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The Coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused a lot of chaos in recent weeks. Countries have closed their borders, governments have restricted the movement of their citizens, and in the United States, city mayors have restricted people from gathering in groups of more than 50 (as of this date, March 16, 2020).

In fact, just this afternoon, the mayor of San Francisco ordered a 3-week lockdown of the city. Whether or not you think this was a good move is immaterial, especially if you’re a resident there.

Only God knows what will happen in the coming weeks, but I believe it’s bound to get worse before it gets better.

You have a duty to your family and yourself to be prepared for coming events. Knowledge is power.

We came across this website of PDFs and documents which might be helpful to the prepping community. Whether it’s basic prepping, farming, how to garden, or even make bleach from pool shock, it’s full of free resources.

I’ve looked at a couple of documents here and there, and they seem OK. A lot of old .txt files, some dating back to the 1990s.

We haven’t vetted any of this information other than look it over, as it was passed along to us today, and we’re passing them along to you. The host website is a little out there, but if information is useful, we’ll take it.

Godspeed, and be prepared.

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