How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021

You may have a plan to evacuate during a house fire or even a plan to evacuate during an earthquake. But does a home defense plan exist in your home? The answer to that is probably no, right? Sure, the thought has crossed your mind, but you are probably among the few folks who don’t have a sure-fire plan in place. Let alone know how to proceed if an intruder gets into your house while you’re there. Not knowing what to do should prompt you to take action to protect yourself and those that you love in the case of the unthinkable happening.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

Have a Designated Safe Room

There are many actions you can take to further protect your loved ones and yourself prior to a home invasion occurring. The number one course of action to take is to have a safe room created. Your safe room does not need to be fancy either, it can be something as simple as a basement that has a re-enforced door. Regardless of your skill for creating a safe room, there are many ways that you can create at least a safer room if not the perfect safe room.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

First – Install a sturdy main door in a metal frame. Then add a durable doorknob and a re-enforced deadbolt. With most inside doors being slim and light, and hollow they can get kicked in quite easily. You must make it problematic for the invader to reach you.

Second – If the area includes a window, replace the window with glass that is shatterproof; consider using shatterproof film for glass windows as a cost-effective alternative.

Third – Adding an extension to your security system is not a bad idea. These will enhance your current system. So if you don’t already have a panic alarm inside your safe room, get one installed. Having this feature will allow you to notify the police without having your main security alarm armed.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal  How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

Fourth – Have a miniature camera installed so you can see beyond your door. This can also be an extension of your home alarm system or you can install it as an independent camera. If you do use it as an independent unit, make sure that you are able to view its live video via a smartphone or computer so you can identify law enforcement as they arrive.

Fifth – Place a weapon safe inside. If you own a weapon, then it is a good idea to have a weapon safe to go with it. This will ensure that your 12 gauge shotguns, handguns, and/or rifles will be safe and accessible by only you.

Response Time is Everything

It can seem difficult to respond properly to the sound of broken glass in the early morning hours. Your response time is crucial at that point.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

If you are alone, your best bet is to remain where you are, put a defensive behind your bedroom door and contact law enforcement immediately. This would also be the perfect time to get your firearm ready just in case the burglar is determined to enter your room. Even if you don’t have a weapon, you can give a verbal warning that you are armed and fully trained in your weapons use. This warning should be given while you position yourself in an area that you can defend easily and where you will have a full view of your “kill zone.”

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

If you have children or other individuals that you are responsible for in your home, then the entire plan completely changes. Normally, you would feel discouraged from leaving your bedroom, but because you have loved ones now involved, you are more determined to go and rescue them from the potential danger. Again, stressing the fact that arming yourself can’t be stressed enough.

Close-Quarter Defense Training

If you own a gun and have received the necessary training, then experiencing a home invasion will definitely test your ability to safely defend your home. This will also put your close-quarter training to the test as you move throughout your house. You have to realize though that your close-quarter training will be nothing like what the police receive. The main difference is the goal. As a homeowner executing a home defense plan, your goal is to get you and your family to one designated area safely because your ability to search for your family safely will be non-existent.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

If you are unsure of what you need to consider for your home invasion plan, here are 8 things to keep in mind:

One – Rehearse every movement you plan to make. Make sure your route is clear and non-visible. Consider things that might happen in the dark.

Two – Make sure you have a gun safe within reach at all times and near your bed.

Three – Have a reliable light source as you search. Even though many guns can have a flashlight attached, they are deemed as useless for conducting searches.

Four – Make sure that all family members are involved. To be more successful, it’s best to work in groups of two. But if your family is not big enough, then conducting your drill together is ideal.

Five – The age of your children will play a huge factor because of their level of understanding. But if they are old enough, they need to be included. If they are too young, you may want to refrain from sharing the details. What you can tell them though, is to hide in a prearranged area so that you can come for them in the case of danger.

Six – After you have your family together, have your next move set. This could be staying where you are and creating your defensive. If your safe room is near you then head that way quietly. Whatever you do though, it is considered unwise to return to the area where you originally started from. So the wisest thing you should do is safely and quietly exit your home.

Seven – Having a fully charged cell phone on your nightstand is an absolute must. You will be able to quickly call law enforcement.

Eight – Unless you are evacuating your family out of the home, you should never attempt to conduct a “sweep”. Not only is it dangerous but you never know what could be around the corner in your own home.

How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal  How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal How To Create Your Own Home Defense Plan - The Prepper Journal

Unconventional Weapons To Use

You have to make your home defend-able at all costs because a determined intruder will not stop. That is why using unconventional weapons to stop their advances will come in handy. If you are one of many gun owners, then chances are you will be able to stop them if you confront them with your weapon. But, if you don’t own a gun, you may want to consider using any and all of these to defend your home:

  • A knife
  • A lamp
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Baseball bat
  • Hot liquids
  • Pepper spray
  • A taser gun

Whatever you do, never think that a home invasion will never happen to you. Times have changed drastically and safe neighborhoods have started to become targets. This isn’t meant to scare you, it is just the truth and you should remain vigilant if you do see yourself staring a burglar in the face after hearing your window breaking. Therefore, having a home defense plan in place is so important.


Author Bio

Jeremy Hopper is a home & safe defense specialist. He has chosen this career path to share his knowledge with other gun enthusiasts in order to help them stay safe and make the best choice when buying a weapon. He specializes in firearms and he writes reviews of home defense guns.

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The problem with a gun is that it can give you a false sense of security. Yes, it can save the life of you and your family, but ONLY if you are trained and practiced in its use. Otherwise, the odds are high that you won’t shoot when you should, or shoot when you shouldn’t, or fail to stop the attacker. If you are not effective in your use of your gun, the invaders can take it away from you. Why is a weapon mounted light “deemed as useless for conducting searches”? And why is a search being conducted anyway?… Read more »


A carpenter hammer is a must have in any home self defense plan. Handle up the sleeve and hammer in your fist with the claw facing down and the hammer facing up. It can be used to block a bat or swinging stick, sweep a knife out of a intruders hands, claw deeply, and knock out in one blow. Most importantly it is extremely difficult for anyone to remove it from your control. IMO its the most deadly weapon outside of a gun. Laying around the house the casual person just thinks one was hanging picture frames or something.


That’s a great idea. I am a big fan of the tomahawk which is even more effective, but does not just “lay around” innocently like a hammer would.

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