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What Is A Selk Bag and Should you get One?

What Is A Selk Bag and Should you get One? - The Prepper Journal

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The Selk bag Sleepwear System, invented in Chile, first came to our attention in 2008 and this year we are releasing an updated version of the “wearable sleeping bag.  The Selk’bag 4G Lite sleepwear line made with polyester insulated fabric includes models for adults and children and we tested them on two recent trips.

Rated to 45 degrees, the sleeping bag fits loosely and is very comfortable during sleep, however it can be somewhat cumbersome when trying to walk around.

What is a Selk’bag?

A Selk bag is an insulted, wearable suit, similar to a onesie, but made from sleeping bag material. It has a hood, sleeves, and legs. Manufactured from the highest quality materials with all the insulating properties of a sleeping bag it is designed to insulate the wearer against temperatures as low as 9 degrees Celsius while still allowing comfort and movement. It features Velcro straps around the waist and ankles to allow moving around safely and easily.

The genius of the design allows you to enjoy your freedom while being tucked up warmly against the cold. And now there is the new 5G model with detachable feet!

Selk’bag Sleepwear

This hybrid Selk’bag product allows you to sit up while reading in your tent, do the cooking and chores, walk outside on the reinforced soles, and safely go for a bathroom break in the middle of the night, all without having to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag. Your Selk’ bag simply comes along with you!

The new 4G Selk’bag sleepwear comes in a lighter weight than previous versions. The bag for kids weighs only 2.5 pounds and adult models weigh between 3.5 to 4 pounds, depending on size. The Selk’bag folds up neatly like a traditional sleeping bag and fits easily into a backpack.

We tested our bags on two recent trips and they passed with flying colors. My 6-year old daughter was the kid tester and used the bag for two nights during summertime camping. She loved her Selk’bag and was thrilled with the fun design and the fact that it allowed her to move around in comfort without ‘getting out of bed’. She found the bag super comfortable to sleep in and didn’t want to take it off.

The adult test was conducted on a much more serious adventure of 2 nights sleeping out in the Uinta Mountains in Utah where temperatures can go down to 40 degrees. The Selk’bag was tested one night by sleeping out under the stars and the tester said it got very cold during the night.

In an ultralight tent and sleeping on an inflatable pad at 10,900 feet near Kings Peak, the tester found it was warm enough inside the Selk’bag, however, was unconvinced about the advantage of the arms and legs. In his opinion, “it’s like comparing a mitten to a glove, a mitten is always warmer”.


–    The quick-release hand-closure design frees up your hands when needed

–    The durable nylon soles with anti-slip pads provide safety and protection when walking around

–    The adjustable hood with baffle construction provides warmth on cold nights while the zip-vents provide easy cooling for ideal control of camping temperatures

–    The adjustable Velcro straps on the back and ankles provide a snug fit for any size wearer, keeping drafts out and warmth in.

Sizing Options for Kids and Adults are the Selk’bag Camp Trend 1 and the Selk’bag Camp Trend 2.

Whether you just want to stay warm while cooking outdoors or have more comfort while lying in a hammock, you will be the envy of your camping friends. With our Chilean-inspired Selk’bags, you can upgrade your camping sleepwear to the whole new level.

At $79 the price is affordable and the Selk’bag can be enjoyed by anyone camping in conditions that are not too serious. If pack-ability is high on your list the Selk’bag with its built-in multi-functionality may be a bit on the heavy side, but they are ideal for weekend car campers, especially kids, who will find the new Selk’bag 4G line to be a perfect fit.

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