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Prepping Prepper Must-Haves: Vices - The Prepper Journal

Prepper Must-Haves: Vices


Our vices aren’t necessary to our survival in many cases, but when you cut us off from them, hard times and adjustments just get harder.

Homesteading Lessons from History – Hand Powered Tools - The Prepper Journal

Lessons from History – Hand Powered Tools


A disaster is a bad time to lose all of our conveniences in life. There are also some hand powered tools we can pull from the pages of history – and that inspire modern tools – that will help us with our self-reliance.

Prepping Prepping for Medical Emergencies - The Prepper Journal

Prepping for Medical Emergencies


Planning for medical emergencies is one of the biggest challenges one faces. This is especially true if the situation will occur with limited outside resources on which to rely.

Prepping A Prepper Must-Have: Hands-Free Light - The Prepper Journal

A Prepper Must-Have: Hands-Free Light


When it comes to a portable light, it’s hard to beat something that leaves your hands free and moves around with your eyes. Their cost, usefulness, and weight make them an absolute must-have for preppers.