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Gun Rights Rally in Virginia

Gun Rights Rally in Virginia - The Prepper Journal

Gun Rights Supporters at Virginia Lobby Day

After weeks of preparation, thousands of gun-rights supporters, including leaders from the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and Gun Owners of America are gathering at Virginia’s state capitol square for Lobby Day.

As expected, Governor Northam put a gun ban in place to prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights during the event. The apparent reason is to prevent violence, and was based on credible threats. If the liberals are going to demand that our president present what evidence he had to eliminate a terrorist leader, then I believe the People have the same right to demand the same from Northam.

For those saying firearms have no place at a gun-rights rally, you’re wrong. That’s precisely the place they belong. In Arizona, we’ve have many rallies in support of the 2nd Amendment where attendees were armed, some carrying rifles. There were no violent incidents apart from some confrontations started by those wanting more gun control. Such irony.

Even further, the FAA enacted a drone restriction for the area surrounding the Virginia state capitol, creating a no-fly zone for a 2.3 mile radius from the capitol building. You can bet that government-flown drones will not be banned. Nothing like preventing the public from recording the proceedings.

So far, thousands of pro-gun supporters have shown up to attend the rally within a fenced off area on the capitol grounds. So…Democrats do support fences after all. Thousands more are staying outside the fenced area where the carrying of firearms isn’t being restricted.

Democracy in action. Because, ‘Merica.

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