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Best Car Security Gadgets to Look Out For in 2019

Best Car Security Gadgets to Look Out For in 2019 - The Prepper Journal

As preppers our vehicles are important parts of our survival gear, whether needed to get home to family and supplies in an emergency, to retrieve family members or to get out of dodge, we depend upon them. So they should get the same scrutiny as any other piece of survival gear, more considering their relative expense. And their security should be considered as important as that to which we give our homes or our bug out locations. In that vain Wendy Dessler has provided some tips on security equipment to consider for your vehicle.

Buying a new car can be both exciting and extremely stressful. Finding the right vehicle to purchase will require a lot of time and research. Using tools like to get a vehicle history report is a great idea. With this report, you can see how well a specific vehicle has been taken care of.

Once you have found and purchased a new vehicle, finding ways to make it more appealing and safer should be one of your main concerns. Each year, over $6 billion is lost due to vehicle theft. Instead of having your car burglarized, you need to find great security gadgets to use.

The following are some cool car security gadgets you need to look out for in 2019.

Taking Advantage of Bio-metric Technology

Over the past few years, bio-metric technology has exploded in popularity. These days, everything from door locks to phones can be unlocked with a fingerprint. The best part about using this technology is just how fail safe it is generally, though dirty fingers and dirty touch pads can be a frustration. But so can frantically searching for keys or, in the worst case, being car-jacked. 

If you are looking for a way to secure your vehicle, then getting bio-metric door locks is a great idea and these will be offered on a number of 2020 vehicles. With these locks, you can rest assured that only authorized users can unlock and use your vehicle. Before investing in new bio-metric locks for your vehicle, be sure to do your homework.

Ideally, you want to choose locks that have an app that allows users to alter settings when needed. An easy-to-use interface will make using these locks a breeze. Then again, if you can alter it, so can a hacker.

The Power of Car Shield

Are you looking for a way to bring your car into the 21st century? If so, then consider using the diagnostic and security system known as Car Shield. This system will monitor data like battery life, oil levels and even heat levels to ensure your vehicle is running correctly.

The Car Shield system also doubles as a security system. This means that if your vehicle is burglarized, the system will send an alert to the authorities with the GPS coordinates of your car. With this information, members of law enforcement may be able to catch the criminals trying to gain access to your vehicle.

While you will have to pay a fee to have this type of monitoring, it is worth it. 

Invest in a Vehicle Tracking System

One of the biggest mistakes most car owners make is abiding by the “it will never happen to me” philosophy when it comes to having their vehicle stolen. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst is the mantra all car owners should live by, something prepper do by nature. This is why having things like a vehicle tracking system installed is vital.

These systems will allow law enforcement to pinpoint exactly where their automobile is in the event it is stolen. These units use GPS technology to offer up the location of a vehicle in a timely manner.

There was an incident a few years ago in Long Beach harbor where a single Lo-Jack system lead police to a shipping container already loaded on a ship about to set sail through the Panama Canal that had 7 other vehicles in the container, total worth of the automobiles was in excess of $2.1 million. 

There are tons of different vehicle tracking systems on the market. Taking the time to weigh the features each one has to offer will help you make the right decision. The time and effort invested in this research will pay off in the end.

Don’t Forget to Add a Kill Switch

Stopping car thieves in their tracks takes a lot of hard work. While having a vehicle tracking system and bio-metric locks is a good idea, there are a variety of other security additions you need to make. For years, car owners have used devices known as kill switches to make it hard for thieves to make off with their prized possession.

A kill switch is an anti-theft device that is mounted onto the car’s electrical system. Newer model vehicles can have their fuel pump and starter shutdown if the electrical current is interrupted. When activated, the kill switch will interrupt a car’s electrical system and make it stop running.

This means you can switch off the car and then activate your GPS tracking system to figure out where it is. Allowing car security professionals to install these systems is imperative. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake during the installation process due to the long-term electrical issues this can cause.

A Good Old Fashioned Steering Wheel Club

If you are looking for a functional and reliable way to keep your car from getting stolen, then a steering wheel club is probably the most affordable option. A club locks in the middle of your steering wheel and extends out on both sides. This device is designed to prohibit car thieves from being able to turn the steering wheel. Using a mix of both traditional and new age car security tools is vital when trying to keep your vehicle safe and sound.

Most thieves will move on to an easier target when they see these. But then again, some are adept at even defeating these proven standards.

Seek Out Some Professional Guidance

Instead of trying to find and install car security gadgets on your own, consulting with experienced professionals is a good idea. These professionals will be able to consider things like your budget and the type of vehicle you have before offering up suggestions.

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