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Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges

Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges - The Prepper Journal

Indoor Shooting range

SCOTUS: Second Amendment is a right
Virginia Legislature: Hold my beer.

Looks like the legislature is demonstrating what potential tyranny looks like.

Recent legislation in the form of House Bill 567 would probibit any indoor shooting range, by law, unless it was inside a building owned or leased by the state.

Folks, this is what we’ve feared. Virginia is becoming the California of the East Coast in terms of trying to disarm the population.

Unlike California, a number of county officials have stood up and declared they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.

Read more about the proposal here.

If you’re from Virginia, this upcoming election will be one of the most important you’ll participate in.

If you’re not in Virginia, be vigilant, because if the state legislature in the Old Dominion is successful, it will be spread across the country.

Ironic for a state whose motto is Sic Semper Tyrannis, “Thus always to Tyrants.”

Let’s hope the good people of the state live up to the motto.

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