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Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges

The Virginia legislature went full-blown communist with a bill that would outlaw indoor shooting ranges except if in a government building.

Can Virginia’s Governor Actually Use the National Guard to Enforce Gun Laws?

Can the Virginia Governor use the National Guard to enforce gun control laws?

Now That’s Just Crazy!

I am always amused to hear people talk at the range or gun shows about "facts cast in stone."

Practical Prep: Range Tips

For many preppers, static square ranges are the only opportunity to put rounds through the barrel. They do have some limitations, and they can...

What If You Found The Best Scope for a 30-06?

Looking for the best scope for 30-06? Look no further as this is the last and only 30-06 scope guide you’ll ever have to...

Fact-checking Gun Factoids

There’s a number of things that get passed around about firearms, even among shooters, that bear some consideration. Some of them truly deserve their...

Prepping 101: How to Shoot a Pistol

I have my own "Rule of Three" that I subscribe to, and that is anything that has three (3) or more moving parts requires...

Gun Buying Considerations Guide

First off, I want to acknowledge that there is no one right gun – not for everyone and not for every task. Firearms diversified...