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Pat Henry

Freedom loving American doing what I can to help prepare and inform others.

Liberty I – Stealth Survival Weapon

When it comes to being prepared for disasters great or small, readers of this blog know I like to have different options. That isn’t...

The Rise of Liberal Preppers – Welcome to the Party!

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?

Build Your Own Earthquake Survival Kit

I put together this earthquake survival list for those preppers who want to put a bag together and prepare for the possibility that their entire world comes crumbling down around them.

A Prepper Looks Back – 10 Years of Prepping Lessons

I thought that maybe it might be of some value to share some lessons that I have learned in my personal preparedness journey that hits 10 years old this year.

What to Do If You Are Caught Without Your Prepping Supplies

When all hell breaks loose, are you doomed if you don’t have your full battle rattle on?

Best Selling Prepper Items – Why They May Not Work for You

I was looking around for more prepper and survival gear the other day and often readers ask for gear recommendations so I wanted to give you this list of the best-selling prepper gear but with a twist.

Off Road Checklist: Don’t Get Stuck Bugging Out

Those alternate routes could lead you through areas that aren’t paved over obstacles that could put a halt to your forward progress, but with this off-road checklist, you could be able to unstuck yourself and keep going.

Surviving Anarchy: Strategies to Avoid Dying at the Hands of the Mob

Without law enforcement as a deterrent to crimes, desperate, opportunistic or even criminally motivated people take to the streets and chaos ensues. When this happens, you have anarchy.