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Pat Henry

Freedom loving American doing what I can to help prepare and inform others.

Apocalypse Training 101: Learn How to Survive the End of the World

Do you know how to survive the end of the world? Get the keys to apocalypse training 101 and learn how to prepare for SHTF.

Interview with Prepper Children’s Author Benjamin Ellefson

Benjamin Ellefson is a prepper who writes children’s books with themes of preparedness and survivalism.

Bug Out Vehicle Load Plan

What if this simple bug out vehicle load plan could get your and your family on the road faster?

9 Less Than Lethal Self-Defense Items

I wanted to write today about some less than lethal self-defense items that can be employed by just about anyone who can’t or does not want to own a firearm

How Many Days Before You Give up Hope When SHTF?

Are we avoiding conversations that we may need to consider now that involve the very real prospect of death?

Vote for Your Favorite – Prepper Writing Contest Round Five

Voting is closed. After a slight holiday delay (sorry about that) I have chosen the 5 finalists for the last round of the Prepper Writing...

The Best Way Home: SHTF Route Planning

It’s one of the more common problems us preppers try to figure out. What is the best way home as quickly and safely as possible when SHTF and you are far away?

Survival Gear: Setting Your Group Standard

I am talking about the decisions you will make regarding the survival gear and equipment that your larger mutual assistance group is going to use. It is important to standardize on several major pieces of gear if you want to function cohesively as a unit.