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Prepping Prepping With Kids - The Prepper Journal

Prepping With Kids


I had to stop for a moment because there was something that I hadn’t counted on having back in my Civil Air Patrol days. There was now a new factor to the equation: Prepping with Kids.

Prepping Free Beginner Prepping Course - The Prepper Journal

Free Beginner Prepping Course


I was taught to think about preparedness for disasters. I came away from the class with the knowledge that I was in the dark when it came to being prepared for a disaster.

Prepping 3 Ways Prepping Pays Off Right Now - The Prepper Journal

3 Ways Prepping Pays Off Right Now


It’s far more likely to encounter a little emergency than a major movie-style event. So what to do with the big pile of food, gear, etc. that represents an investment of time, money, and storage space?

Prepping Survival Without Prepping - The Prepper Journal

Survival Without Prepping


There are stories in Oregon, of instant storms, rain and wind for eons, beautiful country and hypothermia. Meaning rapid condition changes.

Prepping Prepping After 60 - The Prepper Journal

Prepping After 60


Ever try to answer all the questions that you ask yourself about how you will survive as a single, senior woman living alone with no family, no spouse, no other support other than yourself?

Prepping Prepping for Medical Emergencies - The Prepper Journal

Prepping for Medical Emergencies


Planning for medical emergencies is one of the biggest challenges one faces. This is especially true if the situation will occur with limited outside resources on which to rely.

Prepping Grid Down Prepping - The Prepper Journal

Grid Down Prepping


It’s no longer a matter of settling for canned food for dinner. If we are forced to live through a grid down scenario, it’s whether or not you’ll have any food at all. It’s about dealing with starving people, who, in their desperation, will try to forcefully take what you have.

Prepping Prepping Reality Check - The Prepper Journal

Prepping Reality Check


What I see as a discrepancy is that some are forgetting about the ‘looting masses”. The idea of “trade” or barter resembling near what everyone thinks will happen, wont exist for a long time.

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