Our Store is Open for Business

The Prepper Journal Store is “Open for Business”!

Softly (quietly) launched this past weekend, it is now up and running with some serious prepper supplies for those serious about their preparations for self and family. Look for new items to be added almost daily as we vet the necessary and the gotta haves. If you know of a product preppers shouldn’t have to face a disaster without drop us an email and we’ll check it out. 

This week, the best trauma kit a prepper can buy, is in the store now.

The Prepper Journal is proud to offer a unique 2nd-party trauma kit that is every preppers dream. A true no fluff, pure function, full featured individual first aid kit. The AR500 Armor® Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit contains the necessities to combat severe trauma wounds, with an emphasis on bleeding sustained from gunshots, stabbing weapons or encounters with wildlife that got way too close and personal. And in true prepper fashion it is vacuum sealed for extended shelf-life, a true purchase, store and forget until it is needed item.

With a uniquely compact profile, measuring smaller than two M4 magazines (I for one love our unique units of measurement), their Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit fits into any double M4 magazine pouch, whilst including a full-size tourniquet! Don’t take the risk, own a trauma kit and be prepared! It also fits into any prepper bag from BOB (bug out bag) to SHTF (stuff hits the fan) to NCHA (never coming home again) to TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) and everything in between – gym bag, bike bag, glove compartment, car bag, and even your off to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving bag where it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between grandpa’s turkey carving and his flashbacks to his Katana and Gendai Budo combat training.

And yes, we will have the “one more flashlight and just another lantern and the knife you can’t live without” later, as we fill out our offerings, but the initial focus is on the medical that isn’t sold in every storefront or easy to find on Amazon, and the ones WE have tested with EMT’s and first responders and can stand behind. Being added this week is the Dynarex Triangular Bandage ($1.00), a true prepper multi-function medical aid and their ActiSplint ($10.00) splint – both compact, lightweight and proven by EMT’s and inexpensive enough to order in quantity. 

And when we get the light, the lantern and knife they will be ones we have vetted in field trials.

Add to your muscle-memory training by clicking on our store to see what is new each time you visit The Prepper Journal to read its unique content.

And of course, coming soon, there will be our patches!  What better way to distinguish your BOB from your kids backpack when you are on your way out due to an emergency or disaster? 

Take a look on your site visits, hopefully we will both surprise and interest you. Be safe out there!

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