Can Virginia’s Governor Actually Use the National Guard to Enforce Gun Laws?

Can the Virginia Governor use the National Guard to enforce gun control laws?
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Last Updated on December 20, 2019

Some experts say ‘yes.’

The other day we brought you information on the gun control crisis about how law-abiding citizens of Virginia are facing from the Democrat-controlled state legislature.

In response to the 75 counties that declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, several Democrats called upon the governor to use the National Guard to enforce gun control laws.

But can the governor do this?

The Washington Examiner takes a look at the issue and reports that several experts say, yes, the governor can.

Elections have consequences, folks. Remember this come next November.

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  1. Yes, he can do this but it will backfire on him because these unconstitutional “laws?” are meant to take the National Guardsman’s guns too so he or she can’t protect their families either. If you were them would you enforce such an asinine bunch of illegal “laws?”. I would be inclined to use my legal rifle on the communist democrats and lead the charge to rid Virginia and the United States of communist like Ralphy the governor. I hope that old potty pants reads this along with his puppet master Mikey Bloomberg. You gals are guilty of treason. Which execution would you gals prefer? Drawing, Quartering, Beheading and/or Hanging. These punishments are found in Article III of the U.S. Constitution. Read it and tell every Virginia legislator what it says. Quoting would be best. Be sure to tell Mikey and Ralphy too.

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