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Vont Ultimate Survival Kit Review – Low-Cost Emergency Lighting

The Vont Ultimate Survival Kit comes with 3 different types of LED lighting options.

Any readers of The Prepper Journal will know that one of my favorite and recommended prepping supplies is lights. The importance of being able to see when the lights go out can’t be overstated so naturally, I recommend everyone have a lighting option. If you are looking for a way to check off three bases at once, take a look at the Vont Ultimate Survival Kit.

Now, this isn’t a normal survival kit you would load in your Bug Out Bag to live off of, but as far as lighting goes, the Vont kit has a lot of lighting needs addressed. Bonus points is that this kit is reasonably priced.

By way of background, when it comes to emergency lighting, there are a lot of options. You can have propane lanterns, candles, oil lamps, or flashlights. My preference is some form of LED option. Why not candles? Well, because they burn out and can accidentally start fires. The light from a candle doesn’t reach very far into the darkness and you can’t really walk around outside with one either, at least not if the wind is blowing or it’s raining.

Vont Camping for 2 Bundle - 2-Pack Blaze Flashlights + 2-Pack Spark Headlamps + 2-Pack LED Camping Lanterns - Best Lighting Pack for All Your Outdoor Adventures - Water Resistant, Compact, Reliable,
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  • WATER AND DROP-RESISTANT, ULTRA BRIGHT HEADLAMPS - With proprietary 200-lumens LEDs for maximum illumination, plus a 45-degree ergonomic light throw for your comfort, this power-packed headlamp is just the light partner you need for outdoor sports, adventures, leisure activities, and urgent lighting during outages and emergencies.
  • COMPACT, VERSATILE, PROPRIETARY-DESIGNED LANTERNS - Powered by 30 LEDs in Vont's very own patented collapsible design, these incredible lanterns are a must-have for your camping and outdoor adventures! These versatile lanterns also double as reliable lighting for your home and car in case of power outages, car breakdowns, stormy nights, or emergencies.
  • MILITARY-GRADE, SMART GRIP, POWERFUL FLASHLIGHT - These handheld tactical flashlights have been manufactured with precision design and innovative engineering for the ultimate durability, functionality, and reliability. Take these to light up bleak surroundings and situations wherever you may be - trusted and highly recommended by frontliners, military, police, security, and rescue professionals across the globe!
  • TOPNOTCH QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME - To ensure your total satisfaction with the products, every order of Vont Camping for 2 Bundle comes with a lifetime warranty of a full refund or fast replacement (no questions asked) should you find the quality below expectations.

Many people argue with me on that point, and they will say something like – Candles have been around since the dawn of time. Yes, that is true. We have also been walking for a long time too but if you give me a choice between walking and riding in my truck, I will take newer technology. But candles are renewable!! All you need are your own bees, and you can have beeswax candles forever.

Not true Nancy. If you keep stealing all the wax from your bees, they have to rebuild that foundation every year, and then they can’t focus on making honey as much. So, candles are a last case option for me, not the go-to lighting option.

So, now that I have that rant out of my system, let me get on to what is actually in the kit.

What comes in the Vont Ultimate Survival Kit

Vont has a lot of lighting products, but the items in the Ultimate Survival Kit are designed for the outdoors. That does not mean they have to be outside, but they have a little water resistance to help with the elements and unless you go dunking them in the water, they should hold up just fine.

The Ultimate Survival Kit comes with 2 LED Lanterns, 2 LED Headlamps, and 2 LED Flashlights. This gives you a lot of options.


Headlamps are my favorite lighting option because it’s so easy and allows me to keep my hands free. I have probably a dozen of these scattered everywhere. I have LED headlamps in my bug out vehicle, in my house in case of power outages, in tool bags, in the garage.

Headlamps are superior to flashlights in my opinion because they are hands free and are always pointed where your head is.

The Vont Spark Headlamps have all the features you would expect from any other headlamp.  They have 7 different lighting modes, a red light, strobe, and SOS along with several levels of intensity.

The light itself can swivel up to 45 degrees. I point mine out when I am walking and down into my bowl when I am eating or trying not to blind whoever I am with.

The headband is soft and easily adjusts from Sasquatch size to a small child without any problems. I have a headlamp that has a strap that runs across the top of your head and prefer just the single strap like these headlamps have.

LED Lanterns

When it comes to lighting indoors or covering a wider area like a cooking area when we are camping or hanging up inside my tent, I prefer the LED Lantern. I found these a couple of years ago and already had several in my pantry when I was approached by VONT for this review.

As I already mentioned, these are vastly superior to candles in my opinion, and I bought extra LED lanterns to give to my in-laws who moved in with us a couple of years ago. They have their own attached space but now, they have plenty of light when the power goes out and I don’t have to worry about fire.

One great feature with the LED Lantern from Vont is the collapsible design. There is no power button, you just pull up on the top. When the lantern is opened slightly the lights come on. For more light open it all of the way up. For less light press it down. To turn it off again, just collapse it completely.

It also has handles on the top that you can use to hang from hooks or some paracord invention you have to shine light a pretty good distance.

LED Flashlights

I think every home has a flashlight or 20 laying around somewhere. Many years ago I used have several of the big Maglite flashlights and it was need to see that beam throw across my yard. They were the standard, but they would eat batteries. And not small batteries either. Usually, a Maglite would take 3 or 4 big D cells.

Since the advent of LED flashlights, the big unwieldy Maglite has been diminished some in my eyes. Especially when I could get something 4 times as bright with a single AA battery. I have several flashlights from brands such as Fenix and Streamlight and as little as 300 lumens to 1000.

These smaller LED’s are great for carrying around but lack the heft of something like a Maglite.

When I first held the Vont LED flashlight, I wasn’t overly impressed with the amount of light that it puts out, but I was comparing it to my much more expensive models. The Vont flashlight puts out a decent amount of light that will get you around any obstacles and costs much less.

What I like about it more though is the size. It feels really good in my hand and I believe older hands would be more comfortable holding a light of this size as opposed to one of my mini boutique tactical flashlights. Additionally, it comes with a sturdy carrying case that can be attached to a belt or in MOLLE webbing. It takes either 3 AAA batteries or one 18650 – which produces more lumens according to their site. So, if you want a brighter light, just get some of these batteries. I prefer these in rechargeable format.

The whole Vont Ultimate Survival Kit gives you all the emergency LED lighting you could need for a very reasonable price and if you are looking for a simple way to cover those lighting bases, give this kit a try.

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