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Prepping Prepping After 60 - The Prepper Journal
Prepping After 60

Ever try to answer all the questions that you ask yourself about how you will survive as a single, senior woman living alone with no family, no spouse, no other support other than yourself?

Prepping The Coming Correction - The Prepper Journal
The Coming Correction

In the millennia mankind has existed we have witnessed some small corrections. Nature, the things by which we are all bound, sets in motion events, unforeseen and undeniable.

Prepping Preppers Don't Have Abs - The Prepper Journal
Preppers Don’t Have Abs

I don’t think there is anything wrong with looking like a Viking with an AR or a jacked and tan super woman–in fact, that’s actually super impressive. But is that Prepping?

Prepping How I Plan on Bugging In - The Prepper Journal
How I Plan on Bugging In

There are multiple articles, videos, and books about bugging out and a few on bugging in. My aim here is to throw a bit of thought on the bugging in concept from my unarmed Canadian perspective.

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