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What is Your Self-Quarantine Plan?

With much of the U.S. finding itself in increasing lockdowns due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19, and many countries in a complete...

Life Under Lockdown

The US is only recently getting a taste of the ‘lockdown’ that’s been in effect for several countries in Europe, notably Italy...

How Are You Faring?

There's no doubt that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 are having an affect on what used to be a normal life. Hopefully, it'll...

Free Prepping files

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused a lot of chaos in recent weeks. Countries have closed their borders, governments have restricted the movement of...

Coronavirus, Prepping and the Future

About 8 weeks ago, we were hearing of a respiratory virus going around China. A short time later, the Chinese government essentially...

Reviewing the 5D Tactical AR Router Jig Pro

Editor's Note: The following review was written and submitted by Prepper Journal associate Hans Brix. Images courtesy of the author.

Corona Virus Mapping

The Corona virus (COVID-19) is all over the news, with plenty of fear-mongering spread among the analysis and good information. Because of...

Arizona 2nd Amendment News

Virginia Democrats: "We’re passing the most draconian anti-gun measures in the nation!" Arizona Democrats: "Hold my beer!"