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Weather: The Natural Disaster Maker

Today, as I begin my studies on prepping, I realize the importance of knowing some basic weather forecasting. After all, the worst natural disasters in America are weather related.

4 Absolutely Necessary Things Every Prepper Must Realize

I – more so than a lot of people involved in this – have dealt with A LOT of other preppers face to face and I want to talk about the patterns that I have seen form over the years.

To Prep or Not to Prep

No one has to do everything…but everyone must do something….It’s better to light a candle than to curse the dark.

Keeping Your Blades Sharp Post Disaster

Whether you are using a pocket knife to cut rope, a shovel or hoe to cultivate plants, or a skinning knife to dress your game, they are all guaranteed to dull with repeated use.

Being Honest with Yourself: A Prepping Reality Check

I have compiled a selected few topics I think people should reevaluate in their lives and make and give yourself a prepping reality check.

Prepping by the Numbers

Not only do the masses USUALLY get things right in aggregate, but it can make your life easier in the long run to just go with the crowd.

Data Storage for Preppers

The true solution is to have many copies of your important data stored locally, updated frequently, and maintained in a Faraday cage in case of an EMP attack.

Wilderness Safety Tips for Women

Below are some of the wilderness safety tips women can put in place to be safe. Some of the tips revolve around things women may have been doing before, in preparation, not while faced with danger.