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First Aid Training Will Benefit Your Family

At The Prepper Journal we often post about learning first aid, that you and those around you when a injury occurs are the real “first responders” to any incident and that you and they can be the difference between life and death while you wait for trained medical responders.

We also believe that you should know exactly how to use every piece of equipment in your medical kit and always keep it current and PRACTICE.

First Aid Training Will Benefit Your Family - The Prepper Journal

We know you care about your family and want the very best for them. You want them to always feel safe and protected. Providing this means that you will have to be trained in first aid to care for them in the case of an emergency. If you are trained in first aid skills, you will be in a position to:

Be Proactive and Prepared

When you take a first aid course, it will make it clear just how important it is to always be prepared for the unexpected. Packing a first aid kit or purchasing one that is ready made will be your first step. In fact, having more than one kit and placing them in your home, your vehicle, and your summer cabin may be a move that will benefit someone greatly in the future. Be sure to quickly replace any items that are used so that they will be ready and waiting for the next mishap or emergency.

While you work, travel, or even when you shop, make a habit of taking note of where automatic external defibrillator (AED) equipment is stored, as well as any wall mounted medical kits. You never know if and when you will need it. Someone you are with or another individual may suffer a heart attack, and being able to direct someone to this equipment while you attend to that person will save precious time and possibly a life.

Prevent Infection and Other Serious Effects

By knowing how to react to various situations, you can actually prevent them from escalating into something bigger and more serious. For example, if your child has a cut, you will know which antibiotic creams to apply and the best bandages to use to prevent future infections. If you are aware of the signs and symptoms of light-headedness, you may prevent a family member from falling to the ground and hurting himself on hard surfaces. If you know the signs of a heart attack, especially since they are different in men and women, you may actually save a life or prevent extensive heart damage by applying immediate assistance and getting help quickly.

Knowing how to react quickly to emergencies can prevent blood loss, brain or other organ damage, or even death. When someone is in distress, react immediately. The minutes saved can be vital, especially in the case of heart attacks, asthma attacks, drowning, blood loss, and hypothermia.

Help Others

Knowledge of first aid practices will not just help the members of your family. You will be prepared to help anyone you come across who needs instant medical assistance. A choking victim in a restaurant, a child hurt on a playground, an older person having chest pains, or a runner who sprained an ankle will all benefit from your first aid training. Having that first aid kit on hand will definitely come in handy, and having the knowledge to deal with the situation at hand will be even more helpful in dealing with the injury or illness. Your family will gain the recognition of being ready and willing to assist when the occasion demands it.

Be an Example to Other Family Members

By training in Basic Life Support and getting certified (BLS certification), you will show family members just how important it is to be able to care for each other during major and minor emergencies. Encourage your spouse and your children to follow suit by taking the same and even more advanced classes so everyone will always be prepared to deal with the unexpected.

As is very evident, quality first aid training will continue to be a top priority in your household for many years to come. It is also important to keep up with first aid trends as procedures sometimes change or get updated. Note the expiration date on your card and be sure to renew it with new training before it expires.

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