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Prepping 101: How to Shoot a Pistol

Prepping 101: How to Shoot a Pistol - The Prepper Journal

I have my own “Rule of Three” that I subscribe to, and that is anything that has three (3) or more moving parts requires that you actually follow the basic rule too many of us ignore:

Add to this a tool that also operates as a result of a controlled explosion and that can cause injury or death when used for its intended purpose, and most people can see the logic in my rule, learned from some serious instructors. And an adjunct to the rule for me is “seek professional help.” When you can find endless videos of mistakes or worse on YouTube by key-word searches like “Darwin in action”, or “stupid people with guns” you get the point.

I write this because Chase Park of contacted me interested in doing some collaboration and he sent this link as a sample of the content they produce:

How to Shoot a Pistol The Right Way

I was impressed (just a couple of typos got by the reviewers) and obtained his permission to add it to this post. Yes, cyber-space is full of how to videos on this subject, but this one stood out for me because, as its subtitle suggest, it is all-inclusive and from the start it has built-in navigation to get to the points you might want to focus on first, or review again.

Thank you Chase Park.

I suggest no matter what your level of firearms training the above link would be an excellent use of your time. If you are considering buying a firearm for the first time I think it will be great to have this down before you go to a range to test weapons and especially before you go to a store to purchase a weapon. I would also suggest you take a serious and objective look at any friend, relative or relative of a relative as your instructor. The link recommends taking a friend, choose wisely so you learn good habits and safety.

Firearms should always be taken seriously and lessons from a qualified instructor should be a part of the cost of ownership you plan to invest in your first weapon, for your safety and the safety of others.

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