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How Are You Faring?

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There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 are having an affect on what used to be a normal life. Hopefully, it’ll soon return to that. For some, anyway.

I happen to fall into one of the high-risk categories due to age and some related health issues, so for the moment I’m holed up with very minimal (physical) contact with the outside world. I honestly don’t know how this will play out.

As you might expect, we’re pretty well stocked on supplies to get us through the near term. As long as I treat everyone on the outside as a “zombie” I need to avoid, I should be OK for awhile.

I just thought I would check in to see how you are all weathering this.

I don’t care if you think it’s “just the flu” or if this is a conspiracy by the Illuminati to impose martial law. That’s not my question.

How are you doing? Comment below.

(Note: unfortunately, the ‘reply’ feature in the comments isn’t working for readers…I can still reply in comments using the site’s admin section. You’ll have to start new replies. We’re still trying to figure this out.)

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