The Rise of Liberal Preppers – Welcome to the Party!

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?
What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?

Last Updated on May 30, 2017

Ever since I first began to take an interest in prepping, it seems that someone is always trying to classify the different types of individuals who make up this lifestyle and put us into a box. Back in 2007, when I was beginning to search out websites and blogs, the concepts that caught my eye were probably more aligned with more of a militia mindset, then it became survivalists, then Doomsday Preppers started gaining ground when the NatGeo show came out and really blew up from there. Elite preppers followed the trends of multi-millionaires buying up land in foreign places and constructing fortified bunkers. The latest repackaging by means of classification is Liberal Preppers.

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative? Is the latest attempt at branding preppers any different and if so, who are these Liberal Preppers? Do you have anything to worry about as a new crowd shows interest in what was something you thought was uniquely yours? Could some of your own friends be preppers incognito?

Today I want to discuss this whole new term and break down the similarities and differences between Liberal Preppers and everybody else who used to simply call ourselves Preppers to figure out what this means for the prepper movement at large.

Who are these so-called Liberal Preppers

Liberal Preppers have come to the whole concept of prepping the way I would assume many of you have. They became concerned with what they perceived in the world around them and realized that should their worst fears be realized, they would be in serious doo-doo without taking some precautions up front. Liberal Preppers worry about some of the same things we do like having enough food to feed ourselves or our families so they are learning about canning. They worry about the political landscape and how the current administration policies and regulations could impact them negatively. They are concerned about geopolitical unease and the threats of war. Essentially, like any prepper, they want to do what they can in order to set themselves up for success and not be a victim of their own laziness should the worst happen.

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?

How is a Liberal Prepper any different than a ‘Regular’ Prepper?

So, reading the list of concerns above, you might be asking yourself how is a Liberal Prepper any different from me. How is the steps they are taking to get knowledge, to gain a level of preparedness different from what I have been doing for years? My take on this is that there is nothing different about the steps they are taking. Humans need the same basic things that I have harped on for years. We all need water. Everyone needs food. You will die without shelter and you will be safer with some form of security. This is a universal truth.

What is different is their motivation.

Liberal Preppers are motivated by the flipside of things that you who have been called preppers for years are usually motivated by. Liberal Preppers are concerned about the new Trump Administration where older preppers were likely concerned about the Obama administration or the threat of a Hillary presidency. It is because of this that I think the term Liberal Preppers is a misnomer. Liberal Preppers assumes that you also have Conservative Preppers. What about Independent Preppers?

Your political bent shouldn’t really define you as a prepper but the current political landscape is always a major factor when people start to worry about the future. Both Liberals and Conservatives as well as Independents, Progressives, Main Streamers, Traditionalists all could be more accurately called Political Preppers.

Political Prepper – Noun – A person who makes preparations out of fear of the current political climate or leadership.

We have lots of the same types of worries on the other side here, but we just call ourselves preppers.

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?

What does all this mean anyway?

Prepping is a lifestyle that I think everyone should engage in to the extent that your time and resources allow. I believe every human should take steps to make themselves less reliant on systems around us that bring us water and food. I believe that we don’t need to see the scenes repeated after Katrina and Sandy of people standing around screaming for the government to come help them. I think each parent should be able to take care of their children if the gas stations close, the grocery stores are out of food and the hospitals are unreachable. To a point.

Prepping for most people is really just providing a support net to get them over the initial duration of the most common emergencies we can visualize finding ourselves in. We stock up food and water, but most of us aren’t planning to go completely off-grid for 2 years in a concrete reinforced bunker but that’s ok. Most disasters aren’t apocalypses and simply having a few weeks’ worth of food and water can mean the difference between life and death. Your politics might be driving your rationale for prepping but you are trying to achieve the same personal goals as all the rest of us.

What are Liberal Preppers and are they any different from those who can’t stomach the thought of describing themselves as anything left of Die Hard Conservative?

The Prepper Journal has always tried to appeal to anyone trying to take practical steps to be more prepared to take care of their family in a short or long-term disaster. We have people who love guns, who wear MAGA hats, hold lifetime memberships to the NRA as well as vegans, pacifists and yes, Liberals. I have shared the stories of my own life of close personal friends and even family members who hold diametrically opposing positions on social and political issues but we still get along just fine. The comments section at the bottom of every article is open to anyone regardless of your personal philosophy and I would say that mix has created some very interesting and instructive conversations.

Prepping is not an exclusive party and my goal has always been to get as many people prepping as possible. I say to anyone who is new to these concepts and calls themselves a Liberal Prepper, welcome! I’m glad you are interested in taking steps to get more prepared. I hope you will join the conversation here at the Prepper Journal. I think you will find that you have more in common with your other fellow Preppers than you might even know and I think we all can learn a lot from each other.

Here are a few articles that can help you get started:

Good luck and remember that you can always ask any question in the comments of this or any article. The Prepper Journal has a diverse, intelligent and experienced audience who has always shown they are happy to provide their own advice and experience on any issue you are facing.

What are you prepping for?

  1. This is great! The more prepared folks there are, the better off we’ll ALL be–no matter our political stripe.

    1. I believe, no matter what the Political preference, that people who take the time to learn and prepare themselves ie: Taking up marksman ship, Learning to Grow Food, Learning to Hunt for food, Learning to be self Reliant. Will most likely give these “Liberal Preppers” a more Conservative mind set regardless of why they think they are prepping.

  2. I would like to think we can all get along, but my instincts tell me to stay far away from liberals in a SHTF situation. Liberals tend to support wealth redistribution. Liberals tend to favor the seizure of property by the government. Liberals tend to favor gun control. Liberals tend to believe that profiling is wrong. None of those things tend to increase my odds of survival. Perhaps liberals and conservatives approach prepping in the same way where the basics of water, food, shelter, and safety are concerned, but when they come together, problems will surface. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be generous in a SHTF situation, but I don’t want it to be at gun point.

    1. ‘Profiling’ tends to be code for ‘racism’; that’s why we take issue with it. Don’t get me wrong, you might be perfectly fine in all other arenas, but if you start in on some bigoted tirade about how once race or another is at fault for the SHTF, then my arrows are going to find high-velocity homes in your eye sockets (and then your fatty, booze-pickled meat will be ‘redistributed’ to me and mine! Fat whities have tons of calories in ’em, turns out!)

      1. Profiling has nothing to do with racism!!! Liberals are the one who have turned into that “code word”. Liberals are the biggest racist out there. For some reason they believe minorities like myself can’t make it with out government hand out. I got news for you stop giving minorities hand out, and give them a hand up!!!

      2. No, sorry, profiling is not code for “racism”. Profiling is statistical in nature. If most terrorists are 18 – 24 year old Muslims and very few or no terrorists are 80+ year old nuns, you pay more attention to 18 – 24 year old Muslims and little attention to 80+ year old nuns. It is really, really, stupid, suicidal even, to ignore 18 – 24 Muslims because we are afraid that people with much more compassion than common sense will call us “racists”.

        And buddy, any compassion you might try to claim is thrown away; soaked into the dirt after you threatened to murder people who disagree with you and then engage in cannibalism.

        1. Lol OBVIOUSLY NOT A TRUE PREPPER! Because of the Fat White comment!! Besides it’s a KNOWN FACT that Cannibalism is WRONG &:THE FACT THAT EATING PEOPLE IS JUST SICK &:MORALY, ETHICALY, WRON BUT ALSO IT POISONS YOU#! Human meat is the LAST THING PPL SHOLD EAT! LOL. so this guy HATES WHITES, WANTS TO STEAL YOUR FOOD & EAT YOU! ( YEAH SOUNDS LIKE A TYPICAL LIBERAL!) I’LL BE STEERING CLEAR OF DEMS/LIBS, IN A SHTF SITUATION!! they will just get themselves killed and you if your with them snd pick up on their mentality & ways! Besides they will be the ones looting, burning, demanding govt handouts!! Other TRUE PREPPERS, can band together and thrive

      3. don’t miss fide….cause this whitie ain’t fat…and while your sorry ass is moowin down on some chunky white guy thigh, you’ll never hear it comin.

      4. A perfect example of a liberal’s ideological bias. If the SHTF ever does happen, my guess is that you will become far more conservative very quickly. Assuming, that is, that you live long enough to make the adjustment.

      5. Perfect example of the liberal hypocrite. Able to stand back and label others according their low mentality aptitude. The thought of liberals prepping as stated in the article, which I found interesting of the thought, seem to be a oxymoron. How could those who want to take away everything America stands for and the ideals it was built on, care about prepping for the destructive future they are helping to create?
        This fat man will be very happy to meet your sorry skinny ass anytime to explain race (there is only one race, the Human race), bigotry (your hypocritical mentality, if no one thinks like you), and can your arrow out preform my 30-06 at one hundred yards. Screw you D.H.

      6. The simple fact that you are going to try to be using a bow and arrow instead of IDK, an AR, AK, 12 Gauge, or any typical deer rifle, means you would loose that fight friend

    2. I can understand your hesitation John, but these “liberals” aren’t sitting back demanding more free food. They are just like you, taking steps to prevent a situation where they would be dependent upon redistribution. Might be an entirely different situation if I had a liberal who had stocked up a year’s worth of food and knew how to effectively garden, forage for food in the woods and was more than happy taking care of themselves.

      1. I’m sure that what you say is true tpj, but people like fidesphilio will be the biggest threat to survivors, post SHTF. Knowing that there are people like him out there, as few as they may be, I would be cautious when reaching out with a helping hand to those I don’t know well.

      2. Pat,
        I agree with you about 99% of the time, but I cannot concur with your statement that liberals (aka socialists, anti-2A, entitlement, big government freaks) are just like me. They aren’t.

        1. Ben,

          I didn’t say that they were just like us, but I do maintain that they are prepping out of the same rationale that we are. Whatever their philosophy, they want to preserve their own lives and the lives of their family’s. They want to make sure they are prepared for disruptions due to normal life or disasters…


    3. liberals are the REASON for prepping, for the very differences you so accurately note. And THAT, makes them a threat even in a post apocalyptic world. My attitude toward libs remains unchanged…and my approach to dealing with them has not as well.

      1. Same here magginolia. My grandparents lived through the great depression and ensured that we knew what to do so that we are never in that predicament.I can take care of me and mine, and have always done so, AND I am a proud registered democrat.

        1. nice…there are apparently so few of us. i never in my whole life heard that prepping, carrying a gun, and taking care of me and mine was limited to the conservatives in this country. i was raised to believe we were all americans and that we were in this together. so many sanctimonious people on both sides, it make me wonder where this country is heading.

          YES you conservatives, I AM A GRANNY WHO CARRIES A GUN……im not going to hesitate and ask what your politics are if you are threatening me.

          just sayin

          1. Mag, there aren’t really so few of you. I have conservative and more democratic views depending on the issue. I don’t ascribe to one side’s viewpoint or the other.

            You illustrate the differences in your post. You are a granny democrat. There is a huge difference between what I’ll simply call older democrats, and younger democrats. The younger generation claim they are democrats, but really are liberals and/or socialists.

            Today’s democratic party represents much of what those opposed (above) claim, anti-2A, big government, anti-military, hyper regulation and the like. Because the party you are a member of has gone far-far left doesn’t mean everyone in it is. I know a decent group of recovering democrats that now distance themselves from the party. Any party that tacitly supports militant domestic groups, anarchists (antifa) and such is not something they want to be a part of.

            You sound a bit like the now old term “Blue dog Democrats.” Generally moderate, more facts, less hyperbole. They were not so different from moderate Republicans. They didn’t want your guns, even if they didn’t have them themselves (I’d venture a guess that they had them).

            Today’s liberal bears little resemblance to yester years’ democrats.

            1. Pretty sure the term “prepping” should just be turned to “self reliant” because I’ve never seen anyone feel that was something that only one political group had access to.

    4. As a liberal I am slightly offended lol but I know that you mean well. I guess you could say I am a liberal prepper, too. In May of 2016, a wild fire swept through Fort Mac, 88 thousand people evacuated on next to no notice and not a single death. Do you why? despite death being within eye sight, they bound together like a flock of feathers and they helped each other. I’m very proud to be a Canadian. Our morals are what they should be. The point to this is that even in life or death situations, the vast majority of people (well Canadians anyway) will help you not hurt you. If SHTF, I do not expect hand outs from anyone and I would play no part in stealing from others. However, I will be the first to help anyone else in need. I would never be able to live with myself if I let a baby starve to death when I have food, or let a man bleed to death when I’m a nurse, or even worse to actually cause harm. That would break my heart and soul and that would be no way to live. Helping others makes you feel good and still being able to be a decent human being and sleep with a clear mind, that’s going to go along way in an ugly world. I don’t prepare to steal or hurt or kill.. I do however prepare to help those in need. Could I get myself killed? it’s possible but I would rather die for a good cause then live with myself if I did horrible things. Trust me, you would be better off with me as a neighbour then the guy locked in his basement with more guns then the army. He’ll kill you, I’ll give you a hug and tell you it’s going to be okay.

      1. Hart, not letting a baby die is admirable and helping others is admirable; however, in a SHTF situation, if you think about it, that mother and baby will now tell *everyone they know* that you have food and you’ll have more starving, desperate – possibly ARMED – neighbors than you can handle. I’m not saying “do horrible things.” Not at all. But prepping is about survival and sometimes horrible things happen.

    5. Government seizing my property? Hell no. I must admit that I don’t *like* the idea of profiling, but I do it. Regarding “gun control”….I don’t know. Students shouldn’t be shot up in schools but 2A is clear as crystal. And in a SHTF situation – distribute what I have? Um, I don’t think so. Y’all should have prepped.

  3. Certainly it would be better if liberals were prepared for emergencies, but I fear that most have a mind-set which is counter-survival. Remember, much of liberal thinking is based on the concept that doing things which feel good is the best goal. This means that on the one hand, they may be easily encouraged to share their supplies. On the other hand, they think that guns or other self protection is evil, which means either that they won’t have protection or if they are hypocrites, probably won’t be effective with protection. But all that is their problem.

    But as John D said, being around them will be a problem, because part of their mindset is that people who have must give what they have to those who don’t have and if they don’t want to, they should be forced. That if someone wants to hurt you, the best response is to “be nice to them”. That “offending” someone is the worst crime you can commit. They will tend to be a danger to not only themselves, but those with a more reality based/less wish based outlook.

    1. Way too much assumption and bias here, Cat. Thinking libs will peacefully march for your food, that libs will give away all their food in trade for hugs, and eventually take your stuff by force. All assumption and bias.

      A lot of conservative types claim they will shoot you if you come on their property. Its just more assumption and bias, to say that ALL conservatives are selfish, brutal slayers.

      Reality is that EVERYONE will experience numerous epiphanies during a major disaster. Everyone’s values will come into question. Some will fail, some will be affirmed. Many assumptions will fail.

      1. I think that a lot of people forget that after disasters a community doesn’t rise up again because of the handful of folks that are only concerned about their own skins but those that know going a little hungry together will get everyone on track towards recuperation and rebuilding faster as opposed to a few being well fed while others starve.

  4. From what I’ve witnessed oVER 40 years of prepping, there have been more leftist preppers than right wingers. We’re just not waving our guns around In public so much.. Well Armed, but concealed.Primary focus is on shelter and secrecy. Politically the lefties focus on a true conservative attitude towards nature may have clued you in, as we know the imprtamce of having clean areas ti run to. Aside from being more coservative about preserving nature, we lefties are more conservate about the government staying out of our private lives, while the right let’s nature go to hell and worries about our morals. To much energy wasted worrying about guns getting taken away. 8 years of a lefty for president and he made not one attempt to take any guns away. It was just gun industry stoked paranoia to sell guns. Worked on me…I’m excessively well supplied with arms, if all hell hits the fan tomorrow I’ll wish I’d put more of that money into Canned food.
    ps. libreal isn’t a dirty word. By definition it mears generous, and progtessive…two things that accurately describe Jesus. For every leftist liberal jerk out there, there’s a right wing jerkoff to balance the equation. I’m just another bozo on the bus hoping to see when it stops.

    1. You sound more like a classic liberal, H_rvey, before modern day liberals stole the title. Modern conservatives has more in common with classic liberalism than modern liberalism ever will!!!!

        1. It seems to me, that you all really missed the boat on what H was saying. 40-years prepping. He’s not a modern liberal. He’s a classical liberal. HUGE difference.

    2. Obama made not one attempt to take any guns away? Correct, he made several attempts. Except for some veterans and social security recipients, not very successfully.

      If you want to keep me from getting a gun, then I find it very unreasonable and a bit creepy that you have a bunch. And frankly, I kind of wonder how you can manage to live under that dichotomy without blowing a fuse.

    3. I find it interesting that you toss around generalities about conservatives and then condemn generalities about liberals. No offense, but Liberals (today) don’t support nature… they support feel good mentalities and government intrusion (ie higher taxes). The don’t support the private ownership of firearms, even in secret… the support only cops, military, and Veterans having firearms. They don’t support smaller government… they support a large, bloated government that encroaches on everyone’s lives. The only time they don’t support large government is for a handful of pet projects. Maybe the Democrats of yesteryear were like you… but they aren’t now. And Liberals is a dirty word, sorry to break it to you.

  5. Being a retired military, Democratic prepper, I certainly believe that there are liberal preppers. My political leanings are more about helping my fellow man than taking guns or wealth from others. Unfortunately in order to help my fellow man, I have had to follow mostly Democrats, as the Republicans haven’t been too pro-social justice oriented. I believe that open carry should be the law of the land, but also believe in some gun control (there are certain people who should never have access to a gun). Many of those same people shouldn’t be able to procreate as well, but that is another story. My biggest problem is that some of the websites and dealers of the prepper/survivalist community want to whip up ill will or hatred towards liberal minded people. Some times it’s to sell something and sometimes its just to divide Americans. So I welcome others who think that liberal preppers can be an asset to this community.

    1. If the Democrats as a party actually helped their fellow man, that would be a reasonable path. But, pretty much, Democrats have pursued actions which “feel good” and are focused on a minority or treating a symptom of a problem rather than the cause. The actions often don’t actually do good (for anyone) and in some cases, do harm (at least to the majority and occasionally to the target group).

      Please advise me of anything Democrats have accomplished which has truly benefited most people.

    2. It’s interesting that the OP’s initial premise was that most of us are prepping because of fear of a political cataclysm. I can’t speak for conservatives, but most liberals that I know are prepping because of the obvious and real possibilities of either a massive solar flare event, an EMP, or an earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction zone. The risk of one of these carastrophes happening within my probable decade or so of remaining existence is significant. I really don’t like the idea of being cold, thirsty and hungry, so I prepare to avoid those outcomes. I also realize that in a SHTF situation, there will be those who are unprepared and will want to take my preps, so I am prepared to protect what’s mine. These preparations extend to day-to-day home security and an awareness of, preparation for, and a willingness to deal appropriately with – and to the extent necessary – situations of potential violence in public areas. Equipped Cat alluded earlier to his presumption of the “liberal mindset”; one would be sadly mistaken to act on that presumption, at least in my case.

      1. PDX: I think equippedcat was referring to the current flavor of “democrat”, ie” progressive which as a group has been utterly subsumed by the communist party. The original Democrats or Liberals no longer exist, or are actually more aligned with the libertarians, and the more central portions of the conservatives. And don’t get me wrong – the so-called conservative party is no such thing either. BOTH major parties, as currently structured are two sides of the same coin: in it for themselves and their donors only, to hell with We the People.
        On a more personal level I just want to be left alone, and to maintain possession of what I have worked for. I don’t pollute or destroy “nature” unnecessarily, I will assist others that need it, but on a voluntary basis only. You try to force me to “assist” others and you will have problems.
        I prepare to maintain a relatively comfortable and secure existence following any reasonably conceivable SHTF event, be it a man-made EMP event, a CME, political instability, or just having a hurricane come through and wipe out the regional infrastructure. Some of these are worse than others, and all have distinct variations in the oh S*** characteristics that will need to be dealt with.

      2. PDXer, I was referring to the recent influx or interest in so-called Liberal Preppers which I would have to say is really driven by politics. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been liberal preppers for years and years who are worried about other things. My overarching point was that no matter your motivation for prepping, we are all trying to avoid bad things. None of us wants to be “cold, thirsty and hungry” so in that respect we really have a lot of similarities.

    3. what you miss Jim, is that what once was compromise and remained within our constitution and bill of rights, is now concession and COSTS us those rights. You do not have to be a liberal to care about helping your fellow man. But you can NOT be a liberal, and believe in the same God I do…and THAT, is what more completely separates you from me…..conservative American veteran and liberal socialist veteran….but you would have fit quite well in post WWII Russia.

    4. Here’s the thing… you’re 100% on board with Democrats or you aren’t. If you vote for a Democrat because… I don’t know… he supports your pro-social justice propaganda, but he’s anti-gun, anti-this, anti-that… you are supporting him for all of those things, even those things you claim to be against. And while you may have bought the propaganda they’re selling (which is fine) you can’t seriously believe that Democrats care about social issues… every time a Democrat champions a social issue it is at the expense of another’s personal freedoms. That isn’t pro-social justice… that is fascism, which props up supporters at the expense of another group of people. So, while you may claim to be pro-open carry (and, apparently eugenics) if you support Democrats you are anti-gun… the end.

  6. I’m so liberal I scare every conservative who assumes they know me. They don’t. I’ve never met a conservative yet who actually asks me what I think about things, even when I have tried to talk to them. I’ve been a prepper since two earthquakes in California trapped me away from home for days at a time in the 1990s. I’m a natural crack shot so I’m not afraid of guns, just the hot heads who don’t know how to use them properly. I didn’t demonize Barack Obama and am bored by those who do/did and don’t demonize Donald Trump- he hasn’t increased or decreased my prepper activities. Prepping is a lifestyle..I learn from all the articles and I disregard the sickening political venom because it has nothing positive to do with the lifestyle of prepping. I am a prepper because it is the Wise Way to live well. Whether we say grace or not, there is space for all of us at The Table.

    1. Great thoughts Marcianne and thank you for reading the blog! Your thoughts are always welcome here.

    2. FINALLY!!! Someone that actually understands the whole “prepper” concept. Someone that actually is not a wacko “Survivalist” that wants to live in the woods on Bambi if/when TSHTF like so many that spew there tempers at others here. Read above.

      It’s a “Lifestyle”…… NOT prepping for TSHTF……

      Thank you Marcianne Miller


      1. Its the only way I could accept it, NRP. I read early on, I watched crazies on NatGeo, and didn’t see many like me. I saw radicals, crazies, and such. Other than a couple weeks of food stored, I couldn’t embrace the “Prepper” mindset. Then I found a few authors, and Tube shows that were more about homesteading life. It wasn’t about pallets of MREs, and guns, it was about a self-sustaining or sufficient lifestyle. That really worked for me.

  7. “Liberal” is warped codeword. Liberals are very conservative on envirionment, conservative on personal privacy, more conservative on use of military,much more conservative fiscally, ( they’re the ones that brings the annual budget into balance the most). Both sides a wreck, but the point is that “liberal” aND “conservative” as labels doesn’t really describe anyone I know. Left/right or progressive/ traditional closer to real, but most people are an individual mix.

    1. Agree with you H_rvey, totally. Labels are used to put us into teams to fight with each other. I don’t know too many people who don’t have a mix of thoughts and ideas on any one subject.

    1. The ones I am referring to in this article aren’t waiting in line SA. They are out there trying to prepare just like you and me.

  8. True American liberalism is Jeffersonian in it’s bias. A belief in the Constitution, Declaration of independence, and the Revolution! The Revolution is supposed to be a continual process, especially when government gets out of control.
    Jefferson’s quote about the Tree of Liberty and Washington’s quote about the nature of government!

  9. Yes, we all have the same needs. However, you also need to have a system of beliefs that are consistent. If you are against gun ownership, it would be inconsistent to obtain firearms for protection. If you are promoting “government will take care of you”, it is inconsistent to prepare yourself.

    I’m all for people prepping regardless of political orientation; however, only those who believe in the 2nd amendment will have the skills and gear to protect themselves. Only those who believe in self-reliance will acquire the skills and gear to survive during a period of no government. I seriously doubt the “Liberal Preppers” or anyone else motivated Only by political fear will be successful preppers. For them, it is only a fad and not a lifestyle.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with being ready for something. Even if worst case scenarios never happens, little stuff (if you can call earthquakes and hurricanes little) will. Being ready for the worst case helps in smaller issues.

  11. Liberal Preppers?? When SHTF happens, liberals will need to shut their mouths. The ultra rich are very busy trying to tell me how to think politically, and force me to accept a level of morality that is offensive to me. There will come a day when it will cost them dearly to continue their diatribe.

  12. There will be no conservatives, liberals, independents, republicans, democrats…constitution…laws…when the shit happens. We will all be united and alone in our quest for survival.

  13. Really? If this country ends up in civil war are we supposed to wear red or blue shirts so we know the “enemy” by their party affiliation? Or maybe it’ll be MAGA hats vs ski masks. We might just find out that diversity isn’t really our strength. Watching the activities at the multitude of ‘peaceful demonstrations’ since mid-January, the anti-Trump side is the first to move to physically violent, destructive behavior making one wonder if the likelihood of some preps being used for offense is higher than the more traditional prepper who plans for defense. Too much linear thought in a non-linear world.

  14. Great article! Sad to see how partisan some of the discussion has been. Unfortunate that there’s such a human tendency to stereotype an entire group as ‘bad’ or ‘good’

  15. WOW!!!! i just read through all the comments and am stunned that people actually believe all this crap. seems like conservatives think they are the only smart ones around. what a bunch of bigots. yes, i said it….bigots. get out of you little world and talk to some people, get to know them and then ask what their politics are. you just might be suprised. i was born a prepper. my daddy was in the RAF then joined the US in WWII. we had guns in the house and my grands taught me all sorts of prepping. everyone of my family were and are democrats. what does that have to do with it…….i carry my gun just as proudly as anyone and i am not some sniveling loser. get over yourselves and get united with all americans who are preppers, not just your buddies.

    1. Yes, a person always finds it incomprehensible that anyone else does not share the same beliefs. The problem is, in large part, due to “labeling”.

      We have Democrats vrs. Republicans. These are political parties. Although the Democrats tend to have a certain set of beliefs and the Republicans tend to have a different set of beliefs, these labels are by no means a reliable way of categorizing people. This is because you would be hard pressed to find a significant number of people who really agree with all the “assumed” beliefs of the party. Worse, the party is primarily interested in the good of the party, and the assumed beliefs are often casualties of that focus.

      Then we have liberals vrs conservatives. This COULD be reliable way of categorizing people, but we are too lazy to do it right. Problem one is that these are not binary. One’s political philosophy can be anywhere on a scale from “total” conservative to “total” liberal. And for that matter, the “total” ends of the scale are undefined; the best we can do is find the “most” we can, and prepare to move that point when we find someone “more”. The other problem is, this philosophy applies to every concept, and we would have to list all of them, with the value of conservatism or liberalism for each, because again, you would be hard pressed to find many people who are at the same level about everything..

      Because our only real option in a government is voting for a Democrat or a Republican, we must realize that when we vote for one of those, we are “accepting responsibility” for that party’s position on everything AND everything the party does in their own best interest.

  16. After reading the above comments I find myself VERY DESPERATELY in need of FAR MORE PREPPING than I’m even able to do; as I SEE that “OUR HOUSE is UTTERLY DIVIDED”, and therefore “cannot stand”…(a wise man once warned about this condition)…

    But, I CHOSE, 50 Yrs. ago, To “Do my duty for God and my Country” and I intend to do so, for family, friends, and the TRULY NEEDY.

    THAT, to me, IS the “bottom Line” motivation of “prepping”…To be able to help others.

    Prepping that is ideologically motivated, RATHER THAN love based, is not going to bear fruit, (for ANY group). If “Prepping” is not in consideration of “doing unto others, as you WOULD that they would do for you”, then it’s ultimate effect will be the fruit of selfishness. Which ALWAYS LEADS TO DEATH.

    Liberal OR Conservative means NOTHING when the “world falls apart”, (whether naturally, or due to man’s injustice to man”)! And, IF those who have PREpared, (spiritually, mentally, physically, & security wise), have done so ONLY for self, (and their own), they WILL FAIL, (as did certain pioneer groups who came to this continent with the same motive; to care only for themselves), whereas, those who came, adjusted, cared about others, and learned to work together for the greater good, thrived, and multiplied)…

    I’ve worked on 3 continents, with several cultures and ideologies, each; (including my own Nation’s two MAIN ones), & I’ve learned that “ALL PEOPLE CRAVE LOVE, and HELP…(tho not all will admit that).

    Yet, I’ve survived Communists threats, Dictatorial Govt. threats, Native threats, and racist threats; simply by not DEMANDING what I WANTED, or MY “RIGHTS”; but by finding how I could HELP, or make the situation better.

    For me, THAT is the true heart of “PREPPING”. “Doing unto others, as I would hope they’d do for me”. Treating all as I would wish to be treated…(“Wise as the serpent, harmless as the dove”)…I know it SOUNDS insane…but it has NEVER failed to keep me out of trouble, alive, and actually, & ultimately, SAFE.

    It is not mine to “judge the heart”, I simply must “CARE for the heart”; and the Lord of my life will care for the rest. That’s another principle of “PREPPING”… Not JUDGMENTALISM, but GENUINE & CARING LOVE.

    While “PREPPING” truly IS partly survivalism, it MUST ALSO BE truly compassion, & TRULY LOVE based, or it loses it’s GREATEST VALUE…the VALUE of helping those in need. I would sincerely hope that MLK’s “vision” will also be a “PREPPING PRINCIPLE”: “I see a day, when my children will not be judged by the color of their skin, BUT! By their Character!” — And, I would add: “By our LOVE”.

    1. Very commendable, but I’m not seeing how this is practical. Helping out friends and family, of course. And even helping the truly needy, although this presents two problems. On the one hand, how do you define truly needy, and determine who actually meets that criteria? And second, I suspect by most definitions, the truly needy will significantly outnumber those able to help.

    2. @Sid Vail, Amen! Amen! Amen! I cannot tell you how thankful I am to read your comment after reading so many of the others. Being resourceful and wise is a gift you give to yourself and all those around you, and being resourceful means logistically doing what is possible to help others and then teaching those who you cannot physically help with the knowledge to help themselves. A gift of love and light that multiples beyond your provisions! I love your reference to “Wise as the serpent, harmless as the dove”! I hope many people read your comment and are touched by it. And ask themselves, “Why am I striving to survive?” My hope is that more and more people will find themselves answering with reasons like “For a love and goodness that transcends politics, race, gender, and even religion.” and ” To share laughter and kindness with all in my presence, no matter their views or beliefs.”
      Truly, and I ask sincerely, why would a person work so hard to survive in order to exist in a state of fear and mistrust? Or in order to nurture a feeling of separateness from others? Or to harbor a feeling of hatred toward another “type” of person”. We can already tell from the comments that people for both “sides” can fall prey to this thinking. And we can also see that many people contradict what the generalizations are ( which we have been fed) of each type. Holding to these divisions will certainly not keep us safe. Because the true dividing factor can express itself at any time and in any “type” of person – and that is hatred. Hatred can take the form of judgement, fear, superiority, etc. Hatred is the great undo-er. And it can crop up in any one of us. No matter our religion, or our Nationality, or our Race, or our gender, or our Political party, ect. ad infinitum.
      We must always be “checking ourselves”, rooting out any weeds of hatred, and planting seeds of love. This is not weakness. This is an act of ultimate Bravery.

  17. Wow, that escalated quickly. Proud to be an apolitical homesteader (because politics and religion have no place in a civil discussion).

  18. Hi, just found your site. Thanks for being available to this liberal prepper who isn’t so much worried about Trump but worried about a possible EMP, a credit/economic collapse, nukes coming our way. Shit will hit the fan in some form; just don’t know when.

  19. Hmmmm……it is a giant step between a “liberal Canadian” and the People’s Proletariat Party of The American Left”, though the people-bot they have installed as their leader in the Great White North is pretty scary. SSM – never think a person on the left isn’t ALWAYS spun by their politics. I like what Starbuck Avon (is that a tall, grande or vente?) has to say so far so me thinks he/she is not as liberal as they think or clearly does not understand their agenda. Not an insult, just a reality of all of our new sources, ALL of them. The speak is too reasonable to fit the party of slavery. Then again, they can be clever.

    I stand by my conviction, learned through the lens of life, that liberals are “prepared…to do whatever they have to in order to achieve their overseers demands. The ends always justifies the means.

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