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Why An Off-Road Motorcycle Is Essential When The Grid Goes Down

Over the last twenty years, there has been a dramatic increase in people concerned and investigating what would happen if the grid failed, as well as apocalyptic events. The simple truth is that the power grid is surprisingly fragile. Although everyone depends on it and assumes it will just work, there are many natural and unnatural disasters that can destroy the grid, leaving you without power for a long time. 

At that point, the focus is on survival and most people already know you stand the best chance of survival away from the cities. In short, you need to get out of town and find somewhere to hole up. But, regardless of whether you head out of town or not, you are going to need a means of transport. For some, an off-road motorcycle is a logical choice.

If you’re seriously looking, it may be time to invest in one of the best KTM bikes currently available. They could mean the difference between survival or not. This post will go into several reasons why a good off-road motorcycle is something to consider in your grid down plans.


The most obvious issue, especially when you live in a city, is storing a means of transport. Cars need garages and are easily spotted, making them a target for other people trying to escape. An off-road motorcycle is surprisingly small and can be safely kept almost anywhere, without attracting attention.

That means it is likely to be available when you need it. 

Additionally, the small size of an off-road motorcycle will allow you to find storage close to your home or office. Don’t forget that people can quickly lose conventional boundaries when disaster strikes. Theft and assault are likely to become commonplace. You need to be able to get to your bike quickly and safely.

Practice riding your off-road motorcyle

Why An Off-Road Motorcycle Is Essential When The Grid Goes Down - The Prepper Journal

There is little point in having a means of escape unless you can use it. You wouldn’t buy a helicopter and not know how to fly it! The same is true for an off-road motorcycle. Buying it is only part of the process, you need to practice. That means taking it off-road.

When selecting an off-road motorcycle you need to think about your experience level. If you don’t have much experience a lighter bike will be better. But, you should also make sure it has the following:

  • Sump guard
  • Crash bars
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Hard luggage
  • High ground clearance (in conjunction with your height, you need to be able to get your feet on the floor)

These items are critical to ensuring the important parts of your bike are protected if you drop it or crash it. After all, with the power out you are unlikely to be able to get your bike repaired.

It is also worth practicing picking your bike up. This can be more complicated than you realize but you never know when you may need to do it. The best approach is to lay the bike on a mattress or something similarly soft. You should then squat with your back to the bike with one hand on the seat and the other on the handlebar. Then push with your legs, not your back.

You can pause when the bike is at 45° and adjust your footing then take small steps to get it the rest of the way up. That stops you from going too far and dropping it onto the other side.

Fuel Costs

Fuel will quickly become scarce without the grid. It simply won’t be possible to pump it out of the underground tanks. That means the fuel you can find needs to last as long as possible. Motorcycles use considerably less fuel than cars, making them the sensible choice.


A motorcycle may not have the storage space of a car but it can carry a surprising amount of stuff. You can strap all sorts onto the back and sides of the bike and carry them effortlessly with you. That makes the motorcycle a practical approach.

As already mentioned, it is advisable to have hard luggage panniers fitted to your bike. This will help you top pre-pack essential items and it will protect them if you drop or crash the bike.

Safety Traveling

Motorcycles are not generally the quietest of machines although they are adept at slipping through small gaps. This is useful after grid failure and cars are left blocking roads. They will run out of fuel or be involved in accidents due to the traffic lights not working and the general panic.

A motorcycle can navigate around these obstacles and carry you safely on.

Of course, there may be dangerous characters loitering around the cities, looking for opportunities. That is why it is best to head out of the city and avoid the roads. The best way of doing this and attracting minimal attention is on an off-road motorcycle. That is what they are designed for and very good at.

Of course, it is a good idea to get some practice before you need to use your off-road motorcycle. That’s why you should get it now and use it whenever you can.

Don’t forget to have an emergency bag ready with all the essential supplies. This will make it easier to jump on the bike and take off if you ever need to.

Cost Of An Off-Road Motorcycle

One thing you need to consider is how much money do you have spare to spend on a motorcycle? Some of the best versions are not excessively expensive, especially if you look at a used version.

They are significantly cheaper than having a truck parked waiting for the grid to fail. You can also use an off-road motorcycle every day, ensuring it is with you when you need it. That makes the motorcycle a practical daily choice as well as the perfect solution to a grid failure.

Choosing The Right Bike

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to choose the right bike for your situation. The best choice will depend on your experience level and your size. However, to help you locate the best motorcycle for heading off-road after the grid is down, you should consider one of the following.

KTM 390 Adventure

The KTM has a 373cc engine with an impressive 170mm of suspension travel at the front and rear, and 200mm of ground clearance. It looks great, is very forgiving for the inexperienced rider, and has a skid plate. This bike weighs 379lbs.

Yamaha Tenere 700

This is potentially one of the best off-road motorcycles currently in existence. It has a 689cc parallel-twin engine giving you plenty of power to get out of tricky situations. The bike weighs 450lbs, has a ground clearance of 239mm, and suspension travel of 211mm on the front and 200mm on the rear.

It may not look quite as good as the KTM but it is a capable machine for anyone with a little experience.

Honda Africa Twin

This is the biggest of the three with an impressive 1084cc engine and a heft 503lbs of weight. The bike looks good and is designed to be able to handle the toughest of terrains. It offers 231mm suspension travel at the front and 221mm at the rear. Alongside this, it has a ground clearance of 250mm. That’s essential when you are heading off-road and don’t know what you will encounter.

Kawasaki JP8 Diesel

This is actually a military model and you will need to hunt to find one. However, it is unusual in that it runs on diesel, which could be in less demand than gasoline. The bike is capable of running on other fuels and will give you in excess of 100mpg. That makes it a practical, although not the most attractive, off-grid option.

The JP8 weighs 369lbs, has a 611cc engine, and offers 250mm of road clearance. This is a tough all-rounder although harder to find than most other off-road motorcycles.

Zero FX Stealthfighter

This is an unusual choice for a scenario when the power grid is down because this bike is electric. However, it has 44bhp and a 70-mile range. Providing you have a charging option, such as solar power, this bike will allow you to travel virtually unnoticed. In a survival situation that could be a game-changer.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about an off-grid scenario then you should have already considered where you will head. This allows you to stash supplies along the way and you can practice your route regularly on your chosen off-road machine.

Not only will this make it easier when you are riding in the dark after a total power failure, but it will also ensure that your preferred route is kept clear. You should, of course, try a few alternate routes as well, ensuring you have all options covered when the grid fails.

An off-road motorcycle allows you to move effortlessly through traffic and off-road, giving you a greater chance of getting out of the city and to your intended destination.  You may not think it will happen but a grid failure is looking increasingly likely. At least an off-road motorcycle is a fun transport choice today and a life-saver if the grid does go down.

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