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Gardening Start Gardening Differently - The Prepper Journal

Start Gardening Differently


Small scale or large, when it comes to the veggies, doing things differently can buy us the time and space to get started or expand our harvests.

Gardening Gardening During Disasters - The Prepper Journal

Gardening During Disasters


It can be frustrating to plant a garden and watch it fail. It can be mean life and death when it is the food your family is counting on for survival.

Prepping SHTF Survival Options - Indoor Gardening - The Prepper Journal

SHTF Survival Options – Indoor Gardening


If you have a south-facing window, or better yet, a sun-room, indoor gardening can be the solution. Where window space is limited, you’ll have to decide which crops to grow, and which you can do without.

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