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Last Updated on October 8, 2020

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 are having an affect on what used to be a normal life. Hopefully, it’ll soon return to that. For some, anyway.

I happen to fall into one of the high-risk categories due to age and some related health issues, so for the moment I’m holed up with very minimal (physical) contact with the outside world. I honestly don’t know how this will play out.

As you might expect, we’re pretty well stocked on supplies to get us through the near term. As long as I treat everyone on the outside as a “zombie” I need to avoid, I should be OK for awhile.

I just thought I would check in to see how you are all weathering this.

I don’t care if you think it’s “just the flu” or if this is a conspiracy by the Illuminati to impose martial law. That’s not my question.

How are you doing? Comment below.

(Note: unfortunately, the ‘reply’ feature in the comments isn’t working for readers…I can still reply in comments using the site’s admin section. You’ll have to start new replies. We’re still trying to figure this out.)

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A former rocket scientist (really) who has traveled the world, father, freedom lover, hates to stay indoors, and loves wild places, people and things. PC challenged, irreverent but always relevant and always looking to learn new things.

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So far so good here, I’m in lower peninsula of northwest Michigan, US. Not a prepper personally, so I probably only have about a month or so of groceries stocked up between my freezer and my pantry, for a family of 4 (2 teenage boys, so they eat more than most demographics). My spouse and I have made it very clear that everyone asks before grabbing food, so we can track what we have. Plenty of spices and cooking oil too. Fortunately I have been self isolating all winter (as has my spouse) because that’s just normal for us in… Read more »


Doing good have everything we need for 2 months. Already cook at home alot. No work for now. Learning to make homemade bread.


I live in Europe and Covid infection was confirmed in my workplace week before we got sent to home office. Now we are at home, my wife is sick (hopefuly with normal flu, symptoms so far confirms it) and kids are bored but fine. Indeed it might change in next weeks, due to incubation and possible further exposure to virus. We have what you here would call at best some short term supplies (I would estimate them to last 2 further weeks before any real need to shop), but for next week I plan a shopping trip (I have my… Read more »

Scott Overy

We’re in Vegas and doing good so far. I moved my elderly parents (Mid 80’s) into our house last year because I felt like we needed to be close so we could make things easier for them. It’s funny that the whole time we were buying things and saving it for the potential of needing it in the future, it never sunk in to them that something like this could possibly happen. They feel very comfortable with us and our prepared situation. There is no panic and we don’t have to go out and potentially risk exposing them to something… Read more »


I live in the UK and it’s not too bad at the moment. Numbers of infected still appear to be very low although we have had a few deaths – mainly older people. The shelves in shops do look more and more empty with even local stores struggling to keep up with demand. No toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, pasta, tinned veggies for weeks now and as soon as they go on the shelves they are gone in minutes. I’ve been out (with a mask on) every day and I’ve only seen a handful of others with a mask… Read more »


Switzerland, Europe: We are doing well, started with 5 months of food by the end of February. Now that the hamstering has calmed down I started restocking again. The goal is to get it up to a year of food in case of a recession. The plants are growing well. I don’t have a garden so I am growing on the balcony and there is a new aquaphonics setup again. Good that I keept the old filters and the plant lights. I managed to get fresh seeds on the weekend before the lockdown so I could help out a neighbor… Read more »


No issues here. Doing about half my work from home. 24×7, on-site department, so I do go in. Strict measures in place regarding social distancing and disinfecting at home and work. All supplies including food, cleaning and disinfecting, masks, toiletries are good at home and work. Family and staff morale good.


I live in the UP of Mi. This communist governor is going to destroy what’s left of Mi. economy. Hopefully the lawsuit against her will come to fruition. Her and the festering pustules that have her back, born stupid and been losing ground ever since. Mi. has always been a can do economy every since the late 50s and early 60s when I was coming of age. This economy has to be opened back up. No matter what happens we are all sunk if this goes on much longer. I have ample prepper supplies, freeze dried food, guns, ammo, everything… Read more »

kayle rowlee

Alive & well in the Texas Hill Country. Forced early retirement suites me, getting alot of projects completed before we hit 100 here. Same as you, hunkered down, getting ready for more? Enjoying every single day, knowing we’ll have to get back at it for another couple years when it settles down a bit. Be screwed if not had been preparing over the last few years.

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