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Tracking, a Valuable Skill for Preppers

While tracking is often associated with hunting or fugitive apprehension, tracking offers an invaluable skill for the prepper. Knowing whether someone has been in your AO and learning more about them could be a key element of long-term survival.

Virginia in Crisis

The new Virginia legislature has wasted no time coming after your Constitutional rights.

How To Hunt Game Using Long Range Rifle Scopes

Editor's Note: I know, Summer is hardly begun, some kids still have a long Summer breaks in front of them while some return to...

If You Only Had One Tool

What if you were suddenly overwhelmed by an event? An earthquake, a micro-burst along a lonely road that did in your vehicle, you barely...

Mobility vs Armored: Which is Better?

Survival is more of an art than a science and there are as many opinions on the “right” way to do it as there...

Modern Minuteman – Wilderness Skills

Editor's Note: As we prepare to celebrate our Republics 243rd birthday what could be more appropriate than a third installment of R. Ann Parris's...

OMG, Now What?

While we all hope to never have to make the decision to use deadly force to defend ourselves and our loved ones, it happens...

The Value of Sleep

The Prepper Journal has posted in the past on the importance of sleep, like when it is your turn on guard duty. But in...