Author: Geoffrey Guy

Geoff is a lecturer at Hartpury College, one of the UK’s leading providers of land-based education specializing in training game and wildlife managers. He has been teaching at colleges for eight years and in that time has worked at some of the most prestigious land-based colleges in Britain.He has operated his own bushcraft and survival skills training companies for many years; providing training in bushcraft, woodcraft, and traditional skills. He has also managed outdoor and environmental education centers in Norfolk and Scotland over the course of his career.A keen traveler Geoff has honed his survival skills in New Zealand and Scandinavia as well as his native Britain. He speaks fluent Swedish after spending several years there and has proven his bushcraft ability on many expeditions. Several of these expeditions were on long-distance trails in the UK to raise money for Whizz Kidz a charity that supports disabled children, Geoff has hiked over 2000 miles in aid of this charity.

Just as the men of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Mountain Men of the American frontier, polar explorers, and others who have made a lifestyle around their outdoor endeavors, all would have relied heavily on basic bushcraft tools on their ventures to carry out repairs, process firewood, get game and fish for food and perform a range of vital tasks. Nowadays we often rely on specialist equipment for every task rather than a general suite of tools that can be applied to a range of tasks. Perhaps we think those tools are too heavy or that we won’t have any…

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