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Prepping Prepping With Kids - The Prepper Journal

Prepping With Kids


I had to stop for a moment because there was something that I hadn’t counted on having back in my Civil Air Patrol days. There was now a new factor to the equation: Prepping with Kids.

Homesteading Lessons from History – Hand Powered Tools - The Prepper Journal

Lessons from History – Hand Powered Tools


A disaster is a bad time to lose all of our conveniences in life. There are also some hand powered tools we can pull from the pages of history – and that inspire modern tools – that will help us with our self-reliance.

Self Defense Stockpiling Ammo for SHTF - The Prepper Journal

Stockpiling Ammo for SHTF


There are some good guidelines and tips on stockpiling ammo that will simplify this process for you and make it easier than it sounds on some forums you may have come across.

Prepper Writing Contest Practical Bug Out Reloading - The Prepper Journal

Practical Bug Out Reloading


With about $300 to $400 invested in reloading equipment, all those hundreds or even thousands of once fired brass casings can be reloaded for a tremendous savings over buying factory new ammunition.

Prepping Winter Prepper Project Ideas – Outdoors - The Prepper Journal

Winter Prepper Project Ideas – Outdoors


There’s a lot that winter (or early spring) can tell us about our properties, both for planting decisions, siting various things around our property, and for mitigating some of the weather that comes with winter and spring.

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