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How to Protect your Site against Intrusion from Squatters and Traveler’s

How to Protect your Site against Intrusion from Squatters and Traveler's - The Prepper Journal

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Dakota Murphey on site security, something she has written about before in The Prepper Journal. Always interesting to see what others think about their security and options, Dakota resides in the United Kingdom and she supplied the feature picture so I had to find out if you can use deadly force on intruders in England. According to Quora  – “If someone trespasses on my property in the UK, do I have the right to shoot the intruder? There are very few jurisdictions on the planet where one can shoot somebody who is a trespasser. … However, in the UK, from what I understand, a person has to first be in fear of their life, and then can defend themselves.” So, not that different across the pond other than the availability of weapons.

If you have a vacant property or an area of land that is unoccupied then you need to be aware of the potential challenges and issues of intruders at your site. This could take the form of squatters looking for somewhere to stay or travelers pitching up on your land. Either of these scenarios can be very frustrating, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to get them evicted.

In any case it is best to prevent intruders from being able to use your property. There are many ways that you can do these – here are some of the most effective methods to protect your property against squatters and travelers.

Protect Entry Points

If you have an empty property this can be an extremely appealing target for squatters and trespassers, especially if getting in is as simple as walking through the door. It is essential that you should do everything you can to protect all of the obvious entry points to the property. You can do this by putting security doors or screens.

If squatters encounter any kind of physical barrier, they are likely to move on and try a different property. So, this first line of security can be hugely effective in preventing the majority of possible intrusions.

…That includes Windows

Of course, it is important to also note that if you are going to put physical barriers in place of doors, you need to do the same with your windows too. If you have windows that can easily be broken, then this will be a popular entry point for intruders. Any window that is reachable from floor level is a potential weak point in your defenses.

There are specific security barriers that are designed to cover low-level windows and make it impossible for potential squatters and trespassers to gain entry into the property. Have these installed at the same time as your door protection for full coverage.

Image Source: Maltaward

Stop Vehicle Access

Of course, it’s not just empty properties that can attract potential intruders. If you have a large area of land that is currently not being used or is unoccupied for a long period of time, it could be targeted by traveler communities. Travelers often base themselves on used land and once they have established themselves it can be time consuming and challenging to have them evicted.

So, if you have an area of land that could potentially be used by travelers you need to stop vehicles from being able to access the area. This can be achieved with the positioning of concrete barriers as they can make it impossible to get onto the land. This will force the travelers to move on and try elsewhere.

Security Patrols

On some property or vacant land, it is not possible to put up physical barriers – if this is the case for you, it may be necessary to look into other options for security. One of the most effective ways to deter trespassers and intruders is to have a professional security patrol carried out at regular intervals.

These patrols not only work as a deterrent but can also help to uncover intruders as soon as possible. This can make it much easier for you to deal with the consequences of the intrusion.


It’s a great idea to have CCTV set up around your property. Once again, CCTV is so effective not only because it can alert you to the presence of intruders but also simply as a deterrent. If intruders are made aware that they are on camera, this can make them move on and choose an easier target.

It is important, then, not only to put CCTV in place, but also to clearly marked to make it easy for potential intruders to see.

Put Alarm Systems in Place

It can be also be very helpful to have an alarm system in place. This is another example of a form of security that is multifaceted – alerting you to the presence of intruders but also convincing intruders to leave. Alarm systems can be installed relatively cheaply, but they can save you an enormous amount of money in the potential costs of damages or legal services in getting intruders evicted.

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