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Let The Haunting Begin

Let The Haunting Begin - The Prepper Journal

Preppers are planners and today is the day when a few safety tips for your home and family would be wise to put into place.

Remove any garden hoses not behind closed gates and check these faucets occasionally to insure that no prankster has tampered with them. Park your cars in your garage or in well-lighted areas. The later in the evening it gets the more you should be looking before you throw open your front door. Use common sense, if it doesn’t look right, error on the side of safety. Halloween is on a school night this year, a Wednesday, so plan to close up shop early.

See these links for safety tips for your Trick or Treaters:

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And review your homes security. Doors and windows, items that can cause someone injury (and make a lawyer smile), access to attractive nuisances such as pools, spas, swing sets and trampolines – all should be secure, behind locked gates.

And for the Adults

Mischief Night was something we did as kids and under parental supervision. We wrote on peoples windows with that pure white Ivory Soap as it was easy to wash off. Of course, as parental supervision waned and we grew up it became more like Devil’s Night made famous by the youth of Detroit.

Having been on both ends of egg’ing and tee peeing, I am no longer a fan. I have also never forgiven my parents for my 7 year old Halloween costume, making me dress like my twin sister and her dress like me but that is more the subject of a conversation with a shrink than a post here.

And remember, when you are thinking of “tricking” on Halloween Night, the next day is All Saints Day! It is also The Day of the Dead (Dia de las Muertas) in Mexico, a holiday often confused with Halloween, and the two could not be more different, though in the southwest you see a lot of calaveras (sugar skulls) used as decorations on Halloween.

Have a safe and sane holiday, and follow the long established tradition of dumping your unwanted candy in your works break room on November 1st.

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