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Now That The Dark Ages Are Returning

Yesterday, November 6, 2018 is the newest day that will “live in infamy” in the upcoming decline of America. We as a people have taken a giant step backwards, most likely one that may eventually prove fatal.

Now That The Dark Ages Are Returning - The Prepper Journal

We have made a choice to ignore self achievement, prosperity for all and have decided to return to the path of an all knowing, all seeing and all controlling central government. George Orwell and Ann Rand much more the seers of the future that Nostradamus in my humble opinion.

Open borders, unchecked immigration, gun control on steroids are just a few of the things that will most certainly gridlock our government for the next two years, if not come to pass.

Now, with control of the government purse, and rewarding the behaviors of those who smeared and tried to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, is it really a far step that every citizen will fall under the same microscope, start from a position of guilty and be challenged to prove their innocence? And one of the puppet-masters behind the scene only two heartbeats from being President. Stalin, Mao and Fidel, though dead, were most likely active voters in yesterdays election, and they are smiling. Only the Senate can hold the line to prevent a judiciary that will become more and more politicized, stop laws being written from the bench and activist judges hamstringing local, state and federal agencies. With newly elected “Republicans” like Mitt Romney do you believe the Senate will hold the line?

It will be a return to a smorgasbord selection of which laws to enforce and which to ignore, and they will change with the whims of the elites in Washington D.C.

As preppers, this is the walk-up call, this is the sign we have feared, that common sense and a sense of self responsibility will now be frowned upon, perhaps even made criminal. Now faced with the reality that what is ours may not be ours, but theirs to take in the name of fairness, diversity, reparations, or social justice. Just look at the winning margins in the Senate Races in Arizona, Texas and the governors race in Florida. Scary as hell.

At best it will be gridlock and a non-functioning government because the left would rather destroy than negotiate, would rather see Americas economy fail than prosper in order to spite the White House.

And then there is the violence, barely contained these past two years, what little power and restraint was there then may now be stripped away.

As preppers the reality of government overreach into every aspect of our lives is now at our doorstep.

It is going to take more than an afternoon to fathom this, it is going to take even longer now to discern fact from fiction with a complicit Fourth Estate unleashed. It is a time to talk of serious matters and their consequences and we will be doing that going forward, as long as we are allowed.

The Prepper Journal.

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