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How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting - The Prepper Journal

In times like this, some of you are trying all sorts of creative ways to save your ammo. One simple way is when sighting in our new red dots purchased with that stimmy! Read on to find out how to sight in a Red Dot Scope without shooting.

With all the advancements of technologies, shooting has become one of the major hobbies and professions of many people. A large number of people are involved in shooting sports whereas others have to operate the rifle as being the part of an army or police force. Operating a rifle and working with the same is not an easy task as the practitioner requires strength and skills to learn the basic techniques of sighting and to aim at the target appropriately. Therefore, the practice of shooting is essential before actually working with the rifle.

The first basic concept for beginners is to learn to sight the target. Now the question arises how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting? In recent times, the procedure of sighting the red dot and aiming without actually shooting has become quite effortless. You can either utilize the Boresighter (a tool that points out the rifle’s barrel with a laser light) or can opt for visual sighting by aiming the object through the barrel of the rifle.

However, the latter technique can only be followed using the bolt action gun as it enables you to remove the bolt and sight down the barrel. Whichever method you are opting for, the key factor to consider before carrying a gun is to make sure that the gun is unloaded. This is because using a loaded gun may lead to the unpredictable accidents and injury. Here is a brief guide to learn the basics of aiming and sighting the red dot without pulling the trigger.

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting?

The sighting of red dot generally refers to aiming the zero, i.e., the center most point of the target, the bulls-eye. The shooter can hit any target if he zeroes his rifle and aims the center point successfully. If you are looking out for the top-most yet effective ways that can ease your efforts in sighting the red dot scope, then nothing is better than going for the Laser Boresighter. Let’s discuss how a Boresighter can aid you in sighting the target

  • Laser Boresighter – installing the Laser Boresighter, especially the bullet-shaped one, can aid the shooter to a great extent. The Boresighter has to be inserted in the chamber of the rifle and the same works after activating the laser. Nowadays end mounted bore sighters are also available. However, the procedure of placing the laser in it is different, i.e., in order to activate the laser, you are required to put the same down the mouth of the barrel.

Once you have successfully positioned the laser into the rifle, the next step is to look via the scope and monitor the red dot mark. Rotate the cross-hairs of the scope until you sight the center of the red dot mark. In order to direct and control the cross-hairs, use the dials sited at the four edges of the scope. For instance, spinning the top dial in a clockwise direction will shift the cross-hairs in an upward direction.

Similarly, you can utilize the side dials by rotating them either in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to move the cross-hairs in the left and right sides of the scope. It is a must to sustain the rotation of the dials until the gun is zeroed and you point out the center of the red dot.

  • Optical Boresighter – if you are using an Optical Boresighter then make sure to connect the same to the bottom of the barrel and align the lens of the tool. Unlike the Laser Boresighter, the shooter has to sight the red dot through the grid of the lens. The next step is to rotate the cross-hairs of the scope in such a way that they must coincide with the middle point of the grid. In the case of Optical Boresighter, the gun would be zeroed only after adjusting the cross-hairs to the middle of the grid.
  • Visual Boresighting – it is necessary to know that the visual Boresighting requires removal of the bolt from the rifle. Hence, the very first step is to take out the bolt and position the gun to the target standing at a stable stand. If you are opting for the Visual Boresighting then aiming of the target should be done by the barrel of the rifle.

Fix your eyes on the barrel of the gun and alter the position of the barrel until the same gets aligned with the center point of your aim. Similarly, adjust the cross-hairs of the scope to line up it with the specific spot of the target and keep on adjusting unless you sight in the red dot scope.

Can the Rifle be Zeroed in the Crossbow?

Before sighting the red dot scope using the illuminated crossbow scope, it is essential to prefer taking a shooting assistance. Shooting assistance or support generally refers to the equipment that settles the crossbow to avoid the operation of the trigger and so avoid shooting while you sight your target. Here is a brief guide on how to fix your crossbow and sight the red dot scope.

According to the manufacturing guide of the crossbow, the dot cited at the uppermost side of the scope corresponds to 20 yards out. On the other hand, the dots at the center and the bottom section of the scope stand for 30 yards out. In order to zero the cross-hairs of the scope, you are required to ensure that the top dot of 20 yards is sighted.

Basically, the crossbow comprises the knobs that are mainly designed to aid the shooter in adjusting the direction of the scope and lining up the same with the red dot easily yet in an effective manner. On adjusting the direction of the scope, you might observe the clicking sound.

While sighting the target, the most important thing to examine is whether your scope is on or not? The off scope won’t give you the exact and accurate readings and hence, will make it hard to target the red dot scope. Apart from this, the laser sight should be adjusted appropriately using the knobs or the Boresighters.

Once this is done, pick your standard go-to ammunition and go to the range and live fire the weapon, making the adjustments required for the signature of your chosen round.

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