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Show Us Your EDC!

The following people entered in the EDC contest for a $150 Amazon gift certificate simply for showing off their Every Day Carry.  The winner of this contest was Vagabond. Congratulations!

Holiday EDC – KG

  1. Watches – alternate between them. A Gruppo Gamma homage for something dressier and a Casio protrek PRW-6000 in outdoors.
  2. Camera – Fuji X10 – it is a holiday anyway.
  3. Stoper Pepper spray – maximum strength with 8ft range.
  4. Fenix TK09 – puts out 450lumens for when i need more light, and being a tactical light it can also be used as a weapon in hand to hand.
  5. Wallet – can’t leave home without it.
  6. Iain Sinclair card sharp – goes into wallet. At least on a body search by corrupt cops no weapons would be found.
  7. Eneloop mobile booster power pack – in case my mobile runs out of power.
  8. On keychain – Fenix E15 backup light that puts out 170 lumens
  9. Leatherman Squirt PS4
  10. Mini screwdriver tool
  11. Nite glowring – contains a tritium tube so i can find my keys in the dark.

Once in a while I will alternate both the Fenix E15 with a Fenix LD01, and the Leatherman Squirt PS4 with a Victorinox SAK classic 58mm just for a lighter load.

Pocket Dump by Brock

  1. Wallet: Some Generic wallet I bought 10 years ago.
  2. Knife: Spyderco Tenacious, great little knife, on occasion I bring a Leatherman Wave or the Coldsteel Recon depending on what I need and if I’m going to school that day.
  3. Phone: With authentic battle damage in the form of a screen crack.
  4. Flashlight: On my key chain, the Four Seven Mini which takes AA’s so no annoying cr123‘s or any of that nonsense to deal with. It’s pretty budget focused at $30 so it doubles a weight when I need to chuck something at my roommate.
  5. Watch: Casio G-Shock something or another. It’s been so long I don’t remember the name
  6. Carry: Walther PPK, honestly not the most practical carry in both price and weight, but damn, isn’t that the sexiest pistol you’ve ever seen? I carry a Springfield XDM when I’m not going to school.

Purse Dump by Hugabug2

I am Hugabug2 and a 63 year old soon to be grandma. I have an advantage over men because I get to carry a purse, which holds so much more than men’s pockets. When I saw your article I immediately unloaded my purse and took a picture to show what I carry everyday. Yes, I have built up some muscles lugging all this “stuff” around.

  1. Gun-Tote’n-Mama Purse
  2. Merle Norman Makeup Bag
  3. Steve Madden Zipper Wallet
  4. Rand McNally Texas State Map & Road Atlas from Reader’s Digest
  5. Apple iPhone 4
  6. Merle Norman Sunscreen SPF 50 & Mary Kay Hand cream SPF 4
  7. Merle Norman lipstick in a vintage lipstick holder with mirror
  8. Tooth Pics
  9. 5 ink pens, one for each compartment since I can’t ever find one when I need it J
  10. M Tech Folder Knife – 440 stainless
  11. Plastic Credit Card Knife
  12. Alka Seltzer
  13. Vintage Pill Box containing: Blood Pressure Medicine, Enteric Aspirin, Simply Right Ranitidine (Sam’s) & Allergy Medicine (Walmart)
  14. Chapstick and Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm
  15. Hall’s Lemon Flavored Cough Drops
  16. Crest Glide Dental Floss
  17. Strike Anywhere Match and Bic Lighter
  18. Complimentary Hotel Notepads – 4 (see # 9)
  19. Classic Ear Plugs
  20. 8 Band Aids
  21. Zee 3-in-One Antibiotic Ointment
  22. Complimentary Hotel Handi Wipes – 7
  23. Mighty Brights Magnifier with Light (and carrying case)
  24. Complimentary Hotel Sewing Kit
  25. Scribe NF00349 Flash Light
  26. Complimentary Insta Clears for Eye Glasses
  27. Claritin Allergy Medicine
  28. 2 Pepper Sprays – one is Punch II M-2, pink one is not marked
  29. Fresnel Lens
  30. Complimentary flat eye-shades fits any glasses
  31. Fox 40 Whistle and Lanyard
  32. Canniks Model 800 Stun Gun with carrying case
  33. Keychain holding: Hand cuff key and shim pick, mini flashlight, Army can openers (P-51 & P-38), Gerber 22-01769 Shard, Swiss Army Knife with scissors, nail file and knife blade

Gear List by BrianCO

I rotate my EDC watch between my

  1. Timex Expedition– with a compass stopwatch, countdown timer, and my Timex standard watch,
  2. Sypderco Manix 2,
  3. Thrunight TN12 2014 1, 10, 500, 900, & 1000 lumens setting w/ strobe,
  4. Blistex
  5. iPhone 5
  6. Swiss Army Knife classic
  7. Leatherman Wave
  8. For my firearm I rotate depending on the situation between my Ruger LCP .380 6+1 w/ Veridian Green Laser and a Veridan Smart Pocket holster, or my Kimber Ultra Carry II 45 ACP, 7+1 w/ a DeSantis Pocket Tuck holster
  9. 2 spare Kimber Mags 7 rds
  10. Aker single stack double mag holster.

Gear List by Vagabond

Vagabond EDC
  1.  Wallet by Dickies, It can include a wallet chain in less desirable areas.
  2.  Maui Jim sunglasses
  3.  Button compass
  4.  Gerber Paraframe knife
  5.  Glock 19, used with a Hot Shots holster (not pictured)
  6.  Keys to the Bug out Jeep
  7.  ResQMe car escape tool and seat-belt cutter
  8.  Klarus Mi10 flashlight (AAA batt).  This thing is bright and has taken a beating without issue
  9.  Peanut Lighter
  10.  Nebo Tactical flashlight
  11.  Trusty Zippo lighter
  12.  Leatherman Rebar, I keep a Swedish Fire-steel in the holster
  13.  ESEE-3 fixed blade knife
  14.  Skystorm Leatherworks custom sheath designed for scout carry on my search and rescue deployments.  Contains another attached fire-steel.
  15.  Shemagh or standard bandanna
  16.  Silver Eagles, just in case…

Kodiak EDC

  1. Standard 550 paracord bracelet with shackle clasp.
  2. Nokia Lumia smartphone
  3. Bic Lighter
  4. Bushnell TRKR T225L flashlight
  5. Backup Duracell AAA
  6. Cash
  7. Camillus Les Stroud S.K. Desert folding knife (includes ferro rod)
  8. First aid kit
  9. Handmade leather EDC kit.

Simplified EDC

Simplified EDC

Here’s my stripped down 365 day a year carry:

  1. Kahr CW 380, buffalo bore +p lead free in main mag then 100 grain flat nose in spare (great value and smallest well built pocket pistol i could find).
  2. Metal pen: Elite Tactical with a glass break (cheap and does the job).
  3. Usually a pen style flash light, but i lost it gardening (waiting on the new one to arrive).
  4. Knife is a Kershaw Emerson 6014TBLK (cheap, reliable open, sturdy), retired my Spyderco Matriarch for the Emerson when i moved to Michigan as the laws are “messed up”.
  5. Watch: Seiko Premier Kinetic: Haven’t taken this off in 8 years, sapphire crystal display, no battery, keeps accurate time and seriously strong (slid down asphalt, been in sand, ocean, lakes rivers, motor oil, constantly banged on items and never scratched the glass or broken).
  6. Wallet: Trayvax – very well made, rfid blocking, metal, light weight, built in bottle opener, it is allowed on planes, its just fabulous.
  7. Black hawk riggers belt 2″, may be subbed for a Galco dress belt depending on the occasion.
  8. And not pictured is my phone a Nokia Lumina Icon, 2 days of charge, a great camera and good gps strength.

I sometimes carry more and go through lots of small gear items but these are the loyal few. Feel free to re-word / edit etc as necessary.

 Madison Preppers EDC

Madison Preppers
  1. Wallet with DL, CCW permit, Retired Law Enforcement ID and Badge
  2. Ruger LCR .357 Mag with 5 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense .357 Mag 125 gr. FTX
  3. Blackhawk CQC leather holster
  4. Tuff QuickStrip with 5 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense .357 Mag 125 gr. FTX
  5. International Handgun Leather speed strip pouch
  6. LG Optimus F7 Smartphone
  7. Casio 3230 G Shock watch
  8. Sabre pepper spray
  9. Paracord bracelet
  10. Zebra 701 stainless steel pen
  11. County Comm A&P key ring
    1. ResQMe car escape tool and seat-belt cutter
    2. House key
    3. USB drive
    4. Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers‎
    5. Cuff key
    6. Mini light
    7. Vehicle key fob
    8. Vehicle key
  12. Streamlight PT 2L Flashlight
  13. SOG Aegis assisted opening folding knife
  14. CPR face shield
  15. Sterling Eco knife sharpener
  16. Gerber EAB razor knife with emergency cash in clip
  17. Adventurer Survival whistle on paracord necklace
  18. SurvivalBeltKit- heavy metal tin and black nylon belt pouch
    1. Randall’s Adventure & Training Survival card
    2. SOL mini rescue flash signal mirror
    3. County Comm black Delrin AAA battery locker with extra battery and mini compass in lid
    4. Potable Aqua tabs (2)
    5. SOL fire tinder (4)
    6. Large safety pins (2)
    7. Mini fishing kit
    8. Derma-Safe razor knife
    9. Large needle under duct tape on the lid of tin
    10. Gerber Curve mini tool
    11. County Comm Maratac AAA flashlight
    12. Band-Aid strips (2)
    13. County Comm mini Widgy pry bar
    14. County Comm stainless steel peanut lighter

The Traveling Auditor – EDC

The Traveling Auditor’s EDC
  1. Glock 22 – Loaded with Federal Hollowpoint in a Glocktech MIC holster
  2. Spyderco Perrin Street Bowie
  3. Victorinox Waiter – Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives
  4. Brass K&M Matchcase – Made in Idaho
  5. Titanium spork and chopsticks
  6. AB First Aid “1010 Fogg First Aid Kit” – modified
  7. SOL 2 person survival blanket
  8. GOAL ZERO Nomad 7 Solar Panel and AA/AAA Battery Charger
  9. Quartet Green Laser Presentation Pointer
  10. Custom Marlin Spike
  11. County Comm Bit Driver
  12. Sea to Summit – Soap Leaves
  13. Assorted tools – magnetic probe, mini vice grip, pocket pry bar, sewing kit, gorilla tape, Bic lighter, super glue, can opener, hex bit extension, tape measure, 33 feet of Para cord, micro light
  14. Assorted first aid – CPR barrier, lip balm, ear plugs, antihistamines, Tums, Skyn condom
  15. Other – USB jump drive (x2), business cards, tide stick, lotion, comb, sharpie, assorted charger cables, 3 Eagle Creek Quarter Cube Pack-its
  16. Saddleback Leather Briefcase

Canadian EDC

Canadian Every Day Carry
  1. Rothco neck gaiter
  2. Misc. keys with Maglite LED Solaire
  3. Rothco survival bracelet
  4. iPhone 5s with Magpul Bump case
  5. SOG Escape folding knife
  6. Leather wallet
  7. Smith and Wesson tactical pen with Stylus tip
  8. Streamlight Polytac LED flashlight
  9. Leatherman MUT multi-tool
  10. Luminox 3001 Original Navy Seal Dive Watch
  11. Silver cross necklace and pendant

 Bama Girl’s EDC

Bama Girl’s EDC
  1. Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack
  2. Plastic mini waterproof case with Tylenol packet, antibiotic creme, 3 Curad butterfly strips and 2 alcohol pads
  3. EMT assisted opening rescue pocket knife by Ridge Runner
  4. Aluminum pill capsule with 3 days meds
  5. UST Waterproof Notebook
  6. UST Survival Whistle
  7. Dental Floss
  8. Mini Sewing Kit from Dollar General
  9. 2 Xpect First Aid Adhesive strips
  10. Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer
  11. 2 Purell Sanitizing wipes
  12. 1 army can opener (P51)
  13. Purple Bic Lighter
  14. Pencil for notebook
  15. Colgate mini toothbrush/pick
  16. Mini roll of duct tape
  17. Leatherman Wingman multitool
  18. Fenix PD22UE 510 Lumens Flashlight
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