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Prepper Writing Contest Site Planning for Your Survival Homestead - The Prepper Journal
Site Planning for Your Survival Homestead

A great deal can go into site planning for your survival homestead, even when the infrastructure is already in place and funds don’t exist to renovate lines or move buildings. Where we place things can increase or decrease our defensive abilities, success in growing, and how likely we are to see something – which can be good or bad

Prepping Lessons Learned from Being an Outdoorsy Kid - The Prepper Journal
Lessons Learned from Being an Outdoorsy Kid

One lesson I have learned from my parents and now encourage my children to participate in is being an Outdoorsy Kid. It didn’t matter if it was after school or during the summer time my brothers and I would often hear my mother say “Go play outside.”

Prepping Alternative Feeds for Livestock - The Prepper Journal
Alternative Feeds for Livestock

Having some backup ideas and methods in place as alternate feeds is rarely a bad thing, especially if we’re counting on meat rabbits and chickens, eggs, and milk in a collapse or Great Depression situation.

Prepping Prepping for Wildfires - The Prepper Journal
Prepping for Wildfires

Today we focus on how you can begin prepping for wildfires. This is helpful in many SHTF issues including nuclear war and civil unrest so even if you feel wildfires are unlikely in your neighborhood.