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Gardening Start Gardening Differently - The Prepper Journal

Start Gardening Differently


Small scale or large, when it comes to the veggies, doing things differently can buy us the time and space to get started or expand our harvests.

Prepping Build Your Own Earthquake Survival Kit - The Prepper Journal

Build Your Own Earthquake Survival Kit


I put together this earthquake survival list for those preppers who want to put a bag together and prepare for the possibility that their entire world comes crumbling down around them.

Prepping Prepping With Kids - The Prepper Journal

Prepping With Kids


I had to stop for a moment because there was something that I hadn’t counted on having back in my Civil Air Patrol days. There was now a new factor to the equation: Prepping with Kids.

Prepping Prepper Must-Haves: Vices - The Prepper Journal

Prepper Must-Haves: Vices


Our vices aren’t necessary to our survival in many cases, but when you cut us off from them, hard times and adjustments just get harder.

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