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Making The List and Checking It Twice, and Once More for Safety

Making The List and Checking It Twice, and Once More for Safety - The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: Tis’ the Season after all. The Prepper Journal’s stocking stuffer’ suggestions for that Prepper who has Everything.

Here are this years suggested stocking fillers for every prepper, and from real preppers!

Water Purification

From tablets to straws no prepper should be without one, in fact no prepper should not have redundancy, other options to provide the same essential – safe drinking water.

Or to be shared:

Clean and safe water couldn’t be more important, and they fit so nicely in Christmas stockings.

First Aid

Every prepper has a first aid kit, if not several, in their home, vehicles and their various survival bags as well as their travel bags for the gym, the beach, or camping. As an update/addition we suggest looking into Zipstich.

Now available on Amazon! We reviewed this product back in August and since then they have been finding a lot of acceptance in the market, a lot of EMT’s and first responders have bought in and every Prepper should consider stuffing some of these in their fellow preppers stockings. Quick and easy to deploy, this really is a step forward over other wound suturing options out there.

Energy Bars

While there are endless options in energy bars on the market we at The Prepper Journal like Soldiers Fuel.

I can vouch personally for the taste and the burst of energy. They are featured in the US Special Operations Forces Nutritional Guide and they are packed in the Navy Seals delivery vehicles, can’t get a better recommendation than that AND if they prevent you from drinking just one more of ANY energy drink/cough syrup-tasting, gut upsetting, aluminum can of gunk then Mission Accomplished!

A Tactical Christmas Stocking

Designed with the prepper in mind it can hold all the same stiff as other Christmas stocking and with the MOLLE and extra pocket so much more!

A Serious Multi-tool

Off Grid Tools, who sent us their Survival Axe a few months ago is offering 20% off your entire order when you use the discount code BLOGGER20. If you recall this now lives in my EDC/GOOD bag, and for good reason. Both my son and son-in-law will be getting one for Christmas (spoiler if they are reading!)

The Standards

Fire starters, the options seem endless, these are the ones we have tried and can recommend:

Mirrors, compact, rugged and multipurpose:




Never leave home without it! Truly a staple in every survivalists and preppers life it has so many uses that reading a complete list might not be possible. No matter how many we can come with you can come with others.

And so many more:

Mylar blankets, survival tools, sewing kits, tent/tarp repair kits, storm-proof matches, pocket chain saws, a rocket stove, a folding knife with a window breaker and seat-belt cutter, compact multi-function tools, Mechanic’s Ware gloves, emergency rain parka, and on and on.

In fact their are so many that you may need to upgrade to railroad spikes to keep them for pulling down your mantel. If so don’t worry, Amazon sells those too! Remember also that the gift of self is the best gift after all, last year we posted an article from a regular contributor that is worth another read, not only for the list of gifts but for the lists of giving.

Happy shopping! Six days left.

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