Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny

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I think it is fair to say that one aspect of some prepper’s motivational drive to do what we do stems from a desire to resist tyranny. Perhaps I am only seeing what I want to see based on my own personal outlook on life, but I have a lot of anecdotal evidence that backs me up. When a person starts to sense within themselves a growing desire to be more self-sufficient, they routinely experience the side effect of not wanting to be told what to do or how to live their life.

Preppers by very definition are taking steps now to take care of themselves should something unforeseen happen in their lives and the usual safeguards of society aren’t available. We proactively take charge of our lives and pull back segments of responsibility away from others while we have the time, resources and relative calm that we may not be able to muster while chaos is swirling outside our doors. During a disaster making sure you can provide for yourself makes sense as you never know when or if help will come to your aid. Absent a disaster though, this rugged individualism for some of us spills outside the lines of food, water, security and shelter and flows into the rest of our lives. The willingness to be your own boss and determine your own future in large part isn’t constrained only to some violent calamity. We aren’t dependent on people in various positions of authority telling us what to do until there is a disaster and then we completely change. We see problems or potential problems with the way things are now and take steps to change that situation in our lives.

TyrannyArbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.

The preparedness mindset in my experience usually rebels in some form when we aren’t able to act in ways that we choose due to our personal beliefs or convictions. This rebelliousness manifests itself in many ways. Whenever we are taxed highly, whenever we aren’t able to conduct commerce with another person without penalties or heavy regulations or when our health choices contradict with people who have zero vested interests in our lives, there is a growing sense of frustration. When our Constitution is not followed, when policy is created outside of law, when freedoms are taken away and alternative moral issues are forced upon us, the frustration can grow into outright anger. When you have too much anger without any hope of redress of grievances, that usually leads to protests. Protests that are exacerbated with heavy-handed law enforcement tactics can turn into riots. Riots that are the result of dire social circumstances, economic worries and violence can evolve into revolution.

You say you want a Revolution

We as people are a good way away from anything remotely resembling true Revolution, at least here in the United States. Other countries are much further down this slope than we are although that doesn’t mean the right set of circumstances couldn’t light the same fire in the 320 million people within our borders someday. The internet is full of very troubling news on so many fronts that many people take to their favorite social media outlet, forum, talk radio show or even prepping blogs to voice their anger. I don’t have to list all of the reasons why you could be frustrated because you know them already.

Many people seem willing to start a fight right now. They are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Some want to march on Washington. Others want a certain political candidate to get elected and still others think boycotts of major companies or products will bend the world to their will. A small contingent believes that the only way to fix things is to go to war. The only way to get our country back on track they say is to arm themselves and rise up a Revolution that will finally overthrow the oppressors.


I have written many articles dealing with this subject from different (I hope) perspectives. I still contend that national elections no longer matter because our national problems are too deep. The corruption of our system is too invasive to be changed by one man or woman and the wealthy interests with their own agendas are really controlling things in our country. I also don’t believe armed revolution is smart. Unfortunately, I can see how it may be inevitable at some point in the future, but I do not want to hasten that day. So what can you do to make a difference?

Resist the tyranny you still have control over

Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny - The Prepper Journal

The capacity to create your own power is a small step you can take to get control over your own energy needs.

There are many facets of your life that while you can’t change everything, you can make small meaningful changes that put you back in control. Some of these changes are simple while others are more involved, but each is its own form of resistance to what you are being told is good and right.
Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny - The Prepper Journal

Resist the food they want you to eat – You can make healthier choices with your food. It is not as easy as pulling through the drive through at McDonalds but what you put into your body has tremendous impacts on your health. Grow your own vegetables in a garden on your property. They will taste better than anything you can buy in a grocery store. Raise your own chickens for eggs, raise rabbits for meat. This will not only give you healthier hormone free protein but provide a backup source of food if the grid goes down.

Resist the news they want you to hear – If you are still listening to the “mainstream media” you are only getting part of the story and it is the part they want you to know. There are a thousand websites out there offering different opinions on virtually every issue. Don’t simply turn on the TV and believe what the talking heads are saying, research a topic. Consult other sources and listen to other voices of opinion and fact for a more diverse and well-balanced understanding of what is going on in the world. Sometimes, other countries have more information about news in American than the big networks have.Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny - The Prepper Journal

Every alternative explanation for an event isn’t a conspiracy theory and even if it is, there is nothing crazy about an alternate theory of someone planning to keep something secret. It happens every day.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito. – African proverb

Resist the erosion of your privacy – This might be the hardest thing you can do unless you really unplug and move to that cabin in the woods, but you can take steps. For one thing, don’t put the details of your personal life on social media. Companies like Facebook mine all of your data constantly. The NSA does as well, but you can choose what you share. Don’t offer information to people who don’t need it. Ask what is being done with your personal information. Don’t sign up on websites that need to know every last detail about you. Do you really think it is important to put where you live, your birth-date and who you are married to?

Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny - The Prepper Journal

Canning your own vegetables gives you food security.

Resist the monopoly of the electric companies – Solar power isn’t cheap, but you can start small and grow your system over time. A small 400W solar panel starter kit that charges batteries, can give you backup power for emergencies and power some of your home appliances full-time.Changing How You Think of Resistance to Tyranny - The Prepper Journal

Resist the chemicals and poisons in the water you drink – Fluoride in the water is a divisive issue. Many people think it is good for you even though the EPA just recently reduced the amount of recommended fluoride in water. If it’s so good, why wouldn’t they increase the amount? Even if you like fluoride there are other chemicals from prescription medicine to glyphosates that appear in the same water you drink. You can purchase home water filtration systems that will greatly cut down the toxins your family is consuming.

Resist the poisons they want to put in your body – Our nation is on too many drugs. If it isn’t a prescription for one thing, it is a pill for another. Can’t sleep, take a pill. Have gas? Take a pill. Suffering from mood swings, high blood pressure, itchy teeth or swollen ankles? Take a pill.

In my completely unprofessional opinion, I would argue that almost all of the prescriptions people are on are unnecessary and could be avoided with better diet and exercise. How long do you really think you need to be on an anti-depressant? If you are still depressed, maybe that pill isn’t helping? Don’t take my word for it, but if the grid goes down and you are no longer able to get your pills, what will you do?

Resist the national push to assume debt – You don’t need that 72 inch big screen TV. Yes, they are pretty cool I will admit and if you can pay cash for it, go right ahead. You know what has always struck me as hilarious? It is when I drive past the poorer part of town, past housing complexes and every single building has satellite dishes plastered all over the side. Poor enough to need assistance, but not too poor to afford satellite TV. It’s all priorities. If you really want to be free, then you need to free yourself from debt.

Resist Government Tyranny – What can you do to resist tyranny without open rebellion or revolution? You can stand up for what you believe. You can put your money where your values are and support causes that are under fire from government. If you want to change laws, you have to start locally because nationally it is a lost cause for now in my opinion. Run for office in your town, attend town meetings, vote for referendums. Join civic counsels and let your voice be heard.

These are just a few ideas I have, but your own creativity will show you other ways that you can make a stand without joining a riot. Resistance to tyranny doesn’t always have to come at the barrel of a gun. That day may come in time, but for now we have ways of asserting control within our lives still. While we can, make a difference in your life and the lives of your family in ways you still have some say left. There will be plenty of time for revolution later.

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So, we found out that in our recent local elections, ONLY 9% of the registered voters cast their ballots. Damn Lazy Sheeple! That kind of apathy IS what breed tyrannical rule. I now tell people, If YOU didn’t vote, shut the hell up with your complaining. You don’t get to complain when you are too lazy to vote! Just my kind polite manner of fighting and resisting existing tyranny allowed to flourish from the apathetic sheep. Great thought provoking article; just how hard are we willing to “resist”? Better to decide rightfreakingnow, than dithering with the baahing sheep being led… Read more »

James E Bailey

My thoughts exactly. I have friends and relatives that don’t vote and bitch about everything. I lost a ‘so-called’ friend by telling her to STFU.

Kula Farmer

Ive learned that i cant have “friends” who are political opposites, too aggravating, would rather have no friends than people who are ok with the current state of affairs and think all is a ok


Kula, you are a better man than I am. I always say, ‘Tis better to loathe all politicians and people, until they are proven worthy of friendship.(that’s the non-profane version- daughter-in-law thinks my language is getting “too coarse”. She’s little, but she’s MEAN.)

laura m.

Voting is for suckers, the polls are rigged and scum bum politicians all have their price. Me and others haven’t voted in any election in decades. Even local politicians are bought. The Elite control puppet politicians and politicians tend to be freakin’ lawyers. The system is corrupt, especially since judges make laws now, instead of the legislative branch. Scandals abound since before I was born decades ago, another reason people have given up on politicians.

Pat Henry

I agree with you for the most part Laura. I almost didn’t even vote in the last presidential election for that same reason. I will still vote in local politics because I think there is a little more accountability when you can walk up to a local elected representative and talk to them. You certainly can’t do that on a national scale anymore/


You can join my ex-friends and relatives that don’t vote and bitch.


When it comes to developing peaceful strategies for resisting government tyranny, I wish I had your optimism. Truly. Virtually every threat you describe has its origin in government. It is carried out by nameless, faceless individuals that are neither elected or accountable. Worse still, we’ve given them a blank check and a huge head start.

Pat Henry

Thanks for your comments Bolo.

I don’t have completely idealistic beliefs on this subject but I have to put out the hope first. It is largely a mental exercise on my part to say I am being optimistic and seeing potentials. If nothing ends up like I would wish, then I fully expect to deal with things in a different matter. I’m sure you and many others would think the same way.

susan beaty

Totally agree. I dont want revolution. All i want is to live on my little plot of land, grow my little garden, love my family and hope for the best as far as our country goes. god Bless America…..nobody else does or will. I wish all the terrorists would do the same. My belief…..The Golden Rule. Simple as that……

Pat Henry

I would have the same thing Susan. We can do what we always do and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, if it does come to that one day.

susan beaty

Im there with you. Have a strong feeling that things arent going to turn out like we are hoping they will. If they dont, ive done the best i could to try to prepare for that.


I am more old fashioned, I just buy guns and ammo. If I can arm 3 more people I have done my job, and I think everybody who can afford to should be able to arm a fire team.

Pat Henry

That works too LWJ. Still trying to build up my team.


Strength in numbers, do you really think your average beat cop wants to knock on a door with four people who out gun them?

Pat Henry

No I don’t think that will happen at all. I don’t think it will be your regular police force and I think something will happen to force the people to turn in weapons. I think the powers that be know that a toe to toe battle won’t end well so they are planning something else to take away that part of the equation. What is that? I don’t know but the only thing that makes sense is some environment that renders people so destitute they are forced into camps. Admission will be contingent on turning in guns. I think many… Read more »


Then you better stock up on cache materials and shovels. Camps would be to hard to maintain nation wide and if the grid goes down, all records relating to firearms go down. The best part about my plan is I could turn in a Glock and an 870, and still have plenty in reserve to hide for the proper time. My new prize is a used Glock 32 with night sights, for $440.00. Not cheap but less than half my MK25, and just as reliable. Glocks and Ak’s/M1 carbines are an investment, but just imagine what a person could do… Read more »

George V. Tucker

Wow — I came by for information about keeping my family safe and comfortable in case hurricane Erika makes landfall nearby. Imagine my surprise…

Pat Henry

I hope you did find information that was helpful if not in this specific post George. We do cover prepping and survival about 95% of the time, but I do go off on other topics occasionally. Some would just say this is another form of prepping.

I think part of that stems from the posting schedule I try to maintain but we do have over 740 articles. Should be something for everybody.


George V. Tucker

There’s a load of useful information on the site! Just wasn’t prepared (har har) for this particular article as an introduction…

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