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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Corona Virus Mapping

The Corona virus (COVID-19) is all over the news, with plenty of fear-mongering spread among the analysis and good information. Because of...

Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges

The Virginia legislature went full-blown communist with a bill that would outlaw indoor shooting ranges except if in a government building.

Virginia Gun Control Law Update

Virginia threatens gun control laws and local governments say they won't enforcement. Virginia's AG says they can't refuse. GOA and VCDL say he's wrong.

Remembering Y2K

Anyone else remember Y2k with fondness? What did you do to prepare?

Virginia in Crisis

The new Virginia legislature has wasted no time coming after your Constitutional rights.

Get Me Home Bag

Every prepper has heard of the bug out bag. But do you have a Get Me Home Bag?

I’m still around…

I know it's been awhile since there's been a post, and for that I apologize. As happens now and...

The Rumors of My Demise are Overrated

Though I can certainly understand how they started. Due to events in my life The Prepper Journal site needed...