First Ebola Case Diagnosed On U.S. Soil

Ebola in America

President Obama’s America

The current administration’s policies are starting to reap some grim results!

The quote on the Statue of Liberty says: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”… Emma Lazarus

Obama’s lawlessness and out-of-control policies, especially his ‘open border’ policy may be the end of America as we all knew it?

Under Obama’s watch, maybe the quote on the Statue of Liberty should say: ‘Bring me your criminals, your diseases and your failed politics’?

Today’s national news (9-30-14) carried the story of a Texas man who flew from Liberia to Texas. It seems that he was in the general population (used the restroom on the airplane, etc.) during his travels and arrival into Texas. Allegedly, several days after arriving home in Texas, he became ill and was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus

They (CDC, etc) say it’s not as contagious as things like the flu, and it spreads from bodily fluids, which tends to downplay the threat. Of course saliva is such a fluid, as is the mucus from a person’s lung… and these fluids can be transmitted mechanically through direct contamination on bathroom surfaces, or if someone coughs or sneezes in your face and you inhale those small particles of bodily fluids.

The CDC estimates there may be as many as 1.4 million cases of Ebola in Africa by this January… that’s in 90 days! The worst-case scenarios may actually be a middle of the road projection simply because the CDC cannot fully comprehend the entirety of the situation… people who are carrying the disease are leaving Africa by plane and rail, and will, like the man in Texas, be arriving in other countries with the virus blooming.


OK folks, this is no joke, and given the less than forthcoming nature of the current administration (“You can keep your doctor, etc.”… Obama), it may be reasonable to take their level of confidence as to containment of the deadly disease with a grain of salt. Of course we do know that; if we were in deep manure, they certainly wouldn’t be saying so, as this would cause uncontrollable panic by the public… after all… what disease causes you to hemorrhage from every orifice on your body?

OK, some people may say: What about the doctors who became infected that who were treated in the U.S. and cured? Sure they were cured; but they were treated in ‘containment’ within a special ‘B.L. 4’ intensive care hospital treatment center… that means; special containment room with round the clock care by special nurses and doctors trained in rare contagious diseases…

So if we did suffer an outbreak here in the U.S., and we had only as many cases as Africa has now (about 5,000-10,000 cases) how many such BL4 facilities do you suppose there are in the U.S. to treat the sick? The simple answer is not nearly enough! We have just a handful… As it stands today, B.L. 4 level treatment centers are very far and few between.

In fact, the total number of normal ICU (no special containment systems; not set-up to handle diseases like EBOLA) beds across the entire United States is only about 100,000 beds

So what the heck do you do when 200,000 people become ill with a deadly, highly contagious disease? How many people have seen the movie ‘Outbreak’? It’s uncanny how throughout history, science fiction becomes science fact with some time…

It’s not my intent to frighten people with this information;… but, anyway you look at this reality… it’s unsettling and a measure of preparedness seems to be prudent now. Looking at the rate of spread in Africa, this is no joke, and now that it’s here, people who want to mitigate their risks need to be ready!

First confirmed case of Ebola in Texas
First confirmed case of Ebola in Texas

The only choice we have, average folks like you and me, who aren’t ‘special’ enough to be flown to a BL4 medical unit for special 24/7 care, is to take the right steps now to protect ourselves from infection. Of course the very few existing BL4 treatment centers would be handling the elite few who became ill in any event. And I wouldn’t bet on Obama-Care getting you any leverage in getting treatment.

The best solution for everyday people is to avoid being infected, and the number one method to avoid contagion is to avoid exposure to anyone who may be contagious. This is not as easy as it sounds. People can be in the very first stages of the illness and still be walking around (Ebola incubation period can be as little as 3-days or as long as 3-weeks)… it’s not like in the movies where you just start bleeding out of your eyes and ears… etc. I have read that the first stages are like a bad flu… and we all know people who have been at work with the damn flu, making the rest of us sick too… I fear this could happen here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The key is to be a good ‘Prepper’ and have your disaster preparedness plans well in hand! That means having enough food, water, supplies, fuel (for heating and electrical), clothing, medicines, etc. stocked and set aside now. What’s enough? That’s hard to say… if there were an outbreak in a local community, you may have to stay isolated for many weeks, possibly months, until all of the cases have cleared. In the event of a national epidemic, as we have seen with the annual flu, Ebola could cross the U.S. coast to coast. And the best protection you can get is isolation from anyone who may be carrying the virus.

The combination of the upcoming seasonal flu with the spread of Ebola will make it very difficult for medical professionals this fall and winter, and may mask its presence and spread to some degree, especially if we have a bad Flu season. It will be even harder for average citizens to decipher the difference between a serious flu and the more sinister Ebola virus.

Stay tuned… I intend to get into some more details on how to protect yourself and your family. We should all pray for the best outcome, while we prepare for the worst.

Cheers! Capt. Bill

CaptainBillFrequent contributor, Capt. William E. Simpson II is a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, who has successfully survived long-term off the grid at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family using sailboats that he equipped for that purpose. Capt. Bill holds a U.S.C.G. 500-ton captain’s license for commercial inspected passenger vessels, including, power, sail and assistance towing vessels. He is also the author of many articles on sailing and the book ‘The Nautical Prepper’ (Ulysses Press) You can read more from the Nautical Prepper on Capt. Bill’s personal site at


  1. OK, so what if we lose 10,0000,000 to ebola? We’ve lost over 70,000,000 to abortion and that seems to bother very few people. About 600,000 a year die from tobacco related diseases while our illustrious government continues to do tax payer funder studies to see if nicotine is addictive. And, if you will, what is the big concern about the border. Those people for the most part come here for better jobs our kids and employees won’t do at any wage. Yes, some are terrorist, I know that, but we didn’t lose the country because of the President, worthless as he is, we lost it because we lost our work ethic and developed a ‘world owes me a living mentality’. Even our military drone operators now qualify for ptsd. The marine being held in Mexico has ptsd as noted on this morning’s news. If this nation would just go to work and stopped being so spoiled then we could really do something positive. I’m a veteran and don’t remember asking anyone for anything except an employment application. And when the company I worked for went out of business then guess what, I went and asked another company for another employment application. I’ll be damned, it works! I’m not barking at you, you wrote a good article and that is appreciated, but until this nation of pampered veterans and civilians regain and retain their work mentality then an ebola pandemic could actually be a blessing. Thanks

    • Semper Fi towtruck and Capt. Simpson.

      I have to agree that we are largely a nation of spoiled, entitlement-seeking persons, whether its the young ones who expect life on a silver platter, or even our elderly who expect special treatment because “I’m a senior” and have decided to cash in on all the benefits out there over-and-above what they worked and saved towards. Our technology has allowed a culture of laziness, disdain for, and unfamiliarity with hard work, sacrifice, and delayed gratification to brood.

      In answer to your question about losing 10 million to Ebola, I think that we’ll lose our ability to mooch when there aren’t enough people to do the work that needs to be done. If we lost 10 million in a very short time, particularly within the working-age population, we’d be hit in the pocket book as a nation. But that’s just from the disease. What about the orphan factor? How many extra children will perish if their parents do? Or the wake effect of job loss? What will happen when business owners, managers, supervisors, and people in critical positions are lost and there’s no one to get the company back up and running (most likely to affect small business)?

      Like a pebble in the pond, the effects will be greater than the immediate related death toll and it is quite possible that all these safety nets we have will cease to exist.

      • Hi Capt. Simpson you make a lot of good points but maybe in the grand scheme of things I’m just ready for it to be over and maybe I don’t even realize it. I’m just so very tired of working to pay other people’s bills while they get up after I’ve been at work for four hours. Single mothers [whores] go to college free while us working people pay tuituion out the ying yang. Everywhere we look there are so many people that just don’t even try to make their own living. I hate them with an absolute passion. Yes there will be orphans but I don’t care. Isn’t that horrible but I just don’t care anymore. Why would and individual go to an ebola infected country and then return to Texas where I happen to live. He should have been burned alive upon arrival, instead he gets the best medical treatment available and the property owners pick up the tab. It goes beyond my ability to put into words the loathing in my heart for idiots and deadbeats. If the braindead people in this country would just stop spending money on anything and boycott the welfare state then the ‘rape the working people’ ponzi scheme would be over. I spent six years in the military and never asked this country for nothing but a job. Today in our town there are countless veterans squalling about their lot in life and living on this trumped up ptsd garbage. Ptsd is welfare pure and simple. We can’t even depend on our veterans anymore. That is truly pathetic. Our taxes on our modest little home went up $600.00 this year to support the lawyers that defend the criminals at working people’s expense. This entire situation is nothing short of insanity and I hate this country for what it has done to all of us that went out in the arena and dared to make our own living.

  2. Some simple preps for basic hygiene needs. This is not a comprehensive list:

    1) Learn, practice, and ENFORCE proper handwashing technique. This will be the number one way to prevent most disease.

    2) Learn to prevent food-borne illness with proper preparation (cross contamination), storage, and cooking.

    3) Learn, practice, and ENFORCE proper toileting technique if power/water/sewage go out.

    4) Stock up on liquid soap (bar can harbor germs), paper towels (reuse as kindling/fire starter), and alcohol-based hand-sanitizer.

    5) Babywipes are excellent bathing tools to conserve water and you can throw them in the fire when you’re done. We used them in the military in the field when deployed.

    6) Purchase some boxes of disposable oral thermometers to check people for fever if you’re implementing a quarantine.

    7) Nitrile gloves are a good barrier and eliminate the problem of latex allergies.

    8) Surgical grade N95 respirators (like 3M brand) are designed to block 95% of aerosolized droplet and particulate matter, reducing infection spread risk. Good for if one of yours comes down with an illness or you have to venture out in public. Lern proper technique for donning and removing the mask to avoid contamination.

    9) Stay hydrated, eat properly, get rest and exercise. All these things boost your immune system and are CONTROLLABLE. Having these preps (food,water, security, etc) will hopefully prevent you from having to scramble and stay on guard as much as the unprepared. Rest more easily knowing you are better able to hold out, but remember that complacency kills.

    10) When necessary, avoid people like the plague…..because of the plague.

  3. Gentlemen: I have been living a ‘prepared’ lifestyle almost my whole life, and writing about it for years… and now it comes to this… our own commander and chief has totally failed Americans in favor of foreigners who he seems to adore more than the People and the country that gave him the opportunities and wealth he now enjoys… and as some have written, it may even be worse… he may be intentionally allowing these gaps and flaws in our national security in order to carry-out some other currently unknown agenda. The blame for this situation is his and his alone! He has utterly failed in his job… no president in past history has ever missed nearly 60% of the daily security briefings, which are critical to managing the risks for ALL Americans… He will bear the blame if an Ebola epidemic occurs and he can try to deflect the blame all he wants… he is the one who has appointed the people from the Three Stooges Academy to run various aspects of the government, and in other instances fired the competent people who disagreed with him. This is how Hitler ran the war… he went against the advice of his generals… another head case. All these years, I had assumed the kinds of disasters that were rational were things like; heart attack (so you get CPR training), accidents (so you got first aid training), earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes (you had the provisions and supplies to hold out until things normalized)… but now we are facing one of the worst possible scenarios there is! Frankly, I would rather face a grid-down situation than the likes of Ebola.

    Unfortunately, if we do end up with an epidemic, it’s more than likely we won’t be having the ‘happy ending’ that was seen in the movie ‘Outbreak’.

    Get some distance between the threat and yourself, stay low and stay frosty.

    Semper Fi! Capt. Bill

    Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM
    Semper Veritas / Semper Paratus

  4. Your “article” ceased to lose credibility when you began it with “Obama’s America” and “Obama’s Lawlessness & Out of Control Policies”. It’s articles like this that many mainstream citizens see and don’t take seriously the need to prep due to their content.

    Every President has had a similar issue arise in some form with communicable diseases. In response, money for the CDC comes from Congress. The same bunch of buffoons who shut down the country and can’t get over their own egos to keep moving forward with poor agendas and policies that are clearly harming the country and the planet.

    That said, Congress debated the current situation on September 16th and agreed to fund the $88 million that was requested to deal with Ebola. So where does the ‘lawbreaking’ come into play regarding this first case of Ebola on American soil?

    Many Americans of all ages including the author of this article lack the perspective to assess the threat of Ebola. It and HIV are transmitted through very similar means. What’s different is that when HIV mushroomed, we weren’t sure exactly how it was spreading in the way that we could have full protections. The HIV epidemic in Africa and the US was far worse than it is now. With HIV patients, it spread silently. With Ebola, you KNOW someone is sick.

    The point is, this article had the opportunity to truly disseminate some useful information to preppers. Instead, it’s just another “President Obama is wrecking our country” article. Do your research. All diseases should be taken seriously, even the flu. Which do you think has the potential to cause an uncontrollable spread in the United States? Flu, or Ebola? Hint: It’s not Ebola.

    The way to prep is to understand the threats before you with a clear head, weighing the evidence, looking for bias in that evidence, and logically planning. Your critical thinking skills have a lot to do with the sensibilities of your preparation. In critical thinking there are two types of people. Fast & Slow. Fast thinkers are emotional thinkers that litter their information with bits of political emotion. Slow thinkers are rational thinkers who look at the evidence first, regardless political emotion.

    There are a number of problems in America today that are exacerbated due to the fast-thinking, emotional reaction to issues and problems which undoubtedly lead to some style of finger pointing vs. presenting the facts. Here are a few simple guidelines that any prepper can apply to when assessing an immediate, or impending threat.

    – What is the purpose of my thinking?

    – What precise question am I trying to answer?

    – Within what point of view am I thinking?

    – What information am I using?

    – How am I interpreting that information?

    – What am I taking for granted, what assumptions am I making?

    – What are the consequences of putting my plan into action?

    The key to surviving is clearly understanding the threats presented to you, and how you choose to act upon those threats.

    In closing, consider this fact sheet by the very credible, globally recognized World Health Organization. From there, you can research other questions about the disease. Further, you could also research how diseases are spread so fast globally and that this is nothing new to us as a threat. The real question here is how you will help your fellow prepper to understand the threat. With clear, rational thinking? Or with fast, emotional, point the finger thinking (and while we’re at it let’s blame a political party for it)? You have a choice and that WILL affect your chances of survival in certain situations in the future.


    CMDR Jay Michael USN(RET)

    • Dear ‘CMDR’ is it? It sounds like you are pro-Obama (he is in a league
      of his own when it comes to bad politicians), and that comes through
      loud and clear from your response. Obama is the Commander and Chief and
      he gives the marching orders and has appointed many of the people
      handling the current debacle. When it served his political goals, he
      quickly shut down all flights into and out of Israel recently and used
      the principal of ‘National Security’. Yet, Ebola, which is so deadly
      that Russia stepped back from weaponizing it (even though they
      weaponized Small Pox and other deadly viruses) was not seen as enough of
      a security risk to Americans to stop flights from heavily infected
      African nations. The stoppage of flights to Israel was a political move
      by Obama (nobody else).

      Obama leads from behind… called the
      ISIS as the “J.V. Team”… now he’s eating crow… and we have boots
      (soldiers) back on the ground in Iraq. Ebola presents as the most
      serious situation that this inept administration has faced, and based on
      past results in lesser issues; FAILURE is eminent. The national news,
      across the board, is also now saying the same things about his
      administration’s bungling of this pending disaster…

      The reason
      for mention of the worst president in history in my informative article
      was to help the segment of people who ‘leave it to the government’ to
      protect them, was to draw their attention to who they are trusting…
      You claim to be a Naval Officer, yet your failure to acknowledge and
      realize that there is a unified ‘chain of command’ and Obama sits at the
      top of that chain. Regardless of how good the men and women under may
      or in a few cases, may not be, they have to follow their orders, in both
      civil and military ops. Obama is a man who has failed to attend over
      50% of his daily security briefings which are crucial to managing the
      risks for ALL Americans. Reading a report (if that was even done) is not
      the same as getting a SITREP and then being able to drill down into
      issues with a Q&A session with the expert providing the briefing. No
      other past president has such a record of failure in security
      briefings. I would assume his college records are also rife with results
      related to ‘non-attendance’, which may be why they have sealed his
      college records (also an unusual tactic).

      Through your response,
      I detect your lack of comprehension of the nature of the Ebola virus
      and the fact that, without knowing anything about my educational
      background, you proceed to judge my assessment of the risks of
      transmission of Ebola. In fact, I was a pre-med science major in
      college, so in addition to being educated in biology, microbiology and
      cellular biology, I studied all of the standard requisite sciences.
      Ebola is transmissible as I have indicated in my articles. And the
      solutions I have provided are proven in the field.

      The facts in
      the National News prove my points: The government (headed by Obama) has
      elected to slow-roll their informational cards to the public. Anyone who
      has even a lick of tactical experience knows that stale intel is
      useless… the American people deserve to know the all the facts, just
      as soon as the government has them, not many days later in order to
      arrive at their damage control and political strategies before they do.
      And they do not have the right to decide for Americans, which facts they
      think we can handle or which facts ‘they’ want to give us and when.
      These people work for the American taxpayers… Americans have an
      unfettered right to facts that may affect them so they can, if they
      prefer, so take some form of proactive measures, instead of waiting
      until implementing such preparedness measures would be impossible…
      even the U.S. Nurses Association says we are NOT prepared as the CDC

      Nuf said.
      Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM

      Semper Veritas / Semper Paratus



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