Defeating Looters: Podcast Interview on Modern Combat & Survival

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I was honored to be invited to share my thoughts with Jeff Anderson of Modern Combat and Survival on his podcast this week to discuss a topic that is near and dear to many preppers out there. When it all starts to go sideways and the worst comes out in people…What are the best strategies for defeating looters when SHTF?

Jeff always has interesting guests on his weekly podcasts and I hope I was able to contribute to the larger conversation in some small way. To hear our interview that really spanned a lot of areas, please visit the Modern Combat and Survival page and check it out.

To get an idea of what we discussed, you can view the bullet points below. We have discussed some of these topics on the Prepper Journal before, but the interview on MCS covered new areas for me.

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes nearly every homeowner makes when protecting against looters (and how to think like a “military officer” planning for battle)!
  • How to make your home less of a target for the bands of roaming anarchists seeking out their next victim household!
  • The secret to establishing an “early detection system” that alerts you to the presence of dangerous gangs in your area after a disaster.
  • Why you must plan for “fortress fortification” NOW… and the right way to stop invading forces in their tracks!
  • “Last stand” tactics: When danger has reached your door, here’s how to unleash Holy Hell on your attackers!

Hope you enjoy!

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laura m.

Many people want to read the article, not listen (no time) to an hour of video. I won’t visit your website again since I’m not a video freak.

Pat Henry

Thank you for sharing how you feel Laura. I don’t understand why a single link to a single podcast turned you off of this site forever, but to each their own. For what it’s worth, I have already written a lot on this subject if you decide to give us another chance:


Very accurate small arms fire at the leaders is a good start. My next rifle is going to hopefully be a DPMS mini SASS. I can see this being pretty useful for two legged varmints as well the four legged type!

Pat Henry

That is certainly one of my plans LWJ.

greg adkins

Trip wire around my home,how about if I dig a trench or better yet a mote around my home.I’m sure everyone in america does that.So much of your info is so unrealistic it’s comical.

Pat Henry

Greg, I think the part of the interview you are referring to was the “early detection system”. The idea was to set up trip wires to glow sticks or even blast cap devices to alert you to people outside. Granted, this isn’t common, practical or even warranted now, but the entire discussion was from the scenario of a total collapse. If that happens, I will do anything I can to keep my family safe. Hopefully I never have to see that day and I hope you don’t either. Yes, it is unrealistic now, but could you see the usefulness in… Read more »

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