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We Are Again Blessed on This Thanksgiving

We Are Again Blessed on This Thanksgiving - The Prepper Journal

As the year draws to a close and the parade of holidays lines up while winter in all its forms takes shape, we hope that on this holiday, where we as a people gave our first thanks, shared our hard obtained bounty with others who shared with us, and saw a future that allowed us to freely prosper and honor our God, The Prepper Journal hopes you are again with family and friends, in the warmth of their company, breaking bread in love and friendship as people have since the beginnings of recorded history, be it a feast or a simple meal.


We hope that the true and traditional meaning of this original American holiday, now shared by other countries, will remain your foundation.

This is after all the holiday that proved at least one of moms teaching – “Don’t go into the water until 30 minutes after you eat! You’ll DROWN!” – we put this one to the test with that second helping of just about everything and not being able to say no to the desserts! Well, it is just today, right. And after all, is football on Thanksgiving football without pumpkin pie? Or some left over dressing and just one more slice of turkey? Hopefully this will be the deepest question you will have to ponder on this most American of Holidays.

While food and football may occupy center stage, it is the shared company of those who now enrich our lives, the memory of those taken from us too soon and the hopes for our future generations that will be remembered, that will sustain us, drive us and last a lifetime.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Prepper Journal!

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