troubles” and concentrate on what is real. Anxiety my arse.

    • Instead of telling the author why he’s “X”, how about illustrating how liberals differ from his POV? How about enlightening the unwashed masses how the modern view of college liberals is different from what has been presented?

      • O into a college or a university and talk to people yourself. Beware of believing black lines on white text or flashy videos. Their critique is justified in this case. The author has no safe space for anyone not believing in hard right views lol. The hard left is as bad. We dance, we cry, we argue while our masters laugh at us. Left an Right needs to come together to stop trade deals and the cash flowing to the 0.1%. We have a lot in common.

        • I didn’t read it that way, but opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one.

          Hard right = hard left. The problem with that hard left, is that they capture the imagination of the MSM, so we are inundated with the lunacy that comes from that side. Shoot, even the Virginia Military Academy now has a safe place with coloring books or flowers and unicorns. That highly vocal and much covered group continually attempts to project their view on the country as the only permissible thought. They speak to inclusiveness, but deride anyone who suggests a differing view.

          The hard right generally garners no media attention, unless they do something particularly heinous. When they do get attention from the media, it is usually over blown, and at least somewhat exaggerated.

          Personally, I don’t quite get either of them.

      • For one I’ve never even heard mention of this concept of “safe spaces” from anyone other than conservatives trying to make fun of liberals. I am somewhat liberal, have served in the military, and have plenty of guns of which I am well trained to use. I also have a college degree, and am still involved with several schools and spend a decent amount of time among college kids. I have never witnessed anything even remotely similar to what the author describes. And if any of my kids ever said they needed a safe space they would get a smack in the mouth. I do understand however that even good people who care about America are impressionable, and if they listen to too much talk radio or watch too much biased reporting they end up believing this stuff. Which is unfortunate, because media on both sides twist things at every opportunity. They take the most ridiculous outliers of the other party and push that as the whole reality of their political opponents to try and tear them down. And too many people believe it without question or critical thought. So America keeps fighting itself instead of making any progress on anything. And if you love this country, that is frustrating beyond description.

        • Well, Neeruu, it sounds like this article wasn’t directed at you. Yes there are snowflakes. Yes, safe spaces where you can hide from scary things exist at some colleges. Every college? I couldn’t tell you. I did read the other day that VMI installed a safe space, and yes, it has/had coloring books.

          You have the right of it, in that there are far too many impressionable individuals across this country. I became disillusioned with the whole thing a long time ago. I stayed on with the military despite my disillusionment, because what I was doing was helping those who went overseas and into harms way.

          Its funny/sad that the divide between ideologies is now as great as the continental divide. I don’t see how someone or some movement can ever bridge that divide. Its like there are haves and have nots. Only they are not fighting over how much of my chicken they get to take. The are fighting over ideals, where each side thinks they are right and the other wrong. The problem as I see it, is that one side thinks they need to impose their will and beliefs on the other. The other, on the other hand, generally wants to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, and raise their kids the way they want, not the way that first group wants it done.

      • I’m disappointed that other than Hupples, that no one has attempted to do more than whine about the portrayal. Where are the liberal points of view on how the characterization is wrong? Enlighten the group on what about the characterization is wrong, and where its right.

        I know the angsty respondents have intelligent thoughts in their heads (other than the troll).

    • I don’t think this was about Liberals, so much as college Liberal safe-spacers. Big difference between a classical Liberal and a college Liberal totalitarian with no real-world experience.

  2. They are in for a steep learning curve. Kind of reminds one of Henry Kissinger’s comment about “usless eaters”. It seem society is full of them now. It’s up to you if you want to waste limited resources on the dear things but If you can find a use for them, then by all means go ahead and help them.
    In the immortal words of Forest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does!”.

    • Dude. That’s exactly how I’ve set up my operation. Worthless eaters can move along. Diesel mechanics can come in and have some supper.

  3. Sorry, what does any of this dumb bullshit have to do with prepping? This whole article was basically one long rant about how you’re personally offended by not being able to s cream the N-word on a crowded bus; got anything actually relevant to say, you hillbilly trash?

    • JH,
      It has a lot to do with prepping. On a trip to California this last summer, I was struck by the lack of preparedness even in the food-growing communities.
      Everyone depends upon the local supermarket for food, even the food they are growing on their own land, is sent to the packer, and then repurchased at the local store.
      Mile after mile of crops growing, but not one garden in sight; nor animals or fruit trees. Mile after mile of wine grapes, a limited value food, if You were forced to eat them. Not to mention the gallons upon gallons of water to keep the plants alive, along with the amount of fertilizer needed.
      On the trip home, we traveled on Hwy, 101 up the far Western edge of California, through miles of strawberry fields, South of San Francisco. I must have counted 50 dusty, dirty motor homes or campers, with shades drawn, parked at various alcoves, with a car sitting near. These folks were obviously homeless, living where they could survive;; on what??, I don’t know..
      I have a cousin who sells older motor homes. He tells me that he sells on average of 3, three, motor homes a week, to families who have become homeless.. To those folks, SHTF has already occurred.
      And, JH, I’m no hillbilly, I even have a college degree. And i don’t chew tabacky, nor do I spit.

      • Lonejack, I take offense to these words. Where’s my safe space. I dun chew tha tabacky, and well, spit some. I’z dun got me a fancy college dagree, and even one a those super-fancy masterz dagrees. I ain’t never dun lied, cheated, or stole from no one.

        :yeah, it was hard to write like that. Multiple corrections:

      • Okay but what does any of that have to do with ‘OMG POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AM OUT OF CUNTROL I WANNA SAY THE NWORD!!1111’ like the author was ranting about?

        • Whats with you folks and your obsession with “THE n-word?”

          How do you have so little understanding of anyone outside your sphere?

          If I apply the ‘logic’ you keep throwing out there, there are only two kinds of people in the world. Your people, and racist, uneducated red necks.

          You are upset that you are being lumped in with snowflakes (kinds sounds like you are one), yet attempt to lump anyone who disagrees with you as idiot, racist, red necks.

            • So exactly why are you on a website populated by unwashed, racist, misogynist, uneducated idiots?

              The only thing you’ve proven is that you are a just a touch sensitive. I hope I haven’t triggered you. I wouldn’t want you to have a panic attack that would cause a heart attack.

              • Because even if they’re the worst of humanity they know a thing or two about being prepared. Heck, it can’t just be sheer dumb luck that the bigots haven’t all been killed by their own inbred stupidity!

    • In the UK the loony Liberal and Socialist left have tried to have debates about emergency preparedness banned as FEAR MONGERING and possibly RACIST as the threat of Islamic terrorism can not be removed from the core debate issue. If it happens here it WILL spread to US campuses.

    • Thank you JH for helping me prove my point. This article is about you, a person who considers me a less-intelligent racist. Scurry back to your safe space, wouldn’t want to trigger you.

  4. Sounds like a few of you are quite offended by this article lol

    I actually found this article quite relevant. It talks about not dismissing people based in their attitudes and looking further than the obvious to identity possible resources. I didn’t see it as a rant at all…?

    Its completely true in what’s been said in the sense that we are surrounded by people who are constantly offended screaming racist, sexist, discrimination, and the like… What ever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”…?

    When shtf, the article says on one side you wont be able to yell discrimination to help you forward in life, and on the other side, be willing to help out those softer sides because one day they may become an assett to your life…

    Those of you don’t find it relevant and who view this as a rant and bitch session dissing on liberals or whatever are the exact types of people its referring too… And by commenting ‘the correctness of how liberals actually are’ and getting hung up on the specifics is perfectly proving its point… Liberal/Conservative or not…

    You idiots…

  5. I think You will be surprised how quickly the snow flakes come around. As you mentioned, some will die off. In our current world, someone else does things for us. If we need a mechanic, or, or, well, we just have to throw $$ at some poor slock, many who are here from another country, who in our minds couldn’t make it in today’s world.
    Our education industry has brainwashed everyone that life isn’t worth living if You don’t offer up $100k at the college degree alter.
    It is so hard for me to get through to my grandkids that they need some skills. The latest computer game is so much fun!!, I can’t get their attention. SHFT, will get their attention. We need to be there when it happens.
    If You want to get Your hopes up, just visit a county or state fair next summer. Look @ what the 4-H and FFA, (Future Farmers of America,) kids are doing. There is hope.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a techie myself. I spend a great deal of time @ my computer designing stuff. But, at the same time I am a journeyman, mechanic, carpenter, electrician, welder, machinist, animal husband and agronomist, (One who grows things.). I was raised on a wheat ranch on the Palouse Plateau. The closest anything was 6 miles away over dirt, muddy or snowy roads. We had to do it ourselves.

    • Lonejack, its hard to get through to my kids as well. Sometimes, I have to bribe them to learn something new. I look at is as an investment. Help me work on the chicken coop, and I’ll get that XBOX thing you want. Replace the brakes on the car, and I’ll do X. Life is different now. When dad said we’re doing the brakes, when I was a kid, you had your butt out there, ready to get dirty. Now, its more work.

      Keep up the good fight. Just remember to find a way to make it somewhat fun, so the kids don’t mind so much. It’ll help you, and it’ll help them when they have a flat 100 miles from nowhere.

      • Yet you get them the Xbox. You celebrate their rubbish successes. Gen X is the fault of their parents and grandparents. You feed them with Happy Meals. You drive them to the mall. You let them have a cellphone. Yes Bob. I blame you lol
        Seriously us old ones have created this shtf in Gen X. Blame us not the few nutters in academia

        • Yes, Hup, I did get them the Xbox. And the cell phones. And the iPad. I don’t live in the stone age. Whats a kid going to do when its 25 degrees F outside and lightly snowing?

          I went to that ther college, and dun got me some edjamacation. Technology, for good or ill, will continue to be the future. Just because I’m not a liberal doesn’t mean I won’t teach my kids both religion and evolution. They can figure out what they want to support on their own. I serve as a guide.

          Oh, and mom’s don’t drive kids to the mall. That’s so 1980s.

          While I know that your post is in jest, it illustrates a point I’ve been thinking on. Seems like most on either side of these debates always see things one way. You are a conservative or you are a liberal. Yes, I imagine some books are exactly like whats on the cover. For me, I can’t accept it. I don’t fit either highly simplified characterization. I didn’t vote for hillary, but voted to retain a democrat senator. I rejected a state sales tax increase, but supported a single payer health care plan for my state. I try to look at issues, not the emotional pleas trying to sell yes or no on the issue.

          Maybe that’s what all of us should stop and do for ourselves. Instead of getting all excited because an author draws a picture of college aged liberals that you don’t like, why not educate the other side on where ‘folks like you’ really sit. If we can’t bridge the ideological divide as a collective group, we can never get past the differences.

          • Too many of my friends (or x-friends), are ultra-liberal. It seems like they’ve forgotten how to, or don’t want to, think for themselves. They believe, or claim to believe, every tenant of the liberal philosophy. And, of course, in their eyes I’m a racist, bigot, xenophobe, etc., because after all, that’s part of the entire ultra-liberal package. I’m glad that you are not one of those.

            • To a degree, I feel like I am on a lonely island by myself. I’m not a conservative, and I’m not a liberal. I support positions on either side. I support abortion on a societal level. I understand its need, and have been through the pain of being party to it. I am against the continued raping of the lands around us. Fracking, strip mining, and domestic oil production have irreparably damaged the lands we call home. Read up on the Ogalala aquifer.

              I also believe in gun rights. Just because I don’t have some massive arsenal on hand doesn’t mean I don’t support the right for non-felons to own firearms.

              I also believe that the Banking Act of 1913 was an end-around on the US Constitution. Taxation IS theft. I believe that charity starts at home. I don’t support the entitlement programs that consume nearly 50% of our country’s GDP. I believe that every child has the potential to be something more. I do not support Common Core educational methods. I don’t like the politicilization of education. I especially don’t appreciate having to teach my kids basic math because the ‘system’ teaches them “math skillz..yo” that revolve around trained guessing.

              There’s a lot more, but I’ve said enough, I think. I grow weary of weeping liberals, and bristling conservatives. I just wish there were more people willing to look at both sides of an issue before they write off the other side. Partisanship gets us nowhere as a species.

        • Hup, I had to re-read this. What’s a rubbish success?

          I don’t praise my kids for breathing successfully. When the little one held his breath til he got what he wanted, well, I was standing there laughing at him when he woke up. That was the first, and last time he tried that technique.

          • lol I am not really aiming it at you mate. I meant generally speaking. “You celebrate their rubbish successes”. You know. rubbish = trash. Everyone gets a medal at the soccer league, etc.
            Gold stars for all, etc.

            • I didn’t assume you were talking to me directly.

              I completely agree on your ‘rubbish successes.’

              As the immortal Homie the Clown once said so well, “Homie don’t play that.”

    • EXACTLY!
      I spend my days, and nights sometimes with four monitors staring back at me. Enough time that when I get back into the woods it actually take an effort to retrain my eyes to enjoy decent depth perception and peripheral vision. An explicit word of warning to other desk jockies perhaps.

      That noted, I grew up on a working dairy farm with over 100 head of milkers, along with the usual hangers on such as chickens, a few breeding pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc, etc. We fixed absolutely everything. Anything from changing an injector pump on one of the tractors, to running a new 240VAC circuit to a barn, or dozing the silt out of the ponds.
      The techies I work with today, mostly relatively “young” computer science types, can’t figure out how to change the refill for a ball point pen.
      I have my own theory about the demise in practical skills, resiliency, self sufficiency, tolerance, and the rise of the snowflake generation: The vets of WW II, ie; the “greatest generation”, were primarily derived from an almost exclusively rural population where self sufficiency and tolerance of oddballs was pretty much a given – one didn’t have time for stupidity. We are now four to five generations away from those days, and all the time since most people have become further and further removed from the land, and the concepts needed to prosper on the farm. Simultaneously all the artifacts we use in day-to-day living has become too complex to work on. At least for most people. I personally have “0” issues ripping one of my laptops apart, or car for that matter. We have also had the phenomena of liberal (communist?) organizations actively taking over the schools and broadcast/print media.

      The end result, seen in most of today’s college age people are the snowflakes: deliberately programmed to be dependent upon a higher being, the government, unable to fend for themselves, and terrified of anything outside the confines of that programming. These are the people that will willing step into the train cars for transport to “a better place”.

      • I see a lot of that, CD.

        And for the record, I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that the ‘greatest generation’ was rural farmers. By the 1940s, somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of our population was rural, working the land. Yes, many came from farms, and small towns, but to describe that generation as rural farm boys is overstating it.

        Of course, one must not forget that many of those rural farm boys didn’t return from the war to their family farm. They came home, then left for jobs in the cities where the war machine was being converted to a consumer economy, and they didn’t have to work half as hard for more money.

        Today’s “throw away” society is simply the evolution of technology. Most modern cars are far too complicated for the average hobby mechanic to do much more than change oil and rotate tires.

        Its important that we teach the kids and if you have them, grandkids, a more broad based experience, that enforces self-sufficiency and how to be prepared for an emergency or disaster. It doesn’t necessarily mean making them preppers, but knowing what to do when the get a flat on the highway, knowing to not piss into the wind, how to find shelter in a winter blizzard, etc…

  6. I used to really like this site, but then the writing contest came and most of what I started to see sounded a lot like this.

    A bunch of people who apparently don’t have any idea how to actually listen to what we (Millennials) are saying, and why it’s important.

    To me this reflects a frightening trend in the prepper community- Actually, let’s be honest, this sort of attitude has ALWAYS been in the prepper community, bright as a neon sign. It is pathetic, that it’s what everyone sees when they look at us, and it makes me ashamed to be associated with the movement.

    • Well, Sara, this is not so terribly surprising. See, most of us “old people” see your generation as a self-entitled, whiny, snot-nosed group. You’ve done nothing but whine about some bs social issue.

      How about you and yours step up and show the nation that you are not just a bunch of whiny b–ches? I thought my generation was a bunch of wusses. The new bunch of wusses makes the old bunch of wusses look like hardened taliban fighters.

    • Sara, I can agree that most “conservative” sites tend to reinforce the stereotype of the weak, spoiled , Self centered youth. It’s always easier to dismiss a group by making generalized statements, rendering them as irrelevant. It’s not only millennials who can be useless, and a drain on resources in a survival situation.
      Useless people have been around for a long time.
      Personally I would be interested in hearing other viewpoints presented in a clear, rational way.

    • Sara Marie. Please do not see anything ever as written about YOU. You are wonderful and unique. By seeing the article as about YOU you kind of support the author. There’s been a few articles written by millenials on here. All have been great but too short. Write one about how and why you prep.
      Preppers are proguns, antiabortion, and proTrump. I’m against all three yet I’m a Prepper and proud of it. We write and read and watch and talk to each other in order to grow not to be part of a movement. The more opposite you can find the more you can grow. In my opinion. Harsh and closed views speak to those who hold them not to anyone else.
      I am an atheist yet I read the religious ones on here. Where else would I actually hear those views? Same with the gun nuts? Doesn’t make me a Muslim or a gun nut. Yet some of those articles actually give me ideas and help me grow.
      Beware of dichotomy. The world is a grey person not a black or white one. If I’ve triggered anyone I’m sorry but unregretful

      • +++
        To Sara, I’m pretty much the opposite of Huples – I love my guns, and other weapons, I’m a moderate on abortion, and I like Trump. But he and I have had a number of “conversations”, and we both listen and contribute. On my own side it may be that I’m a crusty old curmudgeon, (says my wife), that has no patience for disagreements that will change nothing, or the live-and-let-live attitude carried on from farm life low those many years past. Perhaps it’s because I work and teach in hi-tech arenas that are primarily populated with younger persons such as yourself. It doesn’t matter. We listen, learn, and contribute, and judge a person on their actions. What else should there be?

    • Sara, what most of the people who criticize the Millennials fail to realize, and to admit, is that we, your parents’ generation, made you guys into what you are. Based on your avatar picture, I am old enough (and then some) to be your father. With what I’m about to say, please remember that “you” refers to “Millennials” as a group. Your experience may vary.
      It is my generation that insisted on participation trophies so everyone felt good about themselves. It is my generation that wouldn’t let you fail at anything, and thus learn how to accept and deal with failure. My generation gave you everything you wanted when you wanted it, not understanding that learning to wait for something is a good trait to learn. My generation hovered over you and took care of everything, never allowing you to learn how to handle things for yourself. My generation provided you with instant communication devices so that we could know where you were at and what you were doing at all times. It is my generation that is at fault for not providing you with the experiences and responsibilities to make your own decisions at the same ages that we did.
      I have two Millennial sons (24 and 19). My oldest went away to college, 1100 miles away. When he called us saying he was sick, I told him “you have my insurance card, go handle it yourself”. He grew up more in those first four months than in his previous 18 years.
      While it is your decision to make, I would hope that you would continue to comment on this site. Your point of view could make others look at things from a different angle. And do not be afraid to call others out when necessary. I’m positive that there will be those that have your back.

  7. The butt hurt is strong with this one. I laugh at your butt hurtedness.

    This article illustrates the divide between people with values, and well…millennials. I’m terribly sorry that your parents didn’t raise you with real values, but well, that’s not my problem.

    Safety pins are for keeping babies’ diapers on, not pretending that some apologist white guy is going to keep you safe. The world, and well…the universe doesn’t care that you don’t have a safe place to cry because some guy tried to hold the door for you. Forget that is called courtesy, its sexist, right?

    I couldn’t give a rats behind how you feel. No one care when I stumbled, why would I care when you feel, well..whatever it is you feel.

    The actual idea behind the article seems to me to be that assets are all around you. Its your job to leverage available assets in SHTF.

    So you say, well, he’s a racist, white, conservative. Well, that fails hardily to describe me. I’m not a racist. Your deeds and actions define how I see you. I’ve been called white, but that doesn’t define who I am either. Am I a conservative? Well, if you think you ‘deserve’ free stuff, I’m not a supporter. I associate with the libertarian movement moreso than either of the ‘established’ parties.

    I’m raising my kids to think for themselves. They can change the oil on the truck, play the saxophone solo in the school band, speak multiple foreign languages, change the chicken bedding, replace the brakes on the truck, solve differential equations, shoot the bullseye out of a target, and may more broad things. Just because I think the pristine snowflake phenomenon is a total joke doesn’t mean I’m anti-liberal. Everyone has something to offer. In SHTF, those liberals had better figure out exactly how they plan on surviving. I can discuss 19th century Russian literature about as well as I can explain bullet drop over distance on an AK rifle.

    The idea that any person is one dimensional is crazy.

    • I actually do care if I hurt people emotionally. If I do o just because them I am a sociopath. If I tell them truth to help them grow then I’m a teacher. Entirely subjective but then, as far as I can tell, I’m the O ly person alive and I’m imaging the rest if you.
      PS note to self. Don’t post drunk! Having fun though. Don’t anyone take me seriously. I’ve 150 final papers to grade before Thursday an ts going to hurt!

      • Ugh!
        And I have to finish up a semesters worth of presentation/lab material for a new class….
        Sleep = what?
        Then off to work, and the wife’s car needs brakes.

      • I once read somewhere that everyone loves honesty until you say honest stuff they don’t like. Then you are an a-hole. Nowhere is this more true than on the internet.

        I don’t every say/do things to deliberately cause physical/emotional harm to another, but I’ve been around long enough that I see no value in not being true to myself.

        • Yes but Bob you also pull it when it should be pulled. I’ve seen you do it. That is a good thing. The young uns seem to feel us old uns are thinking what we are saying. Sometimes we are thinking :idiot: but sounding encouraging lol

    • A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an
      invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet,
      balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take
      orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a
      new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight
      efficiently, die gallantly.

      Specialization is for insects.

      Robert Heinlein’s character Lazarus Long

  8. Oh to see the world as a dichotomy. Yes or no. Liberal or Conservative. American or Other.
    I happen to be a liberal university professor. In Canada. I also happen to have an additional full time job which is really hard to do. I’m also a leftie. I believe cash given to the poor recirculates in local communities and cash given to Trump and Clinton tends to circulate on servers helping no one other than the elite. How much cash do the elite and their megacorps need to grow GDP?
    I also happen to be prepping hard as the economy is doomed as is the climate (still working on that long article lol).
    Yet the current college age population is in deep and possibly mortal trouble. Around 5% of my students (I had 200 this semester) are certified as requiring accommodation to level the playing field. This means they cannot cope and have zero chance at surviving post degree yet we pretend they can and let them grow debt. I for one would never give them a reference. Another 15 to 25% are so dumb it is embarrassing. I mean so dumb it is truely shocking to talk to them. Yet their cut and paste gibberish get a B. The major is nursing and the hardest degree.
    But you know what? If you haven’t dismissed me as a libturd lol. 20% are strong, decent, and caring folks I’d love to have in a group with me when shtf happens.
    Rather than slag the tiny minority of insane professors and the large minority of entitled children focus on the reality. Most professors care about their students and the planet and most students are decent people.
    Turn off the YouTube occasionally and go and talk to and help the net generation grow.
    Gen X is really screwed and their fat, lazy, entitled parents are the actual problem. They are the symptom. Most can be reached and they have a desperate thirst to grow.
    The article is a fun one but extreme and silly views never change the world and it really needs changing. Be a part of the solution not the problem.
    X O X O

    • *********
      Sara Marie, THAT ^^^^ is how you respond to adverse commentary. None of this is directed at any one person. Use that critical thinking. Reject and refute. Honestly, I’d love more diversity of thought on the site. The real problem with the liberal community, is that a few terribly vocal and loud individuals profess to speak for the entirety of the community. Maybe its time for you to tell your unique perspective on prepping.

      Long ago I threw the “liberal” label on you, Hup, but “Libturd” or “Libtard?” No. You might profess (see what I did there?) a view different from my own, but in certain areas we find common ground, and your point of view often adds needed contrast to discussions.

      A correction. You keep saying Gen X. I don’t think you understand what that means. (sorry, bad Princess Bride misquote)

      Gen X is typically defined as the children of the Baby Boomers. The most common term I’ve heard for today’s college aged population is “Millenials.”

      • Hi Bob,
        I always make it clear I speak only for myself. Given how odd I am it should be a given lol
        The source youtube videos for a lot of the article regularly call left leaners libturds and I had too much beer and not enough sleep before firing off replies that I thought were witty at the time.
        Gen X is a better term than millennial as hardly anyone born in 2000 or afterwards is at university. Never seen the Princess Bride. Is it a safe movie or would it trigger me?
        John got a lot of welly for this article but it is great as it provoked lurkers to speak out and that is always good. I still think isolating this issue to one age group or place (university) under sells just how dumb a lot of people are these days and how easily they resort to HELP ME when adversity hits. Right wingers like to believe they are rugged and independent (part of their mythos) and left wingers like to believe they are intelligent and fair (part of their mythos). Neither is true.
        I have been utterly disgusted first by Clinton stealing the DNC from Bernie and then using the MSM to attack Trump personally. Darn glad she got nailed election day and thanks to those Bernie Bros down south that helped that. Now her pay for play field army is wanting to overturn the election? Disgusting. I dislike the Donald’s mainly as I see him as Clinton with better hair (time will tell) but I’d never march, scream, and threaten him and his supporters because he WON the election.
        Just sent a student her e mail telling her I gave her, after much debate, and F. Awaiting the screaming to start lol.
        If you are ever up in Toronto let me know. I’ll buy you some real beer! Same for anyone else on here who has not insulted me too much rofl

        • Son. Seriously? “It’th incontheivable” that you’ve never seen The Princess Bride? Go find it on-demand or however you view movies. If that triggers you, it might be time for some soul searching.

          I agree with the notion that there are dumb people every where. No age, race, or sex requirement.

          • Cheers. Was wrong again! I’m a 64 baby. Not a boomer and not anything? When I went to school there were 18 of us in class. All the years above us had 50-60 kids. I was just four as an August baby and Mommy Dearest wanted me in school and pushed education facility to take me.
            Day one some hippy gave me five maths books to fill in. I gave them back at break, about an hour. She was startled. Meant to take a year to do. Got bumped a year so ended up basically two years ahead. Never got over that. Interestingly of the five managers on nights three of us are 64 babies.
            Well off the shovel snow again. Winter Has Come!

  9. This semester I taught a class on global health to 4th year bscn. Don’t go much into my veganism and zero into prepping. Usually! But ended up teaching four courses (3 is max) and got tired. I asked for an online response to “do you prep” (real short version of the question. It was hidden well but basically that was it). Surprisingly 1% do but it is one to two weeks only. 99% do not at all but 55% felt they should to help others in a crisis. There will be a lot of dead in shtf. One student is actively raising chickens and prepping. She is 45 so an outlier. I had a quiet word with her basically saying opsec and great job

  10. Just realized that I have a safety pin or two on my back pack that I EDC. Prepping related not safe space. Just want to say that there should be no safe spaces at a university ever. The entire concept is stupid. Being decent and tactful is a Hunan requirement. Screaming racist at a Trump supporter or pizza at a Clinton enabler is entirely disrespectful and unhelpful. I occasionally drop the f bomb in classes. No doubt I’ll be on YouTube one day but I’m old and don’t care

  11. You guys will probably like Milo the associate editor off Breitbrart, outragiously gay conservative who tears Liberals to pieces oh so easily. He has some superb videos on YT.

  12. My son is at a Uni here in the UK where they have No Platforming which is where the loony left blocks any debaters or speakers who they do not agree with (usually anyone to the right of communism. Even the ORIGINAL Feminist Activist Germaine Greer got banned from speaking for daring to criticise the Misogynists in Islam . The loony left are trying to block any and all debates that go against rampant politically correct, diverse, inclusive Socialism. Debating societies now are almost entire far left propaganda only outlets. Now as for PREPPERS in University some of my sons fellow students complained to the University about him keeping a bug out bag in his dorm as they see it as inflamatory and fear mongering, and they tried to get it banned from the Halls Of Residence. (though the Uni wanted assurance he did not have any illegal weapons in his bag). The Liberal left in the US is only in its infancy if you dont stmp it out quickly you will very soon find the far left taking over every facet of your local Unis.

    • Come on, SE. Its for hiking, not prepping.

      This is kind of funny. In college, we stored our rifles in the hiding space under the box frame bed.

  13. NO PLATFORMING = The Liberal left actively stopping any sort of debate or discussion they object to, it comes straight from the old Soviet Union, never allow debate or criticism of left wing doctrine.
    SAFE SPACES = Stops even students from wearing provocative pins, patches and T shirts that ” May” offend delicate sensibilities.
    DEMOCRACY = Something the left loves so long as they are winning
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH = but only if its in support of Liberal ideals.

    All these things do is damage youngsters development and create vulnerable young adults who will struggle to survive outside of the college campus when someone says NO to them ( be it a riot cop, parent, safety advisor etc)

    I believe this article IS related to prepping as we have a duty to our youngsters to raiise them to be practical not pampered and to be level headed not brainwashed into accepting only one doctrine.

  14. “Liberal cupcakes can be a valuable asset, due to their knowledge, if
    can adjust. Among them will be medics, engineers, scientists,
    The students working toward degrees in the STEM subjects listed above, tend to have a very realistic view of the world and society. The vast majority of those I meet when teaching at a college nearby are anything bit liberal.

    • I’ve got a CS Engineer, a Psych major, a teacher, a Navy STG, an airman and a mechanical engineer. Out of them all we’ve got 3 liberals, 2 moderates and one right leaning moderate. Not a dang conservative in the bunch. LOL

      And again they are well prepared for emergencies but that probably has to do with who raised them. So the fault is more on the previous generation not on the kids entirely.

      • Agreed 100%. “by their fruits you shall know them:.
        Note: I didn’t say “conservative”, I said not liberal.

        That said, we’re all conflicted, myself included. I really don’t fit well into any of the predefined pigeon holes. My primary philosophy is “Leave me Alone!”

  15. I was surprised to see so many comments, less than 12 hours after this was posted. I wasn’t surprised to find that many of them were negative and hateful. I was pleased to see that some people understood the point I was trying to make. Others reinforced my suspicion that many liberals lack a sense of humor, have no tolerance for views different than their own, and consider themselves superior to others.
    For those who think liberal principles are better, convince me of that, instead of calling me names. Tell me why you support a party that is pro-abortion. Tell me why I’m enriched, and better off, with an open border policy and sanctuary cities. Convince me that stricter gun laws will make me safer, and reduce crime.
    Deplorable Cruella DeVille gets it:
    “the end result, seen in most of today’s college age people are the snowflakes: deliberately programmed to be dependent upon a higher being, the government, unable to fend for themselves, and terrified of anything outside the confines of that programming. These are the people that will willingly step into the train cars for transport to “a better place””.
    Liberals, do you not question the motives of those who want to let in the poor and the desperate in large numbers? Shouldn’t the present administration have done more to create jobs and support the police, military, and veterans? Could it be that they really don’t care, as long as they build a large voting block for themselves?
    Sorry Pat, I didn’t mean to turn this site into a political one. Let’s get back to prepping.

    • No apologies needed John. I read every article before I post it.

      Now, that being said, like I told another reader who wrote me to say how disappointed they were, I think the larger point of the article
      had merit even though the bulk of the article poked fun at some of
      the more easily targeted behaviors of some (who just happen to be
      usually grouped into a largely liberal collection of people). I don’t view it as a slam on liberalism myself, but I can see how many others viewed it in that precise way. I don’t have a problem with true liberalism and have probably more friends and acquaintances who identify with that side of the political spectrum. It is when any group runs amok and starts telling others what they can and can’t say that I get worried.

      I try to stay out of politics most of the time on this site and
      it is the rare article that crosses that line. This one was probably less political than social/cultural observation if anything.

      If nothing else, it generated a ton of conversation but I still maintain that anyone reading till the end should have come away with a different conclusion.

    • Hi John,
      I enjoyed it but I disagree that “most” are “snowflakes”. Most are not. You also conflate a few things in my opinion as a uni lecturer (The problem exists because many liberal professors on campus view conservatives as inferior, and not worthy of respect). This is both untrue and is exactly the same as saying all Trump supporters are racists hence you triggering those of us who lean left politically and teach lol.
      It is possible to be anti-immigration and a left winger. Why bring in unskilled to deflate minimum wage jobs and leave millions outside without any support? Not boosting citizens and bringing in more citizens is one of many causes of economic unrest in the west. Makes shtf more likely and likely more violent.
      Politics is always fun and is of pressing concern to us all.
      As for prepping those unfortunates here who breed have many issues in prepping with Gen X.

      • The problem I see with raising millenials, is that your sphere of influence outside of teaching is terribly limited. My kids love camping, chopping wood, starting a fire with a fire striker or similar, tending our chickens, shooting, building and modifying the chicken coop, etc.. They like their games, sports, working on computers and the like. They both have decided they want to be nuclear engineers. I’ve tried for years to push them toward being physicians, but that hasn’t worked out.

        I can’t fix the entirety of the group, but I’ll make my dent just the same.

          • I do understand just don’t ever want children. I’m glad my wife and I were on the same side of the issue. Our kids are the best thing to ever happen to me. I’ve tried hard to not be my dad. Finding the balance between ’cause I’m in charge here’ and ‘best buds’ is tough to manage, but I think I’m doing pretty well so far.

            • Yup. I hear that a lot. But until I get a return by date I’m keeping my testicles retracted 🙂
              I’m not sure we should have reject some of our parents methods. If your kids are like you then you have zero issues. Its those failed parents asking their three year old in McD’s what she would like to eat that need a whack on the head

    • Hi John,

      I will bite to your questions

      For those who think liberal principles are better, convince me of that, instead of calling me names.

      Tell me why you support a party that is pro-abortion.
      Easy one. Government has zero rights over women’s reproduction. As a male I cannot, ever have a stand on it other than a supportive one. If you are antiabortion what does your party do to improve the lives of babies born to poor women? If killing a potential (or actual) life is so wrong then so is doing so for all life. I do not see many vegan antigun antiwar people protesting abortion. My gf and myself had one. It was sad but needed. It was our choice not yours or any political party. I am glad we had the human right to decide it for ourselves.

      Tell me why I’m enriched, and better off, with an open border policy and sanctuary cities.
      Easy one. You are if you control the means of production. Everyone else is worse off. Immigration uncontrolled would dilute the nations who have and empty the nations who have not. While utilitarian a good thing for any have country it would be a nightmare. It would only be done if we implement one world government. Open Border Policy? Anyone advocating that? Now immigration is an issue in many ways. I am against all immigration unless they have close relatives here who would fully financially support them and a job offer prior to coming. I am against all immigrants gaining citizenship unless born in the country. You been here 40 years and kill someone or commit fraud? Bye bye. Landed Citizens only. No voting rights, etc.
      Sanctuary cities, etc are silly. Hiding people from deportation is stupid. Stupid because it is illegal and should be prosecuted. Really stupid as what exactly are you doing for inequality and the conditions of those not lucky (or criminal) enough to hop the border?

      Convince me that stricter gun laws will make me safer, and reduce crime.
      If every gun is seized it would mean only the Police could shoot you and gun crime would be zero. However no other country in the world other than Yemen has the gun issues the USA has nor the deaths. Most or 50% (I am no expert) of gun deaths are suicides. Removing guns from the law abiding would reduce the actual death count a lot. States and Nations where only criminals (mainly) have guns have no where near the criminal murders by gun the USA has in gun favouring states.

      Now I do not expect to convert you to voting for Gabbard and Sanders in 2020 but hope springs eternal 🙂

      • Huples, I get your position on abortion. If the state, and through that the people have no rights regarding your choice to procreate then abort, why is it the state’s (and through that, the people’s) responsibility to pay for your gf’s abortion?

        Why is this not “your problem?” Shouldn’t this be YOUR problem, and not “ours?”

        • Actually we went private as we ration health care by wait times not by excluding people who need it but up here we get free health care. Why should I pay for anyone else’s health care? Because socialized health care is cheaper, fairer, and is a human right. Supporting private health care is literally supporting killing poor people. Canadians get agitated if anyone attacks our health care. I’ve been triggered! It is our version of gun laws. Not even our right wing fundamentalist Cnservatives dared hit health care. Political death up here even questioning it. As it should be.
          Women should not be forced to be moms just because they are poor. A country should not be paying twice as much per capita for it than any other country and seeing the average life expectancy drop. Going for a Timmies now

  16. I laughed, I cried, I shot coffee out of my nose.

    Obviously the bulk of the article was written using the authors sarcasm font. In the conclusion section is where I feel the author makes their point. If someone is willing to try don’t write them off. Where I differ is in timing, let them try, fail and learn before SHTF not after because after might harm me and mine.

    • Bolo, I agree. I also fervently believe that I, am my own “safe space”, and I alone am responsible for ME being “safe”. If I willingly choose to be offended, by another’s point of view, then, who is really to blame?
      Me, no one else. Just as I choose to not inflict my rather subjective and strong opinions I hold on others, I do expect the same consideration in return. When it is not freely given, then that selfishness alone, let’s me know all I need to know about the character of that person.
      Tolerance cannot ever be one-sided, because, then, it isn’t “tolerance” at all.

      • ET1, you nailed it regarding “tolerance.” There is another term that merits consideration, and that is “accommodation.” Most of us would gladly accommodate the needs of an 80 year old grandparent in a survival situation, regardless of his or her physical or mental state. But there is a huge difference between accommodation for an individual that needs physical care and protection versus someone that expects you to tolerate their lack of maturity, addiction, or a potentially dangerous ideology that can harm the entire group and their survival efforts. If it comes down to that, I will not tolerate the company of any person who works against survival of the group – whether passively or aggressively. If that is their attitude or mission, they will hit the road.

        • Shoot, Bolo. That’s some crazy stuff. My home, my rules. Don’t like them? Well, the hogs need to eat too. Accommodation of malcontents, regardless of ideology is a non-starter. Its not my way or the highway. Its my way or the nether. Can’t let a malcontent leave, don’t care to rehabilitate. Too cold? Well, everyone who has a non-imaginary safe space gets to make their rules.

          I’ve actually been working on a formal written ‘operations manual’ for how I would like things to work (I fully understand that no plan survives first contact.) Its a part of a novel I’m working on.

          • Have a section on how to deal with vegan, leftie, Canadians,eh?

            Once the snow ends we will be coming southwards in hoards through the wall to eat ya all! Our moose cavalry are unstopable

            • Nope. Why would I care if someone is vegan, a leftie, or a Canuck, eh? Unless the no vacancy sign is lit, its about value added, not ideology… generally speaking. There’s always red flags, but that’s a bit situationally dependent to have a hard list written.

              As long as you bring me a moose, then its all good.


              • Don’t tease about tree sap unless you plan on sending some down! I wish good, hearty northern maples would grow here.

                Have you added capacity to harvest tree sap to your food preps? Are there any medical uses, Doctor? Wondering if tree sap can be a surrogate for honey?

              • Yes. I have a few spiggots and some pipes. It is easy and a smart move. Birch sap works okay as well as maple.
                I am not a Doctor but might get my phd starting in 2018 if I can stand it.
                Absolutely. Maple syrup is an awesome thing but as a wound dressing? Not sure. Think not. Unsure.

            • Based upon my years stationed in Caribou, ME, I would say that your moose cavalry is delicious! So give the hungry hordes present during shtf, you won’t get far….

  17. I’ve been watching him and others since someone called me an SJW on youtube and I was ??? They are very funny. Some truth to their ideas and some falsehoods but usually entertaining when on night shift

  18. This is just insulting. It is possible to be a liberal and a prepper and your use of the word “pussification” is disrespectful to women ( I have given birth to two children and let me tell you pussies are tough, not weak). Even if you had a valid point I stopped reading half way through because of your complete disrespect for….just about everyone except WASP republican men of a certain age. This article is a massive failure.

    • Pussification is not disrespectful to women. Pussies maybe, but not women. Equating something so amazing to a modern age young man should be insulting. I hadn’t thought about it being insulting both ways.

      You really should read the entirety of the article from a sarcastic point of view. Try looking at it objectively instead of personally. If the words don’t apply to you, then its likely not directed toward you. There are a lot more different types of people than just wasp republican middle aged men (guessing the age you are referring to) and snowflakes.

      Write a rebuttal of everything he said if you see it differently. Believe it or not, not many of us are opposed to an alternate view.

  19. Never seen it. Never seen Bambi or Snow white or ET. Currently finishing off Westworld which I like a lot. The new season of Vikings. Vikings teach me prepping schools 🙂

  20. If he’d have said pansification that would have triggered the homosexual Preppers.
    He was trying to get a rise out of us and he did an awesome job of it. In that respect it was a massive success. Bob is right kristie. Write a rebuttal, dialogue, and never switch off.

    • Personally the term I was raised with for the weak/lazy was “candy ass”, and quit honestly I can’t say I completely disagree with the content of the article. The reason I feel the article was a massive failure is the point of the article is lost in the incendiary language. I understand that the author’s intention was to get people worked up but I had a very hard time getting past that to get to the point of the article. I did eventual read the whole article and I still feel that the article could have better conveyed the important points by leaving out all the politically loaded comments. I agree that a lot of millennials need a swift kick in the right direction but really what do abortion issues and anti-GLTB sentiments have to do with that? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and are free to voice them. That is a constitutional right, I am not commenting on the opinions. I am simply pointing out that he author overshadowed the important issues conveyed in this article with offensive language and political opinions that have nothing to do with the main point of the article.
      However if you would like a commentary on the article itself, here it is. Though not a millennial myself (gen x here) I do spend a good amount of time around millennials. Yes they are the generation of trophies for everyone and parents that protect them from everything while solving all their problems. In truth we created the millennials. They are our kids! We made them the way they are. We need to take some responsibility for what they have become. To their credit they are doing some very important things towards the same goals we are. These days there is a strong movement to relearn old skills. Everything from gardening and canning to sewing and knitting/crocheting. The homesteading movement is stronger than ever. Artisan goods are considered a premium option and they are the generation preparing for peak oil and alternative energy. Just because they are preparing for the new world differently than we are doesn’t mean they are not preparing. I agree with the article in that we need them. We need them just as much if not more than they need us, and we need them regardless of their political affiliation, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

  21. I think these articles should be more toward getting ALL people to be independent and do things for themselves. alienating your readers won’t do that. I am sure there are lots conservatives that don’t have any preps at all, just as any other group. the more independent people (not political term) you have that can live without goverment, the better we all are.. if you take a group of independent people then you will have a community that is self sufficient. (i personally don’t care who you are as longs as you pull your weight) but when you have a large group that aren’t, and you have a major disaster, then you have more needy people than independent people, and that is when the stress, name calling & anger will fester, till that community breaks down.
    I think the article has some points though, in that, people are too thinned skinned and being taught that in colleges to be that way. If you cant handle problems, name calling or perceived (or actual) slights when times are good, it will be devestating when things go bad. Things dont get better in disasters, but the bad things are amplified.
    Also remember,all those computers and Iphones most newer generations have grown up with will probably be useless in most majors disasters, so if your depending on those for your information or tech reference, you may be in for a shock.

  22. TPJ articles average about 7 comments. Comments to this article just topped 100. Like it or hate it, you must admit it got a lot of attention. I submitted another politically-charged article in July, and it got 92 comments. That one, too, serves as a reminder that not all survivors will be productive members of society, post TEOTWAWKI. Most importantly, when the SHTF, these articles outline the benefit of helping those who are ill-prepared, instead of writing them off as useless. While I may have offended or insulted some, I’ve promoted Christian values. I don’t write for money, and I don’t care if I never win the Prepper Writing Contest. I enjoy stirring the pot. After all, this site would be pretty boring if it were about nothing but stockpiling food, defense, and survival in the wild.

      • He also was very nasty to left handed people xo xo
        Doing the right thing is always rewarding not matter the religion or lack of it. Recently I saw a YouTube comment that said in shtf most people will stay rational and nice even as they starve to death. History implies that is true, to a point. Bad people will take advantage, crazy people will be crazier, but most people will sit in their unseated homes and try to make do and will talk to, not shoot at, their neighbours.

        • LOL I’m just pointing out that John thought he was promoting Christian values but might be confused what that means.

          As for MY neighbors….no comment.

          • Michelle, thats the trouble with the bible. Its so voluminous, that anyone can find a book, verse, or three word phrase that supports what they are doing or want to do. Too many interpretations.

            And no, I’m not bashing the bible. I’m neither supporting or deriding the book here. Just stating what so many sometimes forget.

          • Hi Michelle,
            Being unable to access the religious bit of myself I have to say I totally understood your motive and respect your religious views.
            Neighbours are good. Neighbors are bad I guess 🙂
            If I have triggered any left handed people I apologize. I cannot understand your struggle as my Mother made me a right hander when a wee tot. Got to love alcoholic and mentally ill mothers 🙁
            Oh dang, now I’ve triggered fertile females and anyone with depression 🙁

  23. I feel like throwing up when I read about these wimps. Does that mean I’m triggered?

    We had best knuckle down and start weeding out the communists that have infected all our institutions – from education to entertainment. This is truly a matter of life and death.

  24. This is what Liberalism has become today, Cry Baby’s who don’t get their way. Don’t worry, When SHTF these toddlers will all be dead within a week, so don’t worry about dealing with them, other than to keep them from stealing all you have, Oh yeah one more thought, who is gonna change their diapers when it happens? For me, I’m going to give Trump a Chance, Maybe he can undo some of this awful mess Obama has got us into (I could make a list a page long) GO TRUMP GO AMERICA!!!!

    • Amen to that TJ. The few who survive won’t have weapons, but I will, so I’m not too concerned about them stealing from me. I’ll provide a safe space for them, my garden. No one will trigger them, as long as they pull the weeds. As for the crybabies, maybe we should stock up on pacifiers. And, Michelle suggested that I don’t practice Christian values. Imagine that!

  25. Kristie; when I write an article that gets less than 10 comments, I’ll consider that a massive failure, but this one clearly was not. Had I left out what you call incendiary language, I suspect that this article would have been barely noticed. Judging by the comments, I’ll have to disagree with you about the point being lost. I’m glad that you finally read the entire article, and agree with me on many points.

    • I’m the author of many massive failures by your criteria John.
      You easily, too easily, personally insult others you do not know. That is a character flaw. Work on it in 2017.
      Getting a reaction is fine but causing people to think and question. That would have been success. You do need to get out more and interact with people who might have different political views. It’s a healthy way to grow. Your points were stereotypes, I’m afraid so kind of cartoonish. My conclusion is to be very careful with my language in future comments and articles. Triggering people merely to upset them is wrong. Merry Christmas to you and yours

      • I wasn’t always so upset with the political left, but I got sick and tired of being called racist, deplorable, misogynist, and xenophobic, for my views. I’m not any of those things. So now, this article was perhaps just giving them a taste of their own medicine. I suppose I shouldn’t have stooped to their level. Most of my friends agree with my assessment of the ultra left-wingers. I wasn’t trying to trigger them, I was trying to get them to see the absurdity of their beliefs. I’ve traveled all over the world, most recently to Cuba, South Korea, and the Philippines. I know this; liberals are hard to reason with. Because I don’t like Obama, I’m a racist. That pretty much ends the conversation for me. Merry Christmas to you and your family Huples.

      • Also: I’ve also traveled to Hawaii this year. I took pictures in front of Trump Tower, at Waikiki. And btw, I’ve been married for more than 20 years to someone of a different race, so calling me a xenophobe is pretty ridiculous. I was a site manager at GTMO, where I was well liked by those who worked for me, regardless of their race.

  26. Bleeding heart liberals can suck a shit right out of my ass. If the world ever does fall into a shtf situation, you best hope you don’t run into my area. There will be no safe space, there will be no one wearing a safety pin to help you, and there will be no tolerance of any of your bullshit protesting. There will certainly be no redistribution of wealth. No one will hear you scream and there will be no mercy.

  27. You have no clue about the things I’ve done in my life. Your first and biggest mistake in life is presuming you know anything about someone else you’ve never met.
    Dismissing a problem doesn’t make it go away, it only makes it more difficult when you are forced to deal with it, “fliend”.

  28. Always with the homosexual angle these ultra right wingers, eh? You worried about something in your own sexuality John? My safe space is within myself mate and nasty people cannot dent it. There will be a redistribution in shtf so collect your bullets and silver and pretend you see the world clearly and others are to be looked down on for being ethical and moral. We can build a better world before shtf. If you choose not to then that is your burden not mine. Merry Christmas

    • I’m not sure who your comment was aimed at Huples. You responded to JD, but wrote “John” in your reply. I’ll assume it was someone else, since I didn’t say anything about homosexuals, and I didn’t threaten anyone. I just said I would protect myself and my property. I agree with you that the ethical and moral should not be looked down upon. You seem to have turned on me Huples. Previously you wrote: “he was trying to get a rise out of us and he did an awesome job of it. In that respect it was a massive success”. My article WAS about working with others, SOME of whom are difficult to work with. I expected to be called names after posting this article, as MANY on the left tend to do that, but I have no regrets. Was I too tough on those who attacked me? Perhaps, but where’s the fun in wimping out?

      • It was in response to JD fantasizing about oral on anal sex amongst other things. I think most right and left minded Preppers would agree he is a scum bag who is either delusional or a troll with an iq of 56

      • Nope but I’d have placed a clear warning in the first paragraph that your point was some or many left wingers not all. I missed it the first read through and figured you were a zealot who consumes too much YouTube. I do appreciate you going btl to talk more. Always appreciated

        • BTW. Your article on providing hospital care post SHTF was excellent. It is included in my scanned and saved preps. Thank you. It also proves a point. The quality and usefulness of an article cannot be judged by the number of comments it gets. Keep doing what you’re doing (and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing).

  29. Oh so now we resort to name calling and pre judging. Lol typical liberal! Hey if you like sucking d*#% that’s your thing. And looking at your profile pic, your lardass and fanny pack lead me to believe that in fact you are. There will only be redistribution of wealth by someone like your savior, the chocolate jesus obama. People like me and my group who have taken the time, money, and had the foresight to prepare WILL NOT be sharing with the losers who think everything should be just given to them. I’ve worked hard for what I have, and I am skilled and ready to protect it any means necessary.
    Yes we can build a better world, but I don’t see it as a possibility because the liberal mindset has infected this country so deep, it will take a generation or two before any real GOOD change takes place if any at all. Believe me, it is no burden on my part. Me and mine are good in my area. Yes, I do have an “area” and you best believe I can protect it.
    And you are wrong again, as I am the way I come across in my comments. I am thick, as I’m benching 405 pounds thick. Because I don’t spend every waking moment behind a keyboard. I’m the guy all the skinny lumberjacks call a Neanderthal. Lol which cracks me up, when I wink at their girlfriends and they smile back right in front of their weak boyfriends. Hapless huples, it’s ok, not everyone can be an alpha. I had a merry Christmas, I could care less if you had one or not.

    • Whatever. I’m 228lbs and I know I’m fat. I also don’t like reading about your anal oral fixations so please stop writing about them. Yes, I could have written it in a way that didn’t trigger you. Sorry about that. I’m glad you are a sexual stud and like weights. You are aware children read this blog? Not just me but young uns? No need to get all angry but a need to control your temper.
      Peace out from hapless Huples xo xo

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