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Safe Water If the Grid Goes Down Pt. 2

We listed what could contaminate water, and mentioned the six practical ways to fix this. Here is the investigation into the other four methods.

Safe Drinking Water Strategies for Preppers

How to sterilize water? Simple: You don't need to ‘sterilize’ water. Sterilization is the destruction of all microorganisms in, on and around an object. What is needed for safe drinking water, is disinfection

Back to Basics: Why and How to Stockpile Water for Emergencies

I wanted to start a new series on the Prepper Journal called “Back to Basics”. I know many of the readers of this blog...

Hand Water Pumps Making a Comeback

As recently as 100 years ago, the most important site consideration for homesteaders and villages was whether plenty of good water was within easy...

Up a Creek Without a Bottle: How to Store and Carry Water in a Survival Situation

Editors Note: The following article has been generously contributed to our community by Leighton Taylor who runs the Survival Knife Experts website. Leighton shares...

How To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Winter is tough on your house. The temperature swings from below freezing to above freezing put great stress on all the elements of your...

Do you have water if the grid goes down?

Last week on National Geographic’s American Blackout we got to see a lot of common problems presented as the result of a power grid...

How to Build an Automatic Watering Tube for Your Chickens

When we got our chickens back in March I was looking forward to so many things about having them in our yard. From the...