The Best Accessories for Your Guns

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Editor’s Note: This post was generously contributed by Cher Zavala.

Whether you’re interested in home protection or looking to stay safe while hunting, you’re going to want the best accessories for your gun to defend yourself. There is no time to waste when you only have a few seconds to take action. Fumbling with your gun can be the difference between life and death. Not having confidence in your aim or your mechanics can also spell doom. And, if you’re not accurate, your technique won’t matter anyways — no matter how sure you are in it.

Competence in one of those traits without proficiency in the others typically ends in a disaster. You need to be confident, steady, and accurate when facing a threat, because you can bet that your rival will also be in survival mode. Luckily, there are various tools and fittings to help you in tight spots. There is no more comforting feeling than having the upper hand when faced with a bad situation. By simply adding some upgrades to your firearms, you can rest assured that you and your family will be protected in any circumstance.

While guns are great fun when shooting safely at the range, they can also act as a valuable and useful tool in the right setting. But, with all the gadgets and frills available now, which ones do you really need? Certainly you won’t require most of the contraptions out there, but there are a few that will come in handy when in a pinch. Good thing we have a starter list for you right here.

Some of the best accessories for your guns

Gun scopes

Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, 1-4x 24mm

Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, 1-4x 24mm

When facing a wild beast, you’re never assured of safety. While most who choose to hunt big game know how to take the proper precautions, having the right equipment certainly doesn’t hurt. Whether your rifle is built to take down a moose,  or a deer, having the correct gun scope will increase your accuracy and take-down ability. Trust in your gear may be the difference between coming back to camp with a trophy kill and not coming back at all.

Laser Sight

Vokul Shockproof 532nm Tactical Green Dot Laser Sight

Vokul Shockproof 532nm Tactical Green Dot Laser Sight

Utilized more for home defense, a laser light is best for precision. Should you find yourself in a compromising situation while at home, this nifty piece of equipment will make sure you’re armed to handle yourself. Great for low light and target identification, laser lights are a near necessity for keeping your loved ones secure.

Gun Grips

Maybe you found a gun you like, but there is something that’s a bit off. A new gun grip could solve the problem. Find the perfect mold for your hand by attaching the accessory to the butt of your pistol. A little practice at the range may be necessary to find peak comfort level.


Glock 19/23/32 Holster - Tulster Profile Holster IWB

Glock 19/23/32 Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB

There’s no point in carrying a firearm if you can’t conceal it. From shoulder holsters to ankle holsters to hip holsters, having your gun easily accessible is a must. Finding the easiest spot on your person to carry should be a top priority for every gun owner.


Aimkon HiLight P10S 400 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release

Aimkon HiLight P10S 400 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release

Sometimes all you need is a little light. Most flashlights easily attach to the front of your weapon and provide enough illumination to help you out in poorly lit areas. Find an LED or an infrared device for optimal usage.

Extended Magazine

Perhaps your six-shot clip isn’t enough to serve your primary carry weapon. An extended magazine may be just what you’re looking for. Using one will affect your grip on the gun, but the extra bullets could be helpful if caught in a hairy situation.

Gun Sling

Yahill(TM) Multi-Use 2 Point 2-IN-1 Rifle Gun Sling Adjustable Strap Cord

Yahill(TM) Multi-Use 2 Point 2-IN-1 Rifle Gun Sling Adjustable Strap Cord

Attaching a sling to your rifle will improve flexibility. The add-on will also help you carry the firearm through thick brush and heavily wooded areas. Useful and practical, a sling provides relief during your hike so you can save your energy for when it’s needed most.

Weapon Cleaning Kit

Otis Modern Sporting Rifle and AR Cleaning System

Otis Modern Sporting Rifle and AR Cleaning System

If you have a gun, you need to keep it clean. Bullet fragments, material, and powder will influence your accuracy if not flushed out after each use.

Vertical Grip



Similar to a pistol grip, a vertical grip provides a better placement for your hand when managing a rifle.

Folding Stock Adapter

Law Tactical Gen-3M Side Folding Adapter Tool Genuine 5.56/223/308

Law Tactical Gen-3M Side Folding Adapter Tool Genuine 5.56/223/308 –

Fold up your rifle into an easily portable piece of machinery by folding it in half with this adapter. No matter what type of firearm you have, there is always a way to upgrade it for safety and suitability.

Cher Zavala

Cher Zavala

About the author: Cher Zavala is a content coordinator who assists in contributing quality articles on various topics. In her free time she also enjoys hiking, traveling and getting to know the world around her. Cher has built up many strong relationships over the years within the blogging community and loves sharing her useful tips with others.

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The article is very general and offer little to no advise on proper accessories. Some of the pictures are of low quality accessories that will require you to buy twice.

Paul Jackson

Agreed. This article could have just as easily been titled “A List of Things You Can Put on Your Firearms That You Should Research More”

R. Ann

Three things: – Most non-revolver clip-fed firearms are going to be rifles with contained well magazines. There are conversions to detachable mags for some/many, but those are the only way that a clip-fed rifle (K98 vice the chute to feed a stripper clip into an AR magazine) is getting a magazine extension without a very, very pricey customization. The Model 700 is one where there is nearly a plug-and-play conversion, but it’s not primarily clip fed. I haven’t run across any converted en bloc clip rifles, but I know they’re out there, too (not sure just how tailor-customized it is).… Read more »


Each weapon and accessory serve a specific purpose. Many also add weight, so trade-offs are forced upon the user. Tactics are far more important than any accessory can be. Know the house layout intimately. You think you do, but most have some form of illumination assisting, even at night. Know where the corner of the couch is in pitch black conditions. Keep the house clutter free, or memorize where the clutter is. Either way, you don’t need to knock the kids’ box of Legos over with a badguy in the next room. Whether you prefer a footman’s spear to a… Read more »


Sticking to the topic in the article, I like the idea of tailoring your gear to support preferences and desires. At the same time, you sure as heck had better be subconsciously familiar with the weapon. I can assemble, functions check, load, and fire an M16/M4 in pitch black conditions. The Army beat that into us. Can you clear a misfire in the dark? Can you remember where the switch is for that fancy flashlight you mounted on your shotgun? I used to care a lot more about the “gee-whiz” stuff for firearms, but at some point chose a more… Read more »


I’m looking at buying my first rifle, so this is great to now. My brother wants to go hunting with me next year. I’ll be sure that I have a good scope on the gun, like you said, so it’s safe.

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