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Prepping Prepper Must-Haves: Vices - The Prepper Journal

Prepper Must-Haves: Vices


Our vices aren’t necessary to our survival in many cases, but when you cut us off from them, hard times and adjustments just get harder.

Prepping The TOP 11 Gifts For Non-preppers - The Prepper Journal

The TOP 11 Gifts For Non-preppers


I have compiled a list of 11 gifts for non-preppers under $50 that can put that loved one in a better predicament of preparedness without them even knowing it.

Prepping Why Should You Be a Prepper? - The Prepper Journal

Why Should You Be a Prepper?


You are the only person that is going to truly provide adequate emergency supplies and protection for yourself when a disaster strikes on a large scale.

Prepping The Well-Dressed Prepper - The Prepper Journal

The Well-Dressed Prepper


Making the right choices in clothing could be crucial to our survival, so let’s start from the top and see if you are a well-dressed prepper.

Prepping Bug Out Bike: Good Idea or Death Trap? - The Prepper Journal

Bug Out Bike: Good Idea or Death Trap?


One of the main problems preppers seem to be drawn to solve is the very realistic potential of having to drop everything and bug out of your home in a moment’s notice. Today I want to focus on one potential answer to the bugging out problem, the bug out bike.

Prepping Prepare Now to Avoid Panic Later - The Prepper Journal

Prepare Now to Avoid Panic Later


You can react in a logical and helpful manner in spite of your initial emotional state. With some practice, you can prepare now so that when emergencies happen, you will be able to lead and less likely to panic later.

Prepping My Prepper Evolution - The Prepper Journal

My Prepper Evolution


For me, the transformation from a farm girl who always had livestock and a large garden into a ‘prepper’ has been a gradual evolution, as the events of the world conspired to change my priorities.

Prepping 8 Easy Garden Hacks - The Prepper Journal

8 Easy Garden Hacks


It’s something that’s going to come as a shock for those who don’t practice ahead of time, no matter how many tricks get applied. However, we can save some time and stress on our bodies with a few low-cost and low-skill tricks and tools, and see increased yields.

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