Doomsday Preppers shows the dark side of Survival

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Last Updated on November 6, 2020

As often as possible, I sit down on Tuesday nights to watch Doomsday Preppers. I do this for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is to learn lessons and gain information from other people who are out there prepping too. I also watched American Blackout for the same reasons and felt that show was presented in a way that anyone could learn something from watching imaginary people going through an imaginary nationwide power outage that lasted 10 days. The most recent episode of Doomsday Preppers is called “We Are the Marauders” and believe it or not, aspects of this show, while not necessarily instructive were very illuminating, and disturbing at the same time. This shows goal unlike most of the Doomsday Prepper episodes I have seen was to show the dark side of survival.

The show started off profiling Tyler who lives outside of Tacoma Washington. Most profiles of preppers start with what they are prepping for and how they plan to survive. Tyler’s plan is to take supplies from preppers. He says that he and his friends are who you should be afraid of and we see a rather rotund Tyler busting down the door of someone’s house and demonstrating how he and his friends will take anything they want in a grid-down scenario.

Photograph by National Geographic Channels/Alli Curtis
Photograph by National Geographic Channels/Alli Curtis

Should you worry about Tyler?

When I first heard what his plans are I was a little shocked. Not that there are people planning to do this, that has been discussed often, but that National Geographic would put his story out there and group him in the same category as “Preppers”. Tyler and anyone like him who openly professes a goal of taking from others as their primary survival plan isn’t a prepper anymore than I am a millionaire because I am going to buy a lottery ticket. Tyler at best is an idiot. At worst, he is a dangerous thief who doesn’t care for life or anyone’s interests but his own. This type of attitude when we are in a relatively stress free existence where there is time to prepare is troubling and I worry that displaying Tyler happily building his little ‘suit of armor’ will send the wrong message to people who are genuinely interested in become prepared so as to be self-sufficient. Stealing doesn’t make you self-sufficient as you are still dependent on others; the theft is just more brazen. He is the welfare society taken to its logical conclusion and he feels perfectly shameless in telling the world he plans to steal if we have some form of society collapse.

Tyler is a grown man, but he acts like a child. He reminds me of the stupid stuff I did with my friends when I was 12. What I wouldn’t have given to have a torch and some guns at that age and the resources to help me build a suit like that if only to clown around in the woods with my buddies. Seeing a grown man do this is pretty pathetic and I think Tyler might have a huge wake up coming if anything does happen. Now, the rest of the world and presumably, Tyler’s neighbors know what his plan is. If I lived up there near Tyler, knowing what his plans are, he would not receive a warm welcome from me. If you tell me you are going to take everything I have, I will deal with you and no scrap metal suit is going to stop me from putting a bullet through your face. Hopefully Tyler will get some therapy and some good advice before then and change his ways.

Should you worry about Marauders?

The other side of the way this episode was presented was the very real threat of people who will try to take what you have. That may be supplies, money, guns, people anything that they want and they are able to take. We could get into a whole range of security topics like this on how to keep your home secure, but eventually there is no defense that is going to stand the test of time and determined people. The best you can do may only delay the inevitable and if there is a group of people determined to take something from you there is only one way to stop that. If society is gone and there is no longer any civilization, we will be living in the Wild West. Your neighborhood street might very well become the OK Corral of the future and your only hope of peace will be the kill those bent on the destruction of you and yours.

Now, I am old enough to realize that you can’t logically expect to strap a gun to your belt and dispatch any bad guy that walks into town and spits on your boot. If we go through some disaster like many are planning for, bad people are simply a fact of life. Right now, in the Philippines, there are armed gangs roaming the streets looting from stores. This isn’t a hypothetical TV show, this is real life. When you put people through something traumatic, the rules get thrown out the window and you see the best and worst come out frequently. Marauders are the worst.

So I would say this aspect of survival is one that you should be aware of and prepare for. Maybe that is what Doomsday Preppers was trying to do, but they didn’t seem to come down too harsh on Tyler. In fact, they commended him for his “innovative” body armor efforts and said he needed to be part of the “solution” not part of the problem. That is like telling the school bully they “obviously have an athletic gift” after they beat up some poor kid. I would have said it differently and it probably would have involved some big boy words.

Am I giving Tyler too much attention? Maybe, but again I view this as an opportunity to learn and that is more important than some traffic my little blog might generate. Realize that there are people like Tyler in the world. Even worse, there are ex-convicts, gangs and career criminals who will be out there with the same idea. If we go through something like an economic collapse you could find yourself faced with people who have the philosophy of Tyler’s in that it is better to take than prepare. You should be prepared to instruct people who have this view of prepping in their minds. My lesson will be from the business end of some firepower that scrap metal and old WWII helmets won’t stop. Sometimes, the gene pool needs to be thinned a little.

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The boy Tyler and his group are delusional if they don’t think they wouldn’t be hunted down like rabid dogs as soon as word gets out as to what they are doing. Every true prepper knows to be proactive against groups like this. Being reactive plays into their hands.

Pat Henry

I know what you mean obxster and I am still amazed at the mental genius it took to go on national TV and tell everyone (including those who live in his town) what his plans were.

Capt. WIlliam E Simpson - USMM

I totally agree with Mr. Henry as to the failure of Nat. Geo. & let’s not forget the Practical Preppers, LLC, to have properly commented as to the lunacy of Tylers ‘concept’ (being nice). If there was ever a so-called ‘Prepper’ that needed to be called into question this guy tops the list (Practical Preppers should have awarded a negative number as a score). Aside from the fact that such a strategy is just plain stupid, it’s clearly not sustainable. Added to which, the ‘conspiracy to commit any felony’, is in of itself a crime punishable under the laws of… Read more »

Illini Warrior

Question that comes to the front is … How many guys, like this so called marauder, are actually joining up with local prepper groups, attending prepper expos, gun ranges, specialty stores ect ect and collecting info for future SHTF strikes? …. not hard to put together name & address off very little info these days

Pat Henry

That is a great question Illini Warrior. Now if you have a larger group that you are prepping with it may be a good time to scrutinize the others you plan on trusting your life with. Along those lines, Tyler’s group would be just as dangerous. Whose to say that one of the people in his group won’t put a bullet in his brain when he is bent over the workbench making some other contraption.



He’s not a prepper, he’s one of the thugs. He’s delusional if he thinks his homemade body armor is going to save him. A little shepherd boy named David took down Goliath by a well placed stone right between the eyes. My Marine husband said he had lots of vulnerable points on his body that could bleed him out P.D.Q.. I think real preppers that know about all the pitfalls could easily eliminate him.

Pat Henry

I agree with you and I still can’t imagine a valid reason why NatGeo put him on other than to make some preppers out to look crazy and be something that normal people should fear. This seems like a very transparent effort to marginalize some who call themselves Preppers.

Either that, or it was a shameless marketing ploy to get the Prepper universe in a tizzy… Mission accomplished.


Northern Raider

I thought DDP was actually a parody show like spitting images, never has a TV show so discredited the hard work, planning and preparations of so many people, I reckon there would be a huge culling of these so called tv preppers within hours of TSHTF.

Pat Henry

This last episode was definitely one of opposites wasn’t it. You have the nut-job painting rubber cement on bathroom tiles and the guy in Costa Rica with a beautiful set up using Aquaponics and showing how to rope your neighbors in. It should have been titled, “One of these things is not like the other”


Northern Raider

I forgot to mention did you see the episode with the family building a castle!!! (sic) I have never laughed so much in years, they have just taken a childs toy design of a castle / fort/ redoubt/ retreat and built it without investigating how the design and layout of functional castles changed after the introduction of cannon and guns in the 1600s, It will just be a big coffin when TSHTF

Pat Henry

Was that an older episode? I remember a couple with “Castles”. One they made into an actual show on NatGeo (Doomsday Castle) and another was a guy at an amusement park I believe. I admire the idea in both examples, but I think the execution won’t produce the desired results.



Oh please. These cretins can flee the boredom of their empty lives with these fantasies. But this fat moron hanging radiators from his shoulders would he shot between his squinty little piggy eyes by any marginally competent person with a handgun. Or his head would he removed by a shotgun blast.

Pat Henry

I agree and I’ll bet this guy is regretting his appearance on that show.


Clay Van Sickle

HA! Looks like this idiot got himself arrested and is a sex offender!


Tyler was a serious idiot and he was the smartest of the bunch. He’ll be dead by the first ‘raid’. His IQ couldn’t have been much over 75.


If this guy is always trying to improve his tactics and arsenal, you would think this dude would shave some of that fat off and exercise. I mean im pretty good with a gun and have went shooting throughout my entire life and im 100% certain i could hit his fat ass from pretty far away. To be honest he had one of the worst set ups ive seen on Doomsday Preppers since its been airing.

Jeff Mann

People like Tyler will not last 3 days with their “prepping plans”. His suit is a joke and I can tell you for fact the .50 cal will enter one side and exit the other still having enough force to remove one or two more threats from his group (if you can line them up). Tyler should not be looked at as a prepper or on the show. He is nothing more than a problem we all try and ready ourself for. The bottom line is no matter how your armed and staffed you are, if you have waves and… Read more »

James Doe

Give a whole new meaning to “Come and take it”. Don’t think he is fully prepped for what will happen to him when he runs into people like me…just saying


Tyler is a convicted sex offender, and is now in jail on weapons charges and failure to register as a sex offender in the state to which he moved. Interestingly enough, it was his exposure on NatGeo that led authorities to start an investigation on him. He is an idiot, and his Karma caught up with him.


Lol every article I,ve read about this has been dripping with fantasies of people going to war with this guy and what they would do to him, Especially the comments section Everybody talks so tough, You all are just praying for doomsday lol.

Rico DeNiro

I recently saw this episode and I have to say I hope wherever Tyler is, he’s not with his kids. I can’t imagine he’s making good decisions for them while playing Rambo. That’s not prepping. You can’t outshoot most scenarios for a down grid scenario.

Heck, on the East Coast here, practical prepping involves much more likely scenarios that have a start and end such as hurricanes and snow storms. Body Armor won’t help you there.

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