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Can The U.S. Government Protect Americans From Ebola?

Can The U.S. Government Protect Americans From Ebola? - The Prepper Journal

This is the question that is central to the notion that Americans should seriously consider taking their own steps on a personal level to protect themselves should an epidemic begin.

We now learn that a doctor who treated Ebola patients in Africa and who had recently returned to New York had violated known protocol and was touring the city while he was infected. According to the New York Daily News, after frequenting several public areas (bowling, etc), using the trains and taxis, he was finally ‘hauled-off’ in a HAZMAT suit to Bellevue Hospital. How does this happen?

We know this much for a fact; if the situation worsens in America and Ebola starts spreading, quarantining the infected may only get us so far, even though the concept of ‘isolation’ is relevant. The key question is what is the most effective protection for Americans should things spiral out of control?

As we see, trusting others, even some doctors leads to risks; they are only people and in the end not everyone can be trusted to do the right thing all the time.

What about protecting Americans by isolating the healthy?

This is a strategy that many Americans can implement and control themselves, IF they are properly prepared well in advance of the onset of any epidemic and the panic that will no doubt ensue in such an event. In the event of an epidemic of any deadly virus, including Ebola, Americans could choose to just stay at home until the risks from public areas are cleared.

Being properly prepared means; having enough water, food, medicine and other needed supplies set aside at home, which allows individuals the option to stay at home for as long as necessary to allow an epidemic to burn itself out in the immediate area (could be several months).

If an epidemic should ensue, many forms of transportation will likely be severely limited, and this coupled with isolating the healthy, as well as quarantining the infected, may be one aspect of a total strategy that should be considered and openly proposed by the government (inform Americans to accumulate supplies needed to implement an ‘isolation strategy’ of the healthy). This, along with severe limits on intercontinental and regional travel may be the ultimate solution.

Let’s hope that someone wises up in time to save America from a possible Ebola epidemic.

Cheers! Capt. Bill

Frequent contributor, Capt. William E. Simpson II is a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, who has successfully survived long-term off the grid at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family using sailboats that he equipped for that purpose. Capt. Bill holds a U.S.C.G. 500-ton captain’s license for commercial inspected passenger vessels, including, power, sail and assistance towing vessels. He is also the author of many articles on sailing and the book ‘The Nautical Prepper’ (Ulysses Press) You can read more from the Nautical Prepper on Capt. Bill’s personal site at

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